will alture thee, o Ifrael: if thou H Gud, keep not ftill silence :

appointed, and upon our folemn need ard neceflity bave right. fear day.

4 Deliver the outcalt and 4 For this was made a ftatuto poor : fave them from the hand for Ifrael: and a law of the God of the ungodly. of Jacob.

5 They will not be learned, nor Ś This he ordained in Joseph understand, but walk on-Hill in for a testimony : when he came darkness : all the foundations of out of the land of Egypt, and the earth are out of courfc. had heard a strange language. 6 ! have said, Ye are gods: and

6 I eafed his thoulder from the ye are all the children of the burden: and his hands were de. moft Highest. livered from making the pots.

9 But ye thall die like men : 7 Thou calledft upon me in and fall like one of the princes. troubles, and I delivered tliee": 8 Arife, O God, and judge and heard thee what time as thou the earth : for thou thalt the ftorm fell upon thee.

take all heathen to thine inhé. 81 proved thee : alfo at the ritance. waters of ftrife, 9. Hear, O my people, and I

PSAL. 83. Deus quis fimilis ?

tongueo wilt hearken unto me,

10 There thall no strange god refrain niit thyfels, o God. be in thee: neither thalt thou 2 For lo, thine enemies make a worthip any other god.

inurmuring: and they that hate 1 I am the Lord thy God, Thee have lift up their head. who brought thee out of the 3 They have imagined craft/ly land of Egypt: open thy mouth against thy people : and taken wide, and I thall fill it.

counsel against thy secret ones. 12 But my people would not 4 'They have said, Come, and hear my voice: and Ifrael would "Ter us root them out, that they not obey not.

be no more a people and that 13801 gave them up unto their the name of Ifrael may be no own hearts' lufts: and let them more in remembrance. follow their own imaginations. 5 For they have caft their

hat my prople would heads together with one conhave hearkened unto me : for if fent; and are confederate against Ifrael had walked in my ways, thee;

15 I thould soon have put down 6 The tabernacles of the Edo. their enemies : and turned my mites and the lsmaelites : tlie hand against their adversaries. Moabites and Hagarens;

16 The haters of the Lord 7 Gedal, and Am rios, and thould have been found liars : Amalek : the Philistines, with but their time thould have en- them that dwell a: Tyre. dured for ever.

8 Afir alfo is joined with 17 He thould have fcd them them: and have holpen the chilalfo with the fineit wheat flour : aren ot Lot. and with honey out of the ftony . But do thou to them as un. rock thould I have satisfied thte. to the Madiari:es : unto silera,

and unto Jabin as the brook of EVENING PRAYER.


10 who perished at Endor : PSAL. 82. Deus fletit. and became as the dung of the G prítanceth in the congre: earth.

It Make them and their prin. Judge among gods.

ces like Oreb and Zeb : yea, 2 How long will ye give make all their princes like as wring udy rent : and accept Zeba and Salmana; the perfons of the ungodly?

!2 Who say, Let us take to 3 Defend the poor and father ourselves. the houses of God in !: fie thai 'such as are in pofletion.

14 0

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130 my God, make them like and defence : the Lord will give unto a wheel: and as the stubble grace and worship: and no good before the wind;

thing shall he withhold from 14 Like as the fire that burn them that live a godly life. eth up the wood : and as the 130 Lord God of boits . bielifame that consumeth the moun. ed is the man that putte h his tains.

trust in thee. 15 Perfecute them even so with PSA L. 85. Benedixifi, Domine. thy tempeft : and make them arraid with thy Atorm.

L cious unto thy land : chou 16 Make their faces athaned, haft turned away the captivity O Lord ; that they may seek thy of Jacob. Name.

2 Thou haft forgiven the of. 17 Let them be confounded fence of thy people and covered and vexed ever more and more: all their fins. let them be pat to shame and 3 Thou haft taken away all thy perith.

displeasure : and turned thyfeit 18 And they shall know that from thy wrathtul indignation. thou whose Name is Jehovah : 4 Turn us then, o God our art only the most Higheft over Saviour : and let thine anger all the earth.

ceale from us. PSA L. 84. Quam dilecta!

s Wilt thou be displeased at

us for ever : and wilt thou O

How amiable are thy dwell- Aretch out thy wrath from one

ings: thou Lord of hosts! generation to another! 2 My soul bath a defire and 6 wilt thou not turn again longing to enter inio the courts and quicken us : that thy peopie of the Lord: my heart and my inay rejoice in thee? ficth rejoice in the living God. 7 Shew us thy mercy, O Lord :

3 Yca, the fparrow hath tound and grant us thy salvation. her an house, and the swallow a 8 I will hearken what the neft, where the may lay her Lord God wi!l fay concerning young: even thy altars, O Lord me : for be thall speak peace of hoits, my King and my God. unto his people, and to bis saints,

4 Blefled are they that dwell that they turn rot again. in thy house: they will be alway 9 For nis falvation is nigh them praising thee.

that fear him : that glory may 5 Blesed is the man whose dwell in our land. ftrength is in thee : in whose

10 Mercy and truth are met heart are thy ways.

together : righteousnefs and 6 Who going through the vale peace have killed each other. of misery, use it for a well : and 11 Truth thall flouriib out of the pools are filled with water. the earth : and riglyeousness

7 They will go from ftrength harh looked down trom heaven, to strength : and unto the God 12 Yea, the Lord thall thew ot gods appeareth every one of lovingkindness : and our land triem in jon.

thall give her increase. 80 Lord God of hotts, hear my

13 Rihteousness ball go be: prayer:hearken, O God of Jacob. fore him: and he ihall direct his

o 'Behold, O God our defender: going in the way.
and look upon the face of thine

MORNING PRAYER. 10 For one day in thy courts : PSAL. 86 Inclina, Domine.

better than rather foeda door. Blod, Camelt heainee Paiori keeper in the house of my God : am poor and in misery. than to dwell in the tents of un. 2 treserve thou my foul for I godliness.

am holy: my God, save thy ferv. 12 For the Lord God is a light antha putieth his truft in thec.

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3 Be

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3 Be merciful unto me, O PSAL. 87. Fundamenta ejus. Lord : for I will call daily upon H the holy hills : the Lord

ER foundations are apon thee.

4 Comfort the foul of thy fer- loveth the gates of Sion more vant : for unto thee, O Lord, do than all the dwellings of Jacob. I lift up my foul.

2 Very excellent things are $ For thou, Lord, art gnod spoken of thee: thou city of God. and gracious : and of great

3 I will think upon Rahab mercy unto all them that call and Babylon : with them tbat upon thee.

know me. 6 Give ear, Lord, unto my 4 Behold ye the Philistines also prayor: and ponder the voice and they of Tyre, with the Moof iny humble desires.

rians : 10, there was he horn. 7 in the time of my trouble 5 And of Sion it shall be re. I will call upon thee : for thou ported, that tc was born in her: hearcft me.

and the mott High thall ftablith 8 Among he gods there is none her. like unto thee, O Lord : there 6 The Lord thall rehearse it, is not one that can do as thou when he writeth up the people: doctt.

that he was born there. | 9 All rations whom thou haft → The fingers also and trum. made, fhall come and worihip peters 1hall he rehearse : all my thee, O Lord: and thall glorify freth springs thall be in thee.

PSAL: 88. Dumine Deus. Yo For thou art great, and Ol have cried day and night doest wondrous things : thou art God alone.

before thee : 0 let my prayer 11 Teach me thy way, O Lord, enter into thy presence, incline and I will walk in thy truth: 0 thine ear unto nry calling: knic my heart unto thee, that I 2 For my soul is full of troue may fear thy Name.

ble: and my life draweth nigh 12 I will thank thee, O Lord unto hell. my God, with all my heart : 3 I am counted as one of and will praise thy Name for them that go down into the evermore.

pit : and I have been even as a 13 For great it thy mercy to man that hath no sirength; ward me and thou haft deli

4 Free among the dead, like vered my soul from the nether unto them that are wounded, most hell.

and lie in the grave : who are 14 0 God, the proud are risen out of remembrance, and are against me : and the congregati. cut away froin thy hand. ons of naughty men have foughts Thou hast láid me in the after my soul, and have not let loweft pit : in a place of darkthec hetore their eyes.

nese and in the deep. 15 But thou, O Lord God, art 6 Thinc indignation lieth hard full of compaflion and mercy,: upon mc : and thou haft vexed loizsuffering, plenteous in good me with all thy storms, ness and truth.

7 Thou hast put away mine 16 O turn thçe then unto me, acquaintance far from me: and and have mercy upon me : give made me to be abhorred of them. thy strength unto thy servant, 81 am fo faft in prison : that I and help the fun of thine hand. cannot get forth. maid.

9 My fight faileth for very 17 Shew some token upon me trouble : Lord, I have called for good, that they who hate daily upon thee, I have ftretched me, may fee it, and

be forth my hands unto thee. athained : because thou, Lord, 10 Dost thou thew worders latt holpen nie, and comforted among the dead : or tha's the dead

rise up again, and praise thee!

11 Shall


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11 Shall thy lovingkindness he 90 Lord God of hofts, who is thewed in the grave : or thy like unto thee: thy truth, mott taichtulness in deftruation! mighty Lord, is on every fide.

12, Sball thy wondrous works 10 Thou ruleft the ragiag of be known in the dark : and thy the sea : thou ftilleft the waves righteousness in the land where thereof when they arise. all things are forgotten i

11 Thou haft lubdued Egypt, 13 Unto thee have I cried, and deftroyed it : thou hast Icato O Lord · and early thall my tered thine enemies abroad with prayer cone before thee.

thy mighty arm. 14 Lord, why abhorreft thou 12 The heavens are thine, the my foul : and hideft thou thy earth alfo is thine : thou' haft face from me!

laid the foundation of the round 15 I am in mifory, and like world, and all that thcrein is. unto him that is ac the point to 13 Thou haft made the north die : even from my youth up ard the fouh: Tabor and Her. thy terrors have i fuffered with mon shall rejoice in thy Name. ? a troubled mind.

14 Thou bait a mighty arms 16 Thy wrathful displeasure frong is thy hand, and high is goeth over me : and the fear of thy right hand. ihee hath undone me.

15 Righteousness and equity 17 They came round about me are the habitation of thiy feat : daily like water : and compassed inercy and truth thall go before me together on every fide. thy face.

18 My Invers and friends haft 16 Blessed is the people, O thou put away from me: and Lord, that can rejoice in thee : hid mine acquaintance out of they ihall walk in the light af my fight.

thy countenance.

17 Their delight shall be daily EVENING PRAYER. in eny Name : and in thy rightePSAL. 89. Mifericordias Demini. ousness thall they make their M

Y song thall be alway of boatt.

the lovingkiadness of the 18 For thou art the glory of Lord : with my mouth will l their Arength : and in thy lov, i ever be thewing thy truth from in kindness thou thait líft up, one generation to another. our horns.

2 For I have faid, Mercy thall 19 For the Lord is our dee be set up for ever: thy truth thalt fence : the Holy One of Israel is thou ftablish in the heavens. our King.

3 I have made a covenant 20 Thou spakeft sometime in with my choren: I have sworn visions untothy saints and faidft: unto David my fervant;

I have laid help upon one that 4 Thy feed will I ttablish for is mighty, I have exalied one ever: and set up thy throne from chosen out of the people. one generation to another.

21 I have found David my SO Lord, the very heavens servant : with my holy oil have I shall praise thy wondrous works: anointed him. and thy truth in the congrega 22 My hand thall hold him tion of the saints.

fakt :and my arm thall firengthen 6 For who is he among the him. clouds : that thall be compared 23 The enemy shall not be able unto the Lord ?

to do him violence: the son of 7 And what is he among the wickedness thall not hurt him. ; gods : that ihall be like unto the 24 I will smite down his focs Lord ?

before his tace: and plague them 8 God is very greatly to be that hate him. feared in the council of the 25 My truth also ard my sainte : and to be had in reve- mercy thall be with him : and rence of all them that are round in my Name thall his horn be about him.



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26 I will let his dominion also

44 The days of his youth bar in the lea : and his right hand in thou thortened : and covered the floods.

him with dishonour. 27 He shall call me, 'Thou 45 Lord, how long wilt theu art my Father : my God, and hide thyself, for ever and thall my trong falvation.

thy wrath burn like fire ? 28 And I wiñ make him my 46 O remember how fhort my firitborn : higher than the kings time is : wherefore haft thou of the earth.

made all men for nought: 29 My mercy will I keep for 47 What man is he that liv him for evermore : and my co- etn, and thall nousee death : and venant thall stand fait wi-h him. thalt he deliver his fuul from

-30 His feed also will I make the hand of he'l? to endure for ever : and his 48 Lord, where are thy old throne as the days of heaven lovingkindnesles : which thou

31 But if his children forsake swareft unco David in thy truth? my law : and walk not in my 49 Remember, Lord, the rejudgements;

buke that thy forvanlis have : 32 If they break my ftarutes, and how I do bcar in my boand keep not my command. fom the rebukes of many peo. ments: I will visit their offences ple; with the rod, and their fin with So Wherewith thine enemies fcourges.

have blafphemed thee, and fen33 Nevertheless my loving- dered the footfteps of thine Ankindness will not urterly take ointed: praised be the Lord for from hiin : nor fuffer my truth evermore. Amea, and Amen. to tail. 34. My covenant will I not

MORNING PRAYER tareak, nor alter the thing that is gone out of my lips : i have

PSAL. 20. Domine, refugium.

ORD, thou hast becn our I will no: fail David.

35 His feed thall endure for to another.. ever : and his (eat is like as the 2 Before the mountains were fun before me.

brought forth, or ever the earth 36 He ihall ftand fast for ever. and the world were made : thou more as the moon : and as the art God from everlatting, and tai.hful witness in heaven. world without cnd.

37 But thou halt abhoried and 3 Thou turneft man to deftruc. forfat:en thine anointed : and tion : again thou sayest, Coine art difplealed at him.

again, ye children of men. 38 i nou haft broken the co 4 For a thousand years in thy venant of thy fervant : and cast fight are but as yenerday : 106 bis crown to the ground. ing that is paft as a watch in the

39 Thou haft overthrown all night. his hedges : and broken down 5 As soon as thou scattereft his ftrong holds.

them, they are even ar atleep: 40 All they that go by {poil and fade away suddenly like the him : and he is become a re- grass. proach to his neighbours.

6 In the morning it is

green, 4. Thou haft fer up the right and groweth upbut in the hand of his enemies : and made evening it is cut down, dried all his adversarit's to rejoice. up, and wither:d.

42 Thou hatt taken away be 7 For we consume away in thy ed c of his sword : and givest difpleasure and are afraid at him not victory in the battle. thy wrathiful indignation.

43 Thou hast put out his X Thou haft set our misdeeds glory: and cast his throne down before thee: and our iscrer sins to the ground.

in the light of thy countenence.

fworn once by my holiness, that L refuge: from one generation

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