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" The busy day, the peaceful night, Unfelt, uncounted, glided by ; His frame was firm, his powers were bright, Though now his eightieth year was nigh. Then, with no throbs of fiery pain, No cold gradations of decay, Death broke at once the vital chain,... "
The Life of Samuel Johnson, LL. D.: Comprehending an Account of His Studies ... - Pagina 256
door James Boswell - 1807
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The Life of Samuel Johnson

James Boswell - 2008 - 997 pagina’s
...gradations of decay, Death broke at once the vital chain, And freed his soul the nearest way. In one of his registers of this year, there occurs the following...ministry is dissolved. I prayed with Francis, and gave thanks.'1 It has been the subject of discussion, whether there are two distinct particulars mentioned...
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