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Livres Livres 21 à 30 sur un total d'environ 48, en rapport avec Toward an Entangling Alliance: American Isolationism, Internationalism, and ....   

A History of American Foreign Policy: Global power (1900 to the Present). Vol.2

Alexander DeConde - 1978 - 490 pages
Examines the cause of American foreign policy from colonial times
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Modern American Diplomacy

George C. Herring, John M. Carroll - 1995 - 293 pages
SR Books is proud to make available the revised and enlarged edition of the classic text Modern American Diplomacy, first published in 1986. The editors have thoroughly updated ...
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Dawning of the Cold War: The United States' Quest for Order

Randall Bennett Woods - 1994 - 335 pages
Traces the ideas and political forces that shaped the Cold War, and looks at the Yalta Conference, the Truman Doctrine, the Marshall Plan, NATO, and the Berlin blockade
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From Munich to Pearl Harbor: Roosevelt's America and the Origins of the ...

David Reynolds - 2002 - 224 pages
A master historian's provocative new interpretation of FDR's role in the coming of World War II. Brilliant. —Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. American Ways Series.
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