death. Man fell by pride through a sense of his knotoledge, he is restored by humility through a sense of his ignorance. There is in the Scriptures light enough to enlighten believers, and obscurity enough to try them."

“ The fuller comprehension of mysteries will make a part of our happiness in the world to come. At present we are at a vast distance from God and CHRIST, but in the next world we shall be near-we here converse with men, büt in heaven we slrall converse with Angels. The earthby BODY now presses down the soul, but after the resurrection we shall have spiritual bodieswe now walk by faith, but shall then walk by sight." · Let us then, from those truths we cannot compre. hent, learn to reverence the Divine Author of them; and if we are desirous of knowing more of spiritual things than the Scriptures teach us, let us.endeavour to live so as to secure an inheritance in the blessed REGIONS OF ETERNITY.

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