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" Was like a lake, or river bright and fair, A span of waters ; yet what power is there ! What mightiness for evil and for good ! Even so doth God protect us if we be Virtuous and wise. Winds blow, and waters roll, Strength to the brave, and power, and... "
The Living Age - Pagina 112
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Emerson, Romanticism, and Intuitive Reason: The Transatlantic "light of All ...

Patrick J. Keane - 2005 - 555 pagina’s
...antecedent of the pronoun emphasized by Wordsworth, "them," occurs in the lines (10-12) cited by Emerson: Winds blow, and waters roll, Strength to the brave,...and Power, and Deity, Yet in themselves are nothing! (E&L 297) Though Wordsworth's point in the sonnet is less epistemological than moral and political,...
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Emerson: Political Writings

Kenneth S. Sacks - 2008 - 228 pagina’s
...enemies became friends, so disasters of all kinds, as sickness, offence, poverty, prove benefactors: Winds blow and waters roll Strength to the brave,...and power and deity, Yet in themselves are nothing. The good are befriended even by weakness and defect. As no man had ever a point of pride that was not...
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