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" I tell thee, thou'rt defied! And if thou saidst I am not peer To any lord in Scotland here, Lowland or Highland, far or near, Lord Angus, thou hast lied... "
Marmion - Pagina 338
door sir Walter Scott (bart.) - 1810
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Wordsworth Dictionary of Phrase and Fable

Ebenezer Cobham Brewer - 2001 - 1180 pagina’s
...subject he has made his hobby, or on his own promisee ; to defy personally or face to face. Dar*Bt tliou, then, To beard the lion In his den. The Douglas In his lull t ScM : tftrmto*, vi. 14. To make one's beard. To have one wholly at your mercy, as a barber has...
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The World Book Dictionary, Volume 1

2003 - 2430 pagina’s
...the lion In his den, to defy a person in his home, office, or other usual place of work or living: And dar'st thou then to beard the lion in his den, the Douglas in his hall? (Scott), put one's head in the lion's mouth. See under head. throw (or feed) to the lions, to cast...
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Selected Poems

Walter Scott - 2003 - 253 pagina’s
...Lord Angus, thou hast lied!' On the Earl's cheek the flush of rage O'er came the ashen hue of age: Fierce he broke forth, 'And dar'st thou then To beard...And hop'st thou hence unscathed to go No, by Saint Bride of Bothwell, no! Up drawbridge, grooms - what, warder, ho! Let the portcullis fall,' Lord Marmion...
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