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Affection in Training the Young, 193.

Education for the Ministry, 31.
Afflicted, Readings for the, 55, 157.

Scheme of the Church of Scotland,
Animals, Feeding of, 183.

Aonio Paleario, Notice of, 71.

Documents Relative to Government
Arnold, Extract from Dr., 168.

Scheme of, 58.
Associations, Parish Missionary, 9.

Emigration, Facts on, 35.
Atlantic, Voyage across the, 78, 100.

Extract on, 231.
Augustine, Extract from, 107.

Endowment Scheme of Church of Scotland, 114.
Baptism, Treatise on, (Rev. W. Nicolson,) Notice Evidences of the Genuineness of the Gospels,
of, 190.

(Norton,) Notice of, 22.
Barnabas, Discourses on, (Dr. Brown,) Notice Evangelical Alliance, 152.
of, 238.

Example, Training the Young by, 172.
Basil, Extract from, 168.

Family, the Importance of the, 145.
Benefits of Christ's Death, (Paleario,) Notice of, Faith in Jesus, 105.

Feeding of Animals, 183.
Bible; its Influence on English Literature, 84, Fire-Side Story about Honesty, 56.

a Mother's Love, 75.
Sentiments of the President of the United Firmness in Training the Young, 197.
States on the, 87.

Fox, Biography of Rev. W. H., 37.
Society, 64.

France, Protestant Church of, 67.
Home Instruction from the, 169.

Free Church of, 232, 258.
Bombay, Church of Scotland's Mission in, 117.

Central Protestant Society of, 16.
Britain, Peace and Prosperity of, 62.

Missions of the Protestant Church of,
Butler, Extracts from Professor, 141, 239.
Burial at Sea, Account of a, 80.

German Theological Literature, 94.
Calcutta, Church of Scotland's Mission in, 261, Grant, Memoir of Dr., 205, 227, 245.

Visit to the Church of Scotland's Mis- Grenoble, Popery in, 13.
sion School in, 261.

Geneva, Letter from, 41.
Visit to the Church of Scotland's Or. Grace and Truth, (Winslow,) Notice of, 237.
phan Refuge in, 262.

Holiness, High way of, (Rev. W. Weir,) Notice
Letter from a Catechist in, 279.

of, 264.
Canon, (Moses Stuart on the New Testament,) Honesty, Habits of, 149.
Notice of, 282.

Fire-Side Story about, 56.
Christ Pleased not Himself, 98.

Howard, Memoir of John, 251, 268.
Crucifixion of, 239.

Home and Foreign Mission Claims, 28.
The Second Coming of, 239.

Mission Scheme of the Church of Scot.
Christianity, A True Incident of Early, 174. land, 113.
Christian Life ; Manual of Sacred Verse, (Rev. Houses for the Working Classes, 251,
R. Montgomery,) Notice of, 191.

Hungary, 129.
Church Attendance of the Young, 150.

Husbandry, the Natural and Spiritual, 181.
- of England Missionary Society, Account Immortality of Man, 144.
of, 185.

Industry, the Importance of Habits of, 147.
of Scotland's Missionary Enterprizes, Infant Schools, (Coleridge,) 210.

Irish Society, Operations of the, 235.
China, Missions in, 159.

Influence, Unconscious, (Bushnell,) 224.
Children of the Righteous Blessed, 223.

Individual, (Winslow,) 237.
Child, True Relation of the Parent to the, 172.

A Mother's, 124.
Cholera, Extract on, 231.

Intercessory Prayer, (Mylne,) Notice of, 236.
Colonial Scheme of the Church, 115.

Italy, State of, 15.
Coleridge's Letter to his Godchild, 173.

Inquisition, the, 65.
Continent, its Claims on British Churches, 67. Jesus, Looking unto, 243.
Czerski, Letter from Pastor, 15.

Jews, Sermon by Dr. Krummacher on the, 234,
Dead Sea and the Jordan, (Lynch,) Notice of, Poem on the, (Vaughan,) 125.

Proposed Jerusalem Synagogue of the,
Description of the, 142,

Storm on, 212.

Church of Scotland's Mission to the, 214.
Earnestness in Religion, Lecture on, 1

Jerusalem, Approach to, 203.
Earnest Ministry, 61.

Jottings from Journals of Travel, 78, 100.
Editor to his Readers, a few words from, 283. Jordan, Scenery of the River, 188.
Education, Home, 121, 145, 169, 193.

Jonah, Notice of Lectures on, (Rev. W. Fair.
Parting Words on Home, 217.

bairn,) 167
Letter of Wesley's Mother on, 151. Jubilee Volume of the Church Missiorary
Poem on, (Tupper,) 124.

Society, 185.
Religious, (Arnold,) 201.

Hymn, (Fox,) 57.

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