appeared covered with insurgents. A 'the order of his Majesty for its fulfi battle began, which lasted from six in ment; advising, at the same time, that the morning till night. Not the courage the command of the army cannot with of the Tyrolese but the nature of the propriety be transferred to the Majorplace prevented the brave army of the General the Conde de Noronha, beDuke of Dantzic from giving them a cause he being second commandant Gen. complete defeat. As the army marched in Gallicia, ought always to remain in back through the lower Innthal, they that kingdom." found the towns and villages empty, the I n consequence of this royal order, inhabitants having fied with their cattle, the Marquis de Romana has signified to the mountains. But how will it fare that he has confided the command of with them next winter, when the moun- · the army to the Major-Gen. Don Gatains are covered with snow? They briel de Mendezabal, and that of the will then be obliged to remain in the kingdom to the Conde de Noronha, sevalley.

cond commandant-General, and presi

dent of its royal audience. Badajos, Aug. 31. — The following PROCLAMATION TO THE ARMY BY THE Royal Order, directed to his Excellency

MARQUIS DE ROMANA. the Marquis de Romana, has been « SOLDIERS,—The august voice of our transmitted to him by Don Martin Ga- Sovereign Ferdinand reached our ears

in Denmark, and we obeyed the call "In the midst of the great cares and Our country invoked our aid; and a

Our country invoked our and attentions which the supreme governing generous nation, traversing stormy seas, junta of the kingdom has taken to fol conducted us to join our valiant counlow with activity and firmness the de- trymen, from whom we had been sepafence of the country, it has never lost rated by the atrocious perfidy and vile sight of the salutary reforms which the prostitution of an individual. You have nation earnestly expects, which its ac- resisted the mortal blows aimed at you tual situation requires, and which must by the tyrant Napoleon to destroy you. be the foundation of its future prosperi- You have suffered with me the disasters ty. One of the greatest objects which which his unequalled force has spread now claim its attention, and which ought through the whole nation, and through to occupy it with the greatest activity, all Europe ; but you, without other asis the convocation of the Cortes; the sistance than your own valour ; without most important object which can or other arms than those furnished by napught to employ the supreme junta, ture—without other ammunition than The more important this object is, the your own inimitable constancy--without more necessary are the knowledge, the other stimulus than your own heroic paobservations and the experience of those triotism--without other ambition than who compose that assembly; and as in that inspired by your honour and fidelity a discussion of such magnitude, it will have disputed the first fruits of his 'be expected by the nation that all should triumph, and have raised your names concur, his Majesty has been pleased to a level with those of the men who to grant that all the deputies shall give have been born to inspire admiration. their assistance. It will therefore be Gallicia is covered with French carcanecessary in consequence of this sove- ses. Neither ancient Carthage, nor moreign and general determination, that mern France can compare their marches the Marquis de Romana separate him with those incessant ones, which, during self from his troops, and come to this six months of want and privation, you city, to exercise the functions of repre- have made among the impenetrable Alps sentatives of the national body, though of Castile, Gallicia, and the Asturias, it is certainly most difficult to place at in their most exposed and rigorous sitheir bead a chief of equal experience tuations. Immortal Warriors ! without and atchievements. Considering, how- great and signal battles, you have anniever, the state of the kingdom of Galli- hilated the proud army of the tyrant, cia, and the principality of Asturias, the by aiding the national patriotism, supjunta after mature deliberation has de- porting the noble fermentation, harrasstermined that the Marquis shall transfering the troops of the enemy, destroying his command to that General of his ar- them in small skirmishes, and reducing my whom he shall judge most capable. their possession to the ground on which

"I communicate to your excellency they stand. You have fulfilled the most


elevated obligations of the soldier; and should be able to beat him. Fortune the fatigues and cares which I, as your might have been so adverse to us as to general have undergone for your sakes, be defeated by the enemy; but I could is the reward I owe you. The country not expect that the troops under my has not for some time known your best command could take to fight without services; but the actions at Villa Franca, fighting, and that in consequence of a Vigo, Lugo, San Jago, aud San Payo few cannon shot being fired, they would where your valour shone, mușt free you abandon a position, in which they bad from any stain which may seem to have nothing to fear from the enemy's horse, been incurred by your having refused nor from those advantages which at battle, which must have been destruc- times strike armies with a, panic terror tive, and you have rendered yourselves which induces them to fly without knowformidable to your enemies, who have ing why. been repulsed and conquered, when the Belchite is situated on the declivity of superiority of their numbers did not pre- some heights which nearly surround it, sent an obstacle insuperable to your and begin from the road of Zela, so that yalour.

the entrance of the place lies on a de: Yes, brave Spaniards ! in viewing you clining ground, beginning at a point this day I have no longer that serenity called Calvario. . The above heights of mind with which I before have ever stretch along the road which leads to met you. I am no longer your general; Fuenterodos, and passes the foot of a þis Majesty has called me to occupy a hill more advanced than the rest, on place in the supreme central juntą. Had which stands the hermitage of Pueja. In not this been his irresistible will, nothing front of Saragossa, the country is a plain should have separated me from you, nor covered with gardens and olive plantamade me fenounce the right I have to tions, without any other broken ground participate in your future victories under than a few ravines, through which passes the command of your new chief and the the road to Alboston, which is one generals who command you. Recieve, league distant from Belchite; on the soldiers, the last word of your general; heights over which lies the road up to and accept the love and paternal grati- Fuenterodos, beginning at the hermitage tude of your countryman and companion of Santa Barbara, near Belchite, on the in arms.

environs of which are extensive pastureį THE MARQUIS DE ROMANA. grounds, and two large buildings for the

reception of cattle. These buildings and SEVILLE GAZETTE EXTRAORDINARY. hermitage supported the right flank, and Report from Gen. Blake, published by our position. Our front and left stretched the Junta,

along the aforesaid hills, where there is MOST EXCELLENT SIR,

tut little broken ground, and in the rear On the 18th of last month I addressed of our position was garden ground, pasto his Majesty, from Calunda, a memo- sing between the height of Calvario and rial in which I gave you an account of that place. The troops posted at the the disgraceful action of Belchite ; and hermitage of Santa Babara, and in the stated, at the same time, that from the pasture ground, could not by any means disgusted state of my mind, it was not be attacked by the enemy's horse, withpossible for me to enter into the particu- out being exposed to a destructive crosslars of that calamitous event. Although fire, and the troops who fornied the left it is no easy task to discard from iny wing had a retreat open to the said point mind the'anarchy and other unfortunate of the hermitage of Santa Barbara. The results which may arise from the above hermitage of Pueja was accordingly OCdefeat which neither the nation nor I cupied by vur troops; two regiments and the good officers of the army could were ordered to take post on the height expect, yet it appears to me indispensible of Calvario, and the park of artillery to state this to your excellency, in order was placed in the rear. The olive planthat you may be able to communicate tations were also occupied by our troops. them to his Majesty.'

The cavalry was posted in the environs In the report I made to your excel- of the place, and in the road to Saralency on the 17th of this current month, gossa, to cover the same, supported by I stated to you our situation, and my another regiment of foot. The rest of confident hope, that in case of being at the troops occupied the heights from tacked by the enemy opposed to us, I Santa Barbara to the road of Fuentern


das, drawn up according to the nature arms. If his Majesty should accede to of the ground, so that in some places the request I made in my representation they formed three ranks. Besides these, of the 18th, I hope I shall be able to columns of attack were formed, in order prove still more satisfactorily what I to fall upon the enemy, in case he should affirm., sinh make any obstinate attack on our left, These dispersions, are to our disgrace, and act offensively against him. Should too frequent in our armies. I do not think these columns even have been routed, this to be the place to point out their they might have retreated to the centre cause, but I cannot avoid saying that a and right wing, where they had nothing few individuals, who shew a bad exto fear but in front, and where it would ample, may contribute to discourage an, have proved altogether impossible for ariny, without the knowledge of the gethe enemy to continue the attack. Lastly, neral, whose ears the conversation of the artillery was posted in such a manner these timid and ignorant men, who are as to cover the attack to be made by the on that account more cautious and resaid columns, and in case of any unfor- served, with difficulty reach. If the love tunate event, it could fall back to the of my country did not supersede in me same point as the troops

every other consideration, I should be In this manner were the troops drawn perfectly easy in the recollection, that up, and they made repeated promises to this saine army confesses that I omitted do their duty.-The enemy, after having nothing as a general or a soldier, to lead first made his appearance on the heights them in the path of honour. The falseof Alboston, marched in the mean time hoods they have circulated, to excuse against our left, and one column ad: their unexamplified cowardice, that the yanced with two pieces of cannon, pre- French had received a reinforcement of ceded by a strong advanced party. 15,000 men, shews that they cannot but While our's was falling back, the head acknowledge that they fled without knowof the column appeared on the heights, ing on whoin to throw the blame.God and his artillery fired four or five shot; preserve your excellency many years. . at the same time he threw two or three

JOAQUIN BLAKE. grenades, which disabled four or five Xanta; June 22. men. Our artillery began to combat his, Letter from Gen. Don Francisco Venegas. or rather return his fire, when one regie MOST EXCELLENT SIR, :, ment was thrown into confusion by one. At half-past five this morning, the of the enemy's grenades, as they say, army under my command was attacked and fled in the utmost disorder, without by the enemy at Almonazud, and at firing a shot. It was followed by ano- seven the fire, as well of artillery as mus ther, and a third, all flying, without ketry, became general, and very vigos having discharged a gun and in a few raus along the whole line. The numbers moments the whole position was aban- of the force attacking us were considerdoned, some corps taking probably to able, as there can be no doubt that they fight for no other reason than that they exceeded 25,000 men. Our troops fought were not able to maintain their position bravely for nine bours, during five of amidst the confusion caused by others, which a dreadful fire was kept up. But which fell upon them and obstructed the enemy having obtained possession of their fire.

a height on our left, acquired an advanThus we, the generals, and some offi- tage of position, and were on the point cers, were left alone, without being able of surrounding us : which circumstance to rally a body which could make no determined me to retreat, covering the opposition, and I had the mortification first division with the second, which, till to see an army dispersed, abandoning then, suffered least. The national ho all its baggage, and throwing away its nour has been supported, though we arms, and even its cloaths before a single lost a number of men, and many brave corps of the enemy, Nor were we able officers; but it is estimated, that the to avail ourselves of the defence of any loss of the enemy cannot be less than strong place, as it was impossible to 3000 men. I cannot at present send collect 200 men to make head against your excellency the details, which I will the enemy. It is well known they are do as soon as I have time. pot in want of ammunition or provisions, Major-General Don Roman de Ca and that on my part to obtain victory, rývajel has gone post from Tembleque, at least to maintain the reputation of our to take the command of La Carolina,

and collect there all the troops possible, ker, instantly returned the purse, till I shall arrive at the Sierra, with the with its contents, to the Marquis; army.—God preserve your excellency and in the name, and amidst the acmany years.

clamations of the surrounding mulFrancisCO VANEGAS.

titude, coupled their thanks for his Head-quarters, Camernas, Aug. 11.

intended princely gift, with the asCadiz. Aug. 13 - It is barely surance, as an apology for declining possible to imagine a more remark- it, that the proofs of respect, esteem able moment than that which hailed

and gratitude, he was then witnesthe appearance of his excellency the sing, were the genuine and universal Marquis Wellesley in this country; sentiment of the whole Spanish nation, and, as if purposing to enrol his ar- who found the only reward they rival among the memorabilia of Spain, could most value in the opportunity PROVIDENCE seems to have, fixed the of thus manifesting their feelings. hour, when overflowing with admiram "The British subjects here, mer, tion and gratitude towards his bro

chants and others, were of course ther, for the singal services Spain not behind-hand in the attention due and her cause had derived from Bri- to the representative of their beloved fish courage and British gallantry, Sovereign: through our worthy and under Sir Arthur's command, on the respected Consul. James Duff, Esq. 28th of July. The day, ushered in they begged permission to wait on by the ringing of bells and discharge his excellency in a body, by whom of cannon, was closed with a most they were received with affability and brilliant and general illumination, urbanits, at once honourable to him, and every other demonstration of and flattering to them. joy the inhabitants of Cadiz could "On Monday, the 7th inst. the display, --To enumerate the honours day fixed on by the Marquis, the enpaid to the Marquis, would exceed tertainment prepared for his excelthe limits of a letter; his reception lency was honoured by his presence, was distinguished by haarks of en- that of his suite. the heads of the thusiastic love and veneration for

government, army, navy, and other the Sovereign and nation he is comé departments, the British admiral, to represent, that assuredly never and other officers of distinction, the have been surpassed, if ever equal. Sicilian ambassador, the Pope's Nunled, on any occasion; and which cio, several of the first grandees, and must have been to his excellency, other Spanish noblemen, the princiindividually, a source of proud and pal British merchants, and others gratifying sensation. An immense connected in the trade of both counconcourse of persons, without dis- tries, &c. &c.--The dinner on the tinction of rank, had assembled to occasion was in the most capacious meet the Marquis on his landing, room Cadiz could afford, at the and many were paying him the ra- Land-gate, or Puerta de Tierra; and ther unusual compliment, in this the whole was conducted in a mancountry, of drawing the carriage, ner that reflects the highest credit the doors of which were open, the on the managers, at the head of box and every part occupied pro- whom were James Gordon. Esa. premiscuously by those eager to greet sident, and Duncan Shaw, Esq. vice his arrival, His excellency selected president.-Two regimental bands, one out of the number, and gave him Spanish and English, struck up faa purse well stucked with gold, to vourite airs to welcome the company distribute among his fellow-citizens ; as they alighted from their carriages, but the honest Spaniard, named --At half past three the table was Justo Lobato, by trade shoc-maning served, and between the removal of the first and the introduction of the heoric efforts of her brate and loyal second course, the president gave as people terminate in the complete rea toast, which was drank with three storation of her independence, liberty. times three:


and glory.His Excellency General His Excellency the most noble Don Gregorio de la Cuesta. - His the Marquis Wellesley; and may the Excellency General Sir Arthur Web auspicious moment of his arrival prove lesley.-The Archduke Charles of Aus-, the presage of continued successes, tria, and success to the Austrian and of perpetual amity and union be- arms.- The Spanish armies, and their tween the two countries." . gallant Commanders. - The British

'Ilis Excellency, in a concise, army, and their gullant Commanders, but most admirable speech, took oc- - The British Naty.-The Spanish casion to address the meeting; and Navy." concluded by expressing, in a tone The following was given by the of energy and confidence, in which Marquis before sitting down: every one present sympathised, his ' “líis lloLineSS THE Pope, and firm belief and hope, that a perseve- may he be delivered from his actual rance in the enthusiastic spirit of at- state of bondage, as the children of tachment to their country's cause, Israel were from the land of Egypt ! which he had remarked since his ar- The Supreme Central Junta of rival, would afford him the gratifi- Spain, &c.” cation before he left Spain, of seeing About eight in the evening the the liberty of the country firmly esta- dinner party withdrew, to prepare blished on the basis of their ancient for the ball that was to follow at the institutions, improved and perfected by theatre. The theatre was most brilthe experience of modern wisdom. - liantly illuminated, and so contria When the desert was placed, inde- ved, thạt the stage and pit, forming pendently of the plateaux, ornaments, a most spacious saloon for the amaand other devices suited to the day, teurs of dancing, left the first_and the table presented a very pleasing, second range of boxes for spectators though perhaps novel sight, to the who chose to appear in full dress. British eye, the cloth being decora- . The third and upper boxes were for ted with graceful festoons, formed the accommodation of those who by variegated coloured leaves of dif- came in the usual costume of the ferent odoriferous flowers, termina- country; and the remaining parts of ting at each end with the motto in the house were appropriated for the Spanish:

other inhabitants, among whom Long live Ferdinand the Seventh tickets of admission had also been and George the Third.'--The opposite distributed. At the end of the saend was reversed, and George the Third loon over the stage a transparency placed first in the motto. "After dinner, among other toasts

ste was placed, with the device in Span

ish:the following were given in succes

Long live Cuesta and Wellesley, sion, in both languages, accompa- and the valiant defenders of the country, nicd with appropriate popular Spa- on the 28th July.'. nish or English airs, marches, &c. At the end opposite, the por

"Ferdinand the Seventh with traits of the Kings of Great Britain three times three. — “ George the and Spain, were surmounted by the Third with three times three. . Royal Standards of both Nations.

« The following were drank with : As an attempt to do justice to three:

the splendour of the scene; to the The Emperor of Austria, and our assemblage of rank, fashion, beauty ather allies.-Spain; and may the and elegance that graced the theatre,

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