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" Doom'd, as I am, in solitude to waste The present moments, and regret the past ; Depriv'd of every joy I valued most, My friend torn from me, and my mistress lost ; Call not this gloom I wear, this anxious mien, The dull effect of humour, or of spleen... "
The Oxford Entertaining Miscellany, Or, Weekly Magazine: Containing ... - Pagina 80
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The Eclectic Review, Volume 15;Volume 63

Samuel Greatheed, Daniel Parken, Theophilus Williams, Josiah Conder, Thomas Price, Jonathan Edwards Ryland, Edwin Paxton Hood - 1836 - 640 pagina’s
...friend to whom Cowper alludes in some of the earliest of his verses which have been preserved. ' " Still, still, I mourn with each returning day, Him snatch'd by fate in early youth away." ' Vol. I., pp. 17-19. That these years, if not his happiest, were those in which he tasted the most...
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