Field Artillery Weapons of the Civil War

University of Delaware Press, 1983 - 322 pagina's
This new paperback edition of an established classic is a detailed survey, replete with photographs and diagrams, of the field artillery used by both sides in the Civil War. Field Artillery Weapons of the Civil War provides technical descriptions of the artillery (bore, weight, range, etc.), ordnance purchases, and inspection reports. It demonstrates the evolution of field artillery as castings were converted from bronze to steel, barrels went from smooth-bore to rifling, and loading was shifted from muzzle to breech. The military significance of the major pieces is assessed in terms of their accuracy, versatility (with different types of ammunition), and dependability. The book also includes a discussion of the competition between imported European artillery and weapons made in the foundries of the North and South. Appendixes provide information on surviving artillery pieces and their current locations in museums and national parks. Book jacket.

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Federal 6pounder Guns and 3 67inch Rifles

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