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QUINA-LAROCHE has for its basis a combination of all the principals of the best Cinchonas, with a rich special wine; not, like many mixtures, a compound of drugs, but is the result of laborious and expensive researches extending over a period of 30 years

It has been used with entire success in the Hospitals of Paris for the cure of WASTING DISEASES, POORNESS of the BLOOD, RETARDED CONVALESCENCE, MALAR1A,


22 Rue Drouot, Paris.
E, FOUGERA & CO., sole agents for the U. S.,

30 North William st., New York.

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HIS famous magazine has been at the head of in 1873, and consolidated with itself“Our Young Folks,” “The Little Corporal,” “ The School Day Magazine," and other juvenile magazines of that day. It has won great fame in England - where the London Times declares “there is nothing like it.” From the first issue

Mary Mapes Dodge Has been the editor,ạnd the pens of the greatest writers of the English world, and the pencils of the most famous illustrators, have been at its service. Tennyson, Longfellow, Bryant, Thomas Hughes, Whittier, Bret Harte, Bayard Taylor, Mrs. Burnett, Miss Alcott, Donald G. Mitchell, George

Macdonald, Mrs. Oliphant, and Professor Proctor are a few of the many great names which have been upon its list of contributors. Everything in it is illustrated.

In 1892
There are to be serial stories by Brander Matthews, Lieut. Robert

H. Fletcher (the author of that charming book, "Marjorie and
Her Papa”), Laura E. Richards (who will write of “When I was
your Age"), William O. Stoddard, Charles E. Carryl (the author of
‘Davy and the Goblin"), and Frances Courtenay Baylor. There
will be short stories by Thomas Nelson Page, Mary E. Wilkins,
Mary Hallock Foote, Richard Malcolm Johnsion, Octave Thanet,
General O. O. Howard, and many others, with papers of travel and
adventure by J. T. Trowbridge, Lieut Schwatka, etc., and useful
articles on “How Columbus Reckoned,” “William the Conqueror,"
“Volcanoes and Earthquakes,” “Straight Lines and Circles," etc.
In “Strange Corners of Our Country," the Great American Desert,
the Cliff-Dwellings of Arizona, etc., will be described, and in "Honors
to the Flag,” and “Boys and the National Guard," the patriotism of

ng readers will be aroused and stimulated. Julian Ralph is to describe “The Making of a Great Newspaper," and the arc and incandescent electric lights are to be clearly explained.

“Applied Christianity Is what St. Nicholas teaches;-unselfishness, faithfulness, courage, truthfulness - these things are taught in a hundred ways by stories, poems, and pictures. Do you need such an assistant in your work with your boys and girls ?

Subscription price, $3.00 a year, 25 cents a number. All booksellers, newsdealers, and postmasters take subscriptions, or remittance may be made (by check, draft, money or express order, or registered letter) to the publishers. Begin subscriplions with the November number.

THE CENTURY CO., 33 East 17th St., New York, N. Y.

E PLUR Bus Wun.


"THE CENTURY stands at the head of the magazine literature of the day according to the test of popularity as measured both by cir. culation and the character of its buyers." PRESS, TROY, N. Y.

1892 HE 400th Anniversary of the Discov

ery of America will be celebrated by


MAGAZINE With a great American program.

Four Serial Novels.

“The Naulahka," a story

of America and India, written by Rudyard Kipling in collaboration with a young American author, Wolcott Balestier; “The Chosen Valley," a novel of the Great West, by Mary Hallock Foote; a novel of New York life by the author of "The Anglomaniacs"; and “Characteristics,” a remarkable story by Dr. Weir Mitchell. Thomas Bailey Aldrich Will furnish a group

of stories complete in single numbers; Frank R. Stockton and many other wellknown writers will contribute short stories. The Life of Columbus Written especially for

THE CENTURY by the famous Spanish statesman and author, Emilio Castelar, from new historical material, and richly illustrated. The World's Fair at Chicago Will be in a series of views of the architectural features, printed by special arrangement with the managers of the Fair. The American Indian.

Much has been

printed on the Indian question from the white man's standpoint. In a series of illustrated articles the Indian's side will be presentedhow he lives and thinks, his home life, his music, etc. American Art. Examples of the best work of

American contemporary painters will be shown, and Cole's famous series of wood-engravings, made directly from the Old Italian Masters, will be continued. The American Farmer and the Government.

In view

of the great interest touching the subject of what the Government should do for the farmer, THE CEN. TURY will print a number of important articles by leading writers on this subject. American Sketches by Edgar W. Nye. morist wedgarw.n Nye (“ Bill Nye") will contribute a series of entertaining “Autobiographies," describing his experiences in different parts of America and in various capacities. Other Important Articles Esclude a series by the distinguished American poet,

Eggleston on American Speech; interesting illustrated papers on “The Jews in New York," their family life, customs, etc., with other papers on New York life; articles on the Government of Cities; articles by famous French musicians (Gounod and others) on their life and work; papers by the well-known war correspondent Archibald Forbes, etc., etc.

The CENTURY is issued on the ist of each month. A year's subscription costs $4.00. The new volume begins with the number for November, 1891. December will be The Beautiful Christmas Number. Subscriptions are taken by newsdealers and booksellers generally, by postmasters, and by the publishers. Remittances should be made by post-office or express order, bank check, draft, or in registered letter.

THE CENTURY CO., 33 East 17th St., New York. Begin Subscriptions with November.





Trevert. Eclectic Magazine Advertiser. What


MAN and E.M.

HUTCHINSON iu will pay you to find out by writing to C. L. WERSTER & CO., 3 E. 14th St., NEW YORK,


Mrs. Alice Maple, Oregon, Mo., writes: in the

My weight was 320 pounds, now it is 195, 108 Pagea. 45th Edition. Writ a reduction of 125 pounds." For circulars address, with ten five years after I had learned 6 cents, Dr. O. W. F. SNYDER, McVicker's Theatre, to make Hogs and Poultry a suc

Chicago, Ill.
cess. A plain, practical system,
easily learned; describes all of

Celebrated Pervin System; no Shading; Do
their diseases and their remedies.
llow to make llens lay Eggs.

Position. Trial Lesson and circuiars free Cholera, Gapes and Roup you

Write PERNIN SHORTHAND INSTITUTE, Detroit, Micb need not have. Price, 25c.; one cent a year for my experience. You can learn it in one day. With it

and Whisky Habits cured at a FREE Catalogue; 25 varieties illustrated, a

home without pain.

Book of parsketch of my life, etc. A. M. LANG, COVE DALE, KY.

ticulars sent FREE.


Atlanta, Ga, Office, 140%2 Whitehall Street. FAIRY

The Willer March, for the piano, by DirecBREATH

worth $1.00, free by mail upon receipt of 10 cents.


The box contains one ounce sample bottle of the new, pure and delicious

Piano Primer. Endorsed by Dr. Mann, Mr. Sber FAIRY BREATH FRUIT EXTRACT. Only new flavor

wood, Mr.Parsons and other grear Pianists.75€.

Dictionary of 2,540 Musical Terms, 250. Book of known for fifty years. Used for Ice Cream, Confectionery,

616 Interludes, $1.50. H.R. PALNER, Lock Box :841, N. Y. City. Cake, etc. It also contains one of the new (one-half pound) FAIRY BREATH CAKES, large enough to serve twelve

FRANKLIN H. HOUGH, Washington people. Will keep fresh thirty days. Will send prepaid

D. O. No attorney's fee until patent is by mail upon receipt of 50 cis. Address

obtained. Write for Inventor's Guide JEROME EXTRACT MFG. CO. 166 Duane St., New York.

ITY. By Edw.

50 ILLUSTRATIONS,_120 PAGES. AN Uric Acid mastered at last by

about Electric Bells, Batteries, Dynamos, Motors, BEAR

gout or rheumatismu,

Dr. L. A.

Railways, Welding, etc. Postpaid, 25 cents.
Sayre, N. Y., says: “I improve

BUBIER PUB. Co., Lynn, Mass.
dally from the use of this valuable
water, and am recommending it to

for boys, the barmmy patients.” Dr. R. M. C. Page, (Regisetid Trer Mark 31 W. 33d St., N. Y., says: "There

less gun fires hol. is no doubt about it, the BEAR LITHIA WATER is a big thing

low rubber balls, no for kouty folks. I am an advocate for its use in the Uric Acid danger, no sticks or caps, can't harm, each in a nice box, Diathesis. especially when brick-dust deposit is a condition, or three balls frce, mailed, $1.00, 8. E. CLARK, 632 an actual outbreak of gout occurs." Dr. Page is eminent authoritrupin Mineral Waters. It is a positive cure for Kidney

Market Street, Philadelphia, l'a. ad Bladd'r trouble. Send for pamphlet. FFICE :945 BROADWAY, NEW YORK.

CLOTHES We ciean or dve the most deli. Made New. cate shade or fabric. No ripping

required. Repair to order. Write for terms. Wo pay, expressage both ways to any point in the V. S. MCEWEN'S STEAM Dyk WORKS AND CLEANING ESTABLISHMENT,

NASHVILLE, TENN. F Name this advertisement.
Great English Remedy
for Gout & Rheumatism,

You will get hundreds of Samples, Cata

logues, Papers, Magazines, etc., by sending SURE, PROMPT AND EFFECTIVE.

ten cents to have your name and address inLarge Box 34, Small 14 Pills serted in De Puy's Reliable Agent's Directory, which

goes to firms all over the U.S. Copy of Directory sent At all Druggists and

to each name.

C. C. De PUY, Syracuse, N. Y. 224 WILLIAM ST., NEW YORK.

100 The Latest Guide to entertain Friends, PARLOR

Conundrums, Forfeits, Parlor Magic,

etc. Price, 25 cents. O YOU WANT A.

GAMES FORD ľUR, CO., Albany, N. Y. If no, write ili at once, or send 10. for INVENTOR "GUIDE,Va uable book of reference for Patenteen Fullinstructions fo

Delivered grepa ing Amercan&Foreign patents Full list of offieialf rm &c. &c. WUITE & KLEIER, 619 F St. WASHING10X, L.U. Jatent

Subject to Approval. No PAYMENT REQUIRED TILL ACCEPIEN. Grasp this

opportunity. Sand (or circular. Nime Magazine. PARCELS


T. Firzgerald, Washington, D. C.












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PATENTS 50-page hook free


Free for a short time only, For further in. formation, address WARREN FEATHERBONE CO.,

Thirre Vaks, Mich.

Including Sample Books, Novelties, Pictures, Magazines. Letters, Papers,etc., each with YOUR address boldly printed onwrappers, you'll rerrtve more choice reading and heaviest mail of any one at your town: also insert your address for 12 mos. in our GUARANTEED Directory that goes whirling dailyto Mfrs

and Pub's all over the world; also 500 gummed labels in 2 col

ors, with your address boldly printed on each. The entire lot postpaid to you for only 25 cts., if you send YOUR PERMANENT address to-day.

GUMMED ADDRESS CO., No. 14836, Phila., Pa.


Every year by agents working for ur than for any other Company: why don't you make some of it? our circulars which we send free will tell you how. We pay salary or commission as party preters, and want you now. OUTFIT FREE. Address at once,

Standard Silver Ware Co., Boston, Man.

or 14 1907


3 9015 03007 3657

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