CH A P. VI. A Course of Studies, Philosophical, Classical and?

and} Divine, for the first four years.

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HE Design of this, is to be instead of a

perpetual Guide and Monitor to a young

Student, till he takes a Degree. I sup-
pose him not without a Tutor to direčt,

instruct, and admonish him, as Occafion may require ; but be a Tutor ever so diligent, any

considerable Number of Pupils, he cannot be so particular and frequent in his Instructions and Advice to each of them as might be wished, or may be necessary to their well-doing. To remedy this Inconvenience, I have drawn up this System or Manual of Rules and Directions, to be ready at hand

a young Student's Use, from the Time of his first coming to College. He will find here more perhaps than any Tutor can have Time to say to every one of his pupils, and this small Treatise lying on the Table before him, may ferve better than a Tutor's





repeating and inculcating such Advices a thousand times over : Or if a Tutor is absent, or busy, or forgetful, or indispos’d, or any other Ways hinder'd, the Student may go on in his Business and his Duty, if he will but carefully observe the Rules that are here prescrib’d. It is, I am afraid, too true, that many young Students miscarry, making little or no Progress in their Studies, or throwing them entirely aside, and giving themselves up to Idleness and Debauchery, for want of being put into a good Method at first, or of a right Understanding of what they ought to do: For, being at a Loss where to begin, and how to proceed, they often throw away a great deal of Time, either in fruitless or improper Studies, or in doing nothing at all : And being tir'd of this, they afterwards seek out for Pastimes; and falling in with bad Company, take ill Courses, and so run headlong to their own Ruin.

If the following Papers may any way serve to prevent such fatal Miscarriages, and help any young Student to be both a better Man, and a better Scholar, than otherwise he might be, (and it is to be hop'd that with God's Blessing, and due Care, they may) then the Design of them is sufficiently answer’d, in obtaining so good an End.

I shall begin with some few Advices and Directions to a good and sober Life; and afterwards proceed to lay down a Method of Study, with special Rules and Instructions relating thereto.



CH A P. I.
Directions for a Religious and Sober Life.
T is not my Design to give you your whole Duty

towards God, your Neighbour, and yourselt; which would be too large a Task, and is needless, because you may find it done already by many excel



lent Authors in Print ; some of which you should constantly have by you. You are to consider, that you are sent to the University, to be train'd up for God's Glory, and to do Good in the World: Remember therefore, in the first Place, and above all Things, to serve your Creator Night and Day. This is your greatest Wisdom, and will be your greatest Happiness : Without this, you must be wretched and miserable

, both now and for ever. Endeavour then firft to be religious, next to be learned : It is something to be a good Scholar ; but it is much more to be a good Christian. A fober Man, with but a moderate Share of Learning, will be always preferable in the Sight of God, and even of Men too, or however of all wise Men, to the most Learned who want Grace or Goodness. Now in order to live a religious and sober Life, observe carefully the following Directions.

1. Be conftant, Morning and Evening, to the Prayers at Chapel

. This is a plain necessary Duty; and no young Student can reasonably hope for God's Blessings on his Studies, or any Thing else, who lights and neglects it. Custom will make rising in the Morning both easy and pleasant, provided you go to sleep in due Time ; which you should by all Means do. Never fit up late at Night, no, not to ftudy; for besides, that Learning so got, is too dearly bought, at the Expence of your Health or Eyefight: Sitting up late, will certainly tempt you to mifs Prayers the next Morning, or perhaps make you sleep over them, and disorder you all the Day, and so hinder your Progress in Study, much more than a few Hours over Night can further it. 2. Besides publick Prayers, be sure always to use

your Chamber some short private Devotions : Have fome Book of Devotion for this purpose, such as, The Whole Duty of Man, the New Whole Duty of B 2


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