BELGIUM, With Descriptions by Professor Van KAMPEN, of Amsterdam. In royal 8vo., 62 Plates and Map, cloth gilt, 15s.

MOULE'S ENGLISH COUNTIES; Or, A DESCRIPTIVE VIEW OF THE PRESENT STATE OF ENGLAND. Illustrated by new Maps of London and England, and a Map of each County, with beautiful corner Vignettes, of Noblemen's and Gentlemen's Mansions, Picturesque Ruins : also Armorial Decorations, chiefly from the Seals of County Towns. By T. Moule. In 2 Volumes, 4to., cloth, £3; or with the Maps coloured, £4 10s. MOULE'S MAPS OF ALL THE ENGLISH

COUNTIES, Coloured, mounted on Canvas, and neatly done up in a Case for the Pocket, ls. 6d. each. NEW PICTORIAL EDITION OF THE WORKS

OF JOSEPHUS. With an Introductory Essay, by the Rev. HENRY STEBBING, D.D., author of the “

History of the Christian Church," &c. &c. Illustrated by 80 fine Woodcuts from Designs by Melville. Also, 11 Engravings on Steel, and Portrait of the Author. Beautifully printed in One handsome Volume, super-royal 8vo., cloth, £1 5s.

DOMESTIC ARCHITECTURE, Containing a History of the Science, and the Principles of designing Public Buildings, Private Dwelling-Houses, Country Mansions, and Suburban Villas; from the Choice of the Spot to the Completion of the Appendages. Also, some Observations on Rural Residences, their Situation and Scenery; with Instructions on the Art of laying out and embellishing Grounds; exemplified in 54 Plates, containing Diagrams and Exemplars of the various Styles of Domestic Architecture, with a Description of the appropriate Furniture, Garden, and Landscape Scenery of each. By RICHARD BROWN, Professor of Architecture. To be completed in 18 Parts, demy 4to., at 2s., each to contain 3 Plates and 16 Pages of Letter-press. The last Number will contain a Portrait of the Author, after a painting by W. C Ross, Esq., A.R.A., Miniature Painter to the Queen.


MARTYRDOM, Being a Complete and Authentic Account of the Lives, Suffer. ings, and Triumphant Deaths of the Primitive as well as Protestant Martyrs, in all Parts of the World, from the Birth of the Blessed Saviour to the most recent Periods of Pagan and Catholic Persecution. Together with a Summary of the Doctrines, Prejudices, Blasphemies, and Persecutions of the Modern Church of Rome. With Notes, Commentaries, and Illustrations, by the Rev. J. MILNER, M.A., assisted by the Communications of several learned and eminent Minsters of the Gospel, which have never before been published. Illustrated by 16 Engravings. A New octavo Edition, greatly improved and corrected, cloth lettered, 15s.

MATTHEW HENRY'S BIBLE, With Copious Notes and Reflections, by BLOMFIELD. Embellished with 52 Engravings of the most Important Events, and Views of the principal Places mentioned in the Sacred Volume, from splendid Paintings by Marillier, Monsian, Westall, Bartlett, &c., engraved by WARREN, ROGERS, RUSSELL, &c. 2 Volumes, 4to., cloth gilt, £2 15s. The APOCRYPHA may be had separate, with 3 Engravings,

price 6s.


ROYAL DIAMOND PRAYER, And Order of Administration of the Sacraments and other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church, according to the use of the United Church of England and Ireland; the Psalter, or Psalms of David, pointed as they are to be sung or said in Churches; also, the New Version of the Psalms. With Notes, explanatory and practical, by the Rev. R. HEBER. With Fifteen splendid Engravings on Steel. 32mo., roan embossed, price 10s. Morocco elegant, price 12s.

This Edition has the Litany and Prayers for the Queen and Royal Family according to present usage.

SCRIPTURE READING TO ACCOMPANY FAMILY PRAYER. DODDRIDGE'S FAMILY EXPOSITOR, Or a Paraphrase and Version of the New Testament, and a Practical Improvement of each Section. Handsomely printed in 6 Volumes, royal 12mo., with large type. Cloth lettered, £1 10s.


RBVISED BY THE AUTHOR. Neatly bound in cloth, gilt, £1 6s. An Edition on royal paper,

cloth, gilt edges, £2. A GUIDE TO FAMILY DEVOTION, Containing 730 Hymns, 730 Prayers, and 730 Portions of Scripture, with suitable Reflections. Also, AN APPENDIX, com. prising a great variety of Prayers, to suit particula. Days, Seasons, Circumstances, and Events of Providence. The whole arranged to form a distinct and complete Service for every Morn

ing and Evening in the Year.

Of Finsbury Chapel, London.

Recommended by the following distinguished Ministers :
Rev. W. B. COLLYER, D.D., Peckham, Rev. G. LEGGE, Bristol,
JOHN CLAYTON, Jun., Poultry,

W. BROWN, Bristol,
J. MORRISON, D.D., Chelsea,

J. SHERMAN, Surrey Chapel,

G. COLLISON, D.D. Hackney,

James PARSONS, York,
Robert PHILIP, Maberly Chapel,

JOHN ELY, Leeds,
J. A. James, Birmingham,

T. RAFFLES, LL.D. Liverpool,
JOSIAH PRATT, B.D. Rector of St. SAMUEL RANSOM, Hackney,
Stephen, Coleman Street,

J. GILBERT, Islington,

J. E. GOOD, Gosport,
J. Davies, Bristol,

J. PYE SMITH, D.D., Homer-
T. BINNEY, Weigh House,

ton College. SCRIPTURE HISTORY, Designed for the Improvement of Youth. By the Rev. AlexANDER FLETCHER, author of “A Guide to Family Devotion,” Lectures to Children,' Cottager's Friend,” &c. Embellished with 241 Engravings and an elegant Frontispiece. Complete in 2 Volumes, cloth gilt, 18s.

COTTAGER'S FRIEND; Or, SABBATH REMEMBRANCER: being a Series of Expository, Devotional, and Practical Observations on various Passages of Scripture. By the Rev. A. FLETCHER. With 10 Engravings and a Portrait. 12mo., 9s. 6d. SERMONS ADAPTED TO THE CAPACITY OF

CHILDREN. By the Rev. A. FLETCHER. With 34 Engravings. 3 Volumes, 18mo., cloth, 13s. 6d.

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JOHN BUNYAN, Author of the “Pilgrim's Progress." By ROBERT PHILIP, author of the “Life and Times of Whitefield,” “Lady's Closet Library," &c. With a splendid Portrait and Vignette, a Facsimile of Bunyan's Will, and an Engraving of his Cottage. Complete in One Volume, 8vo., bound in cloth, price 12s.

LIFE AND TIMES OF WHITEFIELD. By ROBERT Philip. Compiled chiefly from Original Documents, collected over Great Britain and America. With a Portrait of Whitefield, from an original Painting. Cloth, lettered, price 12s. BISHOP JEREMY TAYLOR'S LIFE OF CHRIST, A New Edition, revised by ROBERT Philip, Illustrated by the Historical, Chronological, and Genealogical Researches, and the Theological Essays, of the Editor. With 16 Engravings from the Old Masters. One Volume, 4to., 18s.; or with CAVE'S LIVES OF THE APOSTLES, £1 6s. DEDICATED TO HER MOST GRACIOUS MAJESTY, QUEEN VICTORIA.

LADY’S CLOSET LIBRARY. By ROBERT PHILIP, author of “Life of Whitefield,” “ Life of Bunyan,” &c. I. THE MARYS; or, the Beauties of Female Holiness. Fifth

edition, cloth gilt, 3s. 6d. II. THE MARTHAS; or, the Varieties of Female Piety. Fourth

edition, cloth gilt, 3s. 6d. III. THE LYDIAS; or, the Development of Female Character. With Portrait of the Author. Fourth edition, cloth gilt, 3s.6d.

METROPOLITAN PULPIT ; Or, SKETCHES OF THE MOST POPULAR PREACHERS IN LONDON. By the author of “Random Recollections," The Great Metropolis,” “Travels in Town,” &c. &c. In 2 Volumes, post 8vo., handsomely done up in cloth, price £1 ls. PRACTICAL WORKS OF RICHARD BAXTER, Reprinted without abridgment from the Original collected Edition. With an Introductory Essay on the Genius and Writings of Baxter, by ROBERT Philip. Also an engraved Portrait of Baxter. In 4 Volumes, imperial 8vo., price £Ă 4s.

SCRIPTURE NATURAL HISTORY, Or a Descriptive Account of the Geology, Botany, and Zoology of the Bible By WILLIAM CARPENTER. Illustrated by 41 Engravings. 12mo., neat cloth, 4s. 6d.

THE BOOK OF THE DENOMINATIONS, Or the Churches and Sects of Christendom in the Nineteenth Century. Second Edition, 12mo., cloth, 7s. 6d.

SAINTS' EVERLASTING REST, Or a Treatise on the Blessed State of the Saints, in their Enjoyment of God in Heaven. By the Rev. RICHARD BAXTER. With an Introductory Essay, by the Rev. J. MORRISON, D.D. Embellished with a fine Portrait of the Author. One Volume, 8vo., cloth, price 9s. THE HISTORY AND TOPOGRAPHY OF THE

COUNTY OF KENT, From the earliest Records to the present Time. By W. H. IRELAND. With splendid Views from original Drawings. In 4 Volumes, 8v0., price £3 3s.; a few copies on royal paper, £6 6s. THE HISTORY AND TOPOGRAPHY OF THE

COUNTY OF ESSEX, Comprising a General View of its Physical Character and Modern Improvements. By THOMAS WRIGHT, Esq. 102 Engravings and a Map. Price £4 4s., cloth; in 48 Parts, at 2s.; or with Proofs on India Paper, 3s. WOOLER'S EVERY MAN HIS OWN

ATTORNEY. The Law of Landlord and Tenant, with Forms of Notices to Quit, Agreements, Leases and Assignments of Houses, Farms, &c. Also, the Bankrupt and Insolvent Laws clearly explained; with Instructions to commence and defend all Actions in person, with the Amount of Costs, Officers' Fees, &c., continued to the last Session of Parliament. By T. J. WOOLER, Esq. Price £1 Is., cloth lettered.


Johoston, Printer, Court, Fleet Street.

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