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American Presidential Statecraft: From Isolationism to Internationalism

Ronald E. Powaski - 2017 - 288 pages
This book examines the presidency in twentieth century America and explores why some presidents succeed as makers of U.S. foreign policy while others fail, sometimes tragically ...
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The Entangling Alliance: The United States and European Security, 1950-1993

Ronald E. Powaski - 1994 - 261 pages
This book explains why America expanded its military commitment to Europe after World War II.
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March to Armageddon

Ronald E. Powaski
Ronald E. Powaski offers the first complete, accessible history of the events, forces, and factors that have brought the world to the brink of a nuclear holocaust. He traces ...
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Lightning War: Blitzkrieg in the West, 1940

Ronald E. Powaski - 2003 - 388 pages
A history of the German defeat of the allies in 1940 considers such topics as Hitler's role in the escape of the British from Dunkirk, France's six-week defeat, the conflict ...
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American Presidential Statecraft: During the Cold War and After

Ronald E. Powaski - 2017 - 319 pages
This book, the second of two volumes, examines the presidency in last half of twentieth century America and explores the successes and failures of presidents in their foreign ...
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Ideals, Interests, and U.S. Foreign Policy from George H. W. Bush to Donald ...

Ronald E. Powaski - 2018 - 289 pages
This volume discusses the presidential foreign policies of the post–Cold War era, beginning with George H. W. Bush and ending with the first 17 months of Donald Trump’s ...
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Debating Franklin D. Roosevelt's Foreign Policies, 1933-1945

Justus D. Doenecke, Mark A. Stoler - 2005 - 238 pages
Franklin D. Roosevelt led the United States through some of the most dramatic and trying foreign and domestic episodes in its history. In Debating Franklin D. Roosevelt's ...
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