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ARTHUR E. KIMBERLY, Chief of the Division of Repair and Preserva

tion. Summary Report of National Bureau of Standards Research on

Preservation of Records. Washington, 1937. 28 p. (National
Bureau of Standards, Miscellaneous Publication M154.) Written

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before the Society of American Archivists, Washington, D. C.,

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Paper read before the Society of American Archivists, Wash

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Review of South after Gettysburg; Letters of Cornelia Hancock

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THOMAS M. OWEN, JR., Chief of the Division of Accessions.
Reports of the National Historian [of The American Legion] in

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Digest of Minutes, National Executive Committee Meeting, May

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ference on archives and libraries of the American Library Asso

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history conference of the State University of Iowa, Iowa City, February 6, 1937.


THEODORE R. SCHELLENBERG, deputy examiner in the Division of

Accessions. Contributions to Manual on Methods of Reproducing Research

Materials; a Survey Made for the Joint Committee on Materials for Research, by Robert C. Binkley and others. Ann Arbor,

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1937. Review of The Argonauts of 1769, a Narrative of the Occupation

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tors During the First Century of Independence, edited by A.

Curtis Wilgus (Washington, 1937), p. 473-488. Reprint, 16 p. IRENE A. WRIGHT, special examiner in the Office of the Director of

Archival Service. The Situation in Spain. Address delivered in Washington, D. C.,

before the Twentieth Century Club, October 5, 1936; before the World Caravan Guild, October 6, 1936; before the Wesley

IRENE A. WRIGHT—Continued.

Heights Round Table, October 31, 1936; before the Mañana Club, November 14, 1936; before the Washington Chapter of the Society of Woman Geographers, December 14, 1936; before the Washington Branch of the American Association of University Women, January 25, 1937; before the Petworth Woman's Club, February 1, 1937; before the Charles C. Swisher History Club, George Washington University, February 17, 1937; and before

the Stanford Club of Washington, March 9, 1937. Changing Customs of Old Spain. Address before the World Car

avan Guild, Washington, D. C., October 20, 1936. Reminiscences of Spanish Archives. Address before the Inter

American Forum on the Spanish Archives, George Washington

University, Washington, D. C., December 18, 1936. Changing Social Customs of Seville with Special Reference to

Women. Address before a meeting held under the auspices of the World Fellowship Committee, Y. W. C. A., Washington, D. C., January 21, 1937.

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The Survey of Federal Archives outside the District of Columbia began operation as WPA Sponsored Federal Project No. 4, with The National Archives as cooperating sponsor, on January 1, 1936. Originally authorized to operate for 6 months, it gathered during this period information regarding the location, conditions of storage, and general content of some two million linear feet of records of the Federal Government in the 48 States of the Union. This large volume, however, constituted only about 40 percent of the total of such records. Accordingly, in order that the information desired by The National Archives might be obtained for as large a proportion of the total as circumstances would permit, provision was made to continue the Survey until June 30, 1937. To finance it, a total of $2,068,757 was made available for the fiscal year 1937 by a series of Presidential Letters, in addition to certain sums from the original authorization of $1,176,000 that had not been expended in the preceding fiscal year. Actual payments during the year amounted to $2,152,115.


During the fiscal year 1937 the Survey's general plan of organization remained substantially the same as when it was originally established. Centralized planning for and direction of the Nation-wide project was continued by means of a coordinating project, or headquarters staff, with an average employment of 29, which had its offices in the National Archives Building in Washington. Dr. Philip M. Hamer continued as National Director of the Survey. On August 16, 1936, however, he was appointed Chief of the Division of the Library of The National Archives, and from that date he divided his time between the duties of the two positions. Dr. Theodore R. Schellenberg resigned at the end of the fiscal year 1936 as Associate National Director to resume his work as deputy examiner in the Division of Accessions of The National Archives, and the position was not subsequently filled. On January 16, Dr. G. Philip Bauer, who had been on the Survey staff since the preceding April as research assistant, was appointed Assistant National Director and was given major responsibility for the editorial work of the Washington office until his resignation on April 19 to become research assistant in the Division of Research of The National Archives. Research assistants on the staff of the Survey were appointed during the year as follows: On August 1, Mr. Lewis J. Darter, Jr., and Mr. David K. McCarrell, candidates for Ph. D. degrees at the University of Pennsylvania and Duke University, respectively; on October 8, Mr.

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