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literary one, is of the humblest kind, yet to come before the public in any shape, appeared to him so formidable, that he should have been deterred from publishing altogether, but froin the cheering, though partial, approbation of some of his friends.

With whatever views the editor may contemplate the final fate of his little work ;-whether it shall be Luoyed up for awhile by the fine spring-gale of prosperity, or sink into (perhaps deserved) neglect and oblivion, yet he would be solicitous to avow the sincerity of his motive in thus endeavouring to add his small contribution to the support of Virtue and the Muses, lle is aware that it is in Virtue we must look for solid and permanent happiness, and that the Muses may be made the distinguished medium of assisting a cause so sacred, by the facility with which they can call forth the best feelings of the human heart.-To the Muses he owes a thousand obligations: to their flights he attributes the happiest

ntervals of his existence, and by their influence he 'has trilled a song that has cheered frequent hours of solitude, and alleviated the bitterest moments of anguish.

To the errors and defects in this little volume, the editor requests the candor of the public; and though his exertions may fail to procure for him the aura popularis so desirable, yet he fondly hopes there may be some among the “ discerning few” who may think his arrangement entitled to their approbation, and his faults to their indulgence.

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Rural and Descriptive.



Passage of Mount St. Gothard..
A Scene in Argyleshire
The Bat
The Traveller
To an Oak..
Sketch of the Alps at Day Break
The Hamlet
Hymn to the Rising Sun
Winter Piece
Walk in Spring
Morning Landscape.
To an early Primrose
May-Day, a Pastoral..
Lines written at the Cobos
Winter,-a Dirge
Grongar Hill
To a Fountain
Autumnal Evening


Heber '29
Duchess of Devonshire 42

Campbell 45
Radcliffe 46

ditto 47
.. Goldsmith 49

Collins 59
Rogers 61

ditto 62
Warton ib.
· Langhorne 64

Phillips 65
Montgomery 67

Blacket 71

ditto 73
ditto 74
ditto 75
White 76.
Macneil ib.

White 79

Moore 81
Dermody 82

Burns 34

Dyer 85
Logan 89
Porter 91
Colbold 92


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Sinollet 93
Anon. 94

Hill 95
Hurdis 96
Coleridge 98

Perfect 99
Charlotte Smith 102

Anon. 104
ditto 105
ditto 107

Robinson 109
Campbell 117

ditto 119
Lewis 120
Southey 123
Robinson 127

Scot 130

Moore 132
Montgomery 133

Porter 188
Holloway 141

Elton 143



Elegy on the Death of Lady Coveutry
Elegiac Stanzas to Fidele
Elegy on-the Ruins of a Church
The Sailor
Elegy written at the Convent of Haut Villiers
Elegy written in Jamaica
Elegiac Stanzas on myself
* Elegy
Elegy written in Spring
Elegy written on the Plains of Fontenoy
Elegy written in a Country Church Yard
Castle Building
The Huntsman's Dirge
A Dirge
November, an Elegy..

Mason 146
Dermody 150

Carter 151

Rogers 153
Whitehead 155
Langhorne 157
.. Macneil 159

Dermody 160
Miss Talbot 162

Bruce 163
Anna Matilda 166

Gray 168
Anon. 172
Gifford 175
Waldron 176
Chatterton 177

Holford 179
Hunter 181.



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The Newcastle Apothecary
Three Black Crows ..
The Young Fly and the Old Spider

Colman 182
Byrom 185
Pindar 187

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