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FARTHER hints as to public transactions. My removal
to Westminster, and settlement there; with some ac-
count of the affairs of the Dissenters; of my own minis-
terial service; and of my concern
phets, their adherents and abettors.

with the new pro-

Oath of abjuration. Hanover family. Burnet to Princess
Sophia. Queen's attachment to her brother. Author chosen
at Westminster. Scotland. Parliament. Fletcher of Saltoun.

Clarendon's history. Dedication. Dissenters' seminaries.
Archbishop Sharp. Calve's-head club. Clarendon and Young,
on Charles's execution. Pictures in the Bodleian. Plot in
Scotland. Great storm. Ollyffe, Hoadley, and Nichols on
conformity. Author's Defence. Scotland. Protestant Succes-
sion. Lord Cromarty's insinuation. Union promoted. Ger-
many. Battle of Blenheim. Thanksgiving. Addresses. Bill
against Occasional Conformity. Tennison's speech. Ireland.
Sacramental Test. Author's second Defence. Introduction.
Locke's approbation. Howe. Interview with a student.

New-England. Quakers persecuted. New Parliament. Church
of England. Not in danger. Toland. Princess Sophia na-
turalized. Ollyffe and Hoadley. Author's third Defence.
Edwards. Diocesan Episcopacy. Hoadley and Bishop Comp-

ton. Atterbury. New Testament in modern Greek. Ludolph.
Anecdote of a Turkish captain. Linacre on oaths. Union.
Lord Barrington's mission to Scotland. Lockhart. Kerr. De
Foe. Queensbury. Hamilton. Scotland bought. Equivalent.

Battle of Ramillies. Thanksgiving. Dissenting ministers'
address. Their introduction. Sunderland. Harley. Wind-
sor. Nobly entertained. Ollyffe's third Defence. Gen-
tleman of the long robe. His case of conscience. Rights
of the Christian Church. Tindal. Le Clerc. Wotton. Gro-
tius. Hales. Churches of England and Scotland. Debate.
Nottingham. Sixteen Peers. North and Grey. Battle of Al-
manza. Admiral Shovel. Thanksgiving for the Union. Dis-
senting ministers' address. Equivalent money sent to Edin-
burgh. Stoning the carters. Plot in Scotland. Kerr, a spy.
His license from the Queen. Cameronians. Baxter's practical
works. His veracity vindicated. Bishop Lloyd. New prophets.
Camisars. Cavallier. Flechier. Facio. His punishment.
Sir R. Bulkeley. Lacy. Duke of Devon. Kennet's sermon.
Hoadley on Episcopal Ordination. Author's forbearance.

Test in Ireland. Sylvester's death. Bishop Sanderson. A

dying lady of pleasure. Burnet, Barclay, and Charles II.

Projected invasion. Presbyterian ministers in Ireland. Kerr's

contrivances. French fleet driven away. Pretender said to be

taken and released. Count de Forbin's memoirs. Edinburgh

Castle ill-guarded. Dr. Birch on the Pretender's birth. Run on

the Bank. Addresses. Dissenting ministers. Clans in Scotland.

Lacy. Warnings. Syllabical speech. Betty Grey. Author's

Caveat. Justice Chamberlain. Prince of Denmark. Thanks

from the Queen. Mrs. Hill. Duchess of Marlborough. Dr.

Emms's expected resurrection. Failure of the attempt. Author's

advice against prosecution. Chief Justice Holt. Lacy's cha-

racter. Bishop Gastrel. Bishop Fleetwood. His two publi-

cations. Prince of Denmark dies. Queen's exemplary attention.

New Parliament. Onslow, speaker. Mr. Spademan dies. His

learning. Jonathan Brown. Case of Restitution. Case of

family differences.



THE account of public matters continued. Of my journey
into North Britain, reception there, and return from
thence. 141-227.

Bishop Lloyd dies. His Episcopal severity. Maintained the
divine right of Kings. Burnet. Major Cartwright. Natural-
ization of foreign Protestants. Pamphlet on the Test, burned.

Author's journey. York. Dr. Coulton. Lady Hewley's cha-
rities. Mr. Shore. Bishop's Thorp. Library. Newcastle. Mr.
Bennet. Holy Island. Berwick. Deputy-governor. Dunbar.
Cromwell. Edinburgh. General Assembly. Commissioner's
table. Inquisition revived. Moderator. Carstaires. Court
holy-water. Close of the Assembly. Principal Stirling. The
late Union. Abjuration Oath. Episcopal meetings. Not
praying for her Majesty. Mrs. Yule. Kirk-Sessions. Sir
James Stuart. Major Cartwright and Villers on William III.
Parliament Close. Old Countess of Sutherland. Holyrood.
Castle. Heriot's Hospital. Physic Garden. College Library.
Skull of Buchanan. Bohemian Protest. Husse and Jerome.
Advocate's Library. Medals and coins. Parliament-House.
Interesting guide. New church. Dress of ministers. Method.
Author preaches. On use of notes. Burnet. Whitgift. Author
ealled Latitudinarian. Libertoun. Children baptized.
ner in Scotland. Sir A. Gilmer. Destruction of trees. Ros-

lin. Hawthornden. Drummond. Jonson. Boswell. Newbot-
tle. Dalkeith. Gen. Monk. Lord Provost. Author made a
Burgess. Sir J. Dalrymple. Fish-dinner at Leith. Sea-cat.
Author receives a Doctor's diploma. Communion at Edinburgh.
Second sight. Earl of Cromarty. Mr. Pennant's rela-
tion. Dr. Gilpin. Hopetoun-house. Queen's Ferry.
Andrews. Beaton. Wishart. Dundee. Forfar. Montrose.
Aberdeen. Author and his friends mistaken for French pro-
phets. Mareschal College. Andrew Cant. Professor Osborn.


King's College. Hector Boethius. Salmon-feast, by the river's
side. Author receives a Doctor's degree. Library. Trade and
manufactory of New Aberdeen. Burgess tickets. Elgin Cathe-
dral. No hay for horses. Perth. Mr. Austin, M.P. His at-
tentions. Kinross. Lochleven. Stirling. James VI. bap-
tized. Glasgow. College. Library. Author preaches in the
New Church. Fine auditory. Mr. Jameson. Cyprianus Iso-
timus. Mess-John. Principal Stirling. Doctor's degree.
Silver box. Entertainment. Bothwell Bridge. Rising against
Charles II. Hamilton. The Duchess. Entertains the Au-
thor, &c. Drumlanrig. Dumfries. Remarks on North-Bri-
tain. Treatment of Chaplains. Duke of Somerset. Secker.
Oldham. Settled ministers. Carlisle. Whitehaven. Kendal.
Shire Stones. Lancaster. Proud Preston. A lady's courtesy.
Censure of Jacobites. Manchester. Author returns home.

Sacheverell's sermon. Gen. Stanhope's manly freedom.
Sacheverell's triumphant defence. Hoadley. Earl of Port-
land dies. Enriched from Ireland. Poor Palatines. Bat-
tle of Pultowa.



Farther hints both of public and private matters in the
remaining years of the reign of Queen Anne. 227–292.
Trial of Sacheverell. Mob. Meeting-house gutted. Par-
liament. Whigs outnumbered.
Author's Sermons on Inspiration.
ill-timed. Le Clerc's five Letters.
er's disappointment. Sermon against the Rights. Hoadley
and Atterbury. Queen's licence and directions to the Con-
vocation. Lay Baptism. Harley stabbed. Dauphin dies.

Marlborough in disgrace.
Dedication to the Queen
Lowth. Wall. Leydeck-

New Churches. South Sea-Company. Medal of the Pre-
tender. Congress at Utrecht. English writers in the pay
of the French. Dissenters warm against the Treaty of Peace.
Lord Nottingham renews the Bill against occasional confor-
mity. Passed. Sir T. Abney's conduct. Dr. Watts. Howe.

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