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" Protestant, was almost universally prevalent among them. A due consideration of these distinct features in the character of a party so powerful in Charles's and James's time, and even when it was lowest, (that is, during the reigns of the two first Princes... "
A History of the Early Part of the Reign of James the Second: With an ... - Pagina 111
door Charles James Fox - 1808 - 201 pagina’s
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Estimates of the English Kings from William 'the Conquereor' to George III.

John Langton Sanford - 1872 - 515 pagina’s
...only be looked upon as a poor consolation that a civil conflict between King and People was avoided during the reigns of the two first princes of the House of Hanover only by the absence of a common interest. But whatever may be our judgment as to the national...
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History of Trinidad from 1781-1839 and 1891-1896, Volume 1

Lionel Mordaunt Fraser - 1971
...in what was then known as the "Guinea Trade." The same traffic in human cattle was openly encouraged during the reigns of the two first Princes of the House of Stuart. Cromwell only varied the custom by selling Irish boys and girls to the plantations to be worked...
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