On the Census Orbis at the Nativity

CENSUS of Augustus, recorded by Suidas-Criticism of Kuster—
Census, alluded to in Syncellus-Not a Census Urbis or Census
Civium-Description of it, applicable to that of the census at the



Census of Augustus, according to Malala-Presence of Pedanius
in Syria, at the time of the council of Berytus-The gens Peda-
nia-Pedanius, not a legate of Saturninus-Presence of Pedanius,
possibly connected with the census at the nativity

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Objection to a Census Orbis from the silence of Dio Cassius-Hia-
tus in Dio-Mission of Caius Cæsar into the East-Pisan Ceno-
taph-Ars Amandi of Ovid, and Remedium Amoris . . . . . . 8-10

Numbers in Suidas-Conjectural emendation of 8, for vi. pvpiádes-
Proper sense of avopes-Population of the empire under Augu-
stus-Opinion of Mr. Hume-Calculation of Mr. Gibbon-Na-
tions comprehended in the empire, in the time of Diodorus of
Tarsus-Estimate of Procopius, of the loss of life under Justinian
-Calculation of the population of the empire, thence deducible-
Plague under Justinian-Evagrius


Limitation of the inquiry to the probable amount of the population
of Rome under Augustus-Numbers in Suidas, as they stand,
applicable neither to the city of Rome, nor to the Roman em-
pire-Censuses of Augustus, on the Ancyran monument-Extra-
vagant calculations of the population of Rome..


First general argument of the population of Rome-Numbers of Cives,
reported in former censuses-Interruption in the order of the cen-
suses-Census of Phlegon-A Roman census, a Census Civium,

Canon frumentarius, or daily issue of corn at the time of the death
of Severus Number of recipients-Rate of allowance to each—
The choenix-The medimnus-The modius-The corn ticket, the

Alexandria in Egypt-Shape of Alexandria-The Macedonian
chlamys-Perimeter or magnitude of the city-Street of the Sun
and the Moon-Quarters or regions of the city, and their names
-Jews of Alexandria, and their numbers-Flaccus Aquilius-
Alexandria in the time of Diodorus, and population of Egypt—

Population of Egypt, at the commencement of the Jewish war-

Album of the citizens of Alexandria-Included women and chil-

dren-General estimate of the population of Alexandria.. 47-51

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Passage of Pliny, descriptive of the magnitude of Rome, U. C. 830,
how to be understood-Reading of xiii miles-Milliarium Au-
reum-Castra Prætoria-Number of gates of Rome-Number of
Viæ Publica-The Pomarium, what-Gates and Viæ in the time of

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