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" So leaving the castle, as it is both defensive against my opposition, and magnific for lodging and receite, 1 descended lower to the city, wherein I observed the fairest and goodliest street that ever mine eyes beheld, for I did never see or hear of a... "
Tom Nash His Ghost: to the Three Scurvy Fellowes of the Upstart Family of ... - Pagina 29
door Thomas Nashe (pseud) - 1871 - 15 pagina’s
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The Living Age ..., Volume 171

...and poodliest street — one-half an English mile irom the Castle to a faire port which they called the Netherbow, and from that port the street which...buildings on each side of the way being all of squared Btone, five, six, and seven stories hij;h, and many bylanes and closes on each side of the way, wherein...
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