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On Friday the 18 th of February, 1725.

Being the Day of their Anniversary Meeting.

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By the Right Reverend Father in GOD,
JOSEP H, Lord Bishop of Gloucester.

L O N D 0 N:
Printed by J. DOWNING, in Bartholomer-Close

near West-Smithfield, M.DCC.xxvi.

BV 2500 .AG W66

February 18. 1725.

At the Anniversary Meeting of the Society

for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts.

A Greed, That the Thanks of the

Reverend the Lord Bishop of Gloucester, for his Sermon Preached this Day before the SOCIETY ; And that his Lordship be desired to Print the same.

David Humphreys, Secretary.

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Psalm lxvii. 5.
Let the people praise thee, O God;

let all the people praise thee.

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HE Subject of these Words, and

of the whole Psalm is, according to most Interpreters, a

Prophetick Prayer for the Accomplishment of that Blessing, which we are at this time met together to promote, viz. The spreading of the Messiah's Gospel, and the Enlargement of his Kingdom. That the Jews understood it in this Sense, may be concluded from the frequent Use they made of this Psalm in their Religious Offices; and their ftill continuing it in the Service of the Synagogue, as respecting indeed a Saviour yet to come; and that the Christian Church agree with them



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