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" The mountains look on Marathon, And Marathon looks on the sea. And musing there an hour alone, I dreamed that Greece might still be free, For standing on the Persians' grave, I could not deem myself a slave. "
The Oxford Entertaining Miscellany, Or, Weekly Magazine: Containing ... - Pagina 21
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廖七一 - 2006 - 362 pagina’s
...sun, is set. II The Scian and the Teian muse, The hero's harp, the lover's lute, Have found the fame your shores refuse. Their place of birth alone is...further west Than your sires' "Islands of the Blest. " 一九一四年二月三日 0 也作" 拼于鼻鼻老死" 参见胡适 胡适文集( 纂一转)...
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