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Boeken Boeken 31 - 40 van ongeveer 48 die betrekking hebben op Process and Reality.   

Nature and Life

Alfred North Whitehead - 1970 - 46 pagina’s
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Whitehead's The Function of Reason

Alfred North Whitehead - 2014 - 36 pagina’s
Whitehead presented these three lectures at Princeton University in 1929. Although 85 years have passed, his central thesis and his analysis remain remarkably current. The ...
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Science and Philosophy

Alfred North Whitehead - 2014 - 304 pagina’s
This is a collection of many of Whitehead’s papers that are scattered elsewhere. It was the penultimate book he published, and represents his mature thoughts on many topics ...
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Without Criteria: Kant, Whitehead, Deleuze, and Aesthetics

Steven Shaviro - 2012 - 190 pagina’s
In Without Criteria, Steven Shaviro proposes and explores a philosophical fantasy: imagine a world in which Alfred North Whitehead takes the place of Martin Heidegger. What if ...
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