Mr. Reynolds, St. Thomas's, Southwark
Mr. Samuel Rheid, Merchant, in Liverpoole
Mr. John Ridge

Mr. John Richards, Exchange Alley
Mr. William Richardfon, Tunbridge

Meff. John and James Rivington, Seven Books
Capt. Robert Robinfon, London

Mr. Thomas Roberts, Garlick-hill

Mr. Henry Robinson, Southwark, Two Books
Mr. John Robinfon, Liverpoole

Mr. John Rocks, Merchant, in Prefton, Lancashire
Mr. Thomas Row, Shop-keeper

Mr. Edward Roughfedge, Merchant, in Liverpoole
Mr. Rowney, St. Thomas's Hofpital

Mr. Anthony Ryder, Bedal in Yorkshire
Mr. Ralph Royal, St. Olave's, Southwark
Mrs. Randall, St. Saviour's, Southwark


The Rt. Revd. the Lord Bishop of Salisbury
The Revd. Mr. Sharpe of Prefton, Lancashire

The Revd. Mr. Harvey Spragg, M. A. Fellow of Trinity
College, Cambridge

The Revd. Mr. John Seddon, of Warrington, Lancashire The Revd. Mr. Streynfham, Mafter of Crofton

The Revd. Mr. Steele, Bedal, Yorkshire

The Revd. Mr. Swinden, Mafter of the Academy at Greenwich, Two Books ·

The Revd. Dr. Slocock, Chaplain of St. Saviour's, Southwark

The Revd. Mr. John Smith, M. A. Chaplain of St. Saviour's, Four Books

William Shaw, of Prefton, Efq;

Laurence Spencer, Efq; Liverpoole

William Sirce, Efq; First Regiment of Dragoon Guards

Mr. William Shaw, of Prefton, Gent.

Alderman Thomas Shaw, of Liverpoole

Mr. John Shaw, of Peckham, Surry
Mr. Slater, Margate

Mr. William Shepherd, of Kirkham, Merchant


Mr. Swan, Newington, Surry

Mr. Sadler, St. Saviour's, Southwark
Mr. Edmund Shallot, ditto
Mr. Thomas Sparrow

Mr. Spenfer, St. George's, Southwark
Mr. George Spence, St. Olave's, ditto
Mr. Steed, Apothecary to Guy's Hofpital
Mr. John Simons, Tooley-ftreet, Southwark
Mr. Ifaac Siddal, St. Saviour's, ditto

Mr. John Smith, Guy's Hofpital

Mr. Richard Smith, Three Crown-court, Southwark

Mr. James Smith

Mr. John Smith, Apothecary, Liverpoole

Mr. Henry Smith, of Prefton, Gent.

Mr. William Smith, Margate

Mr. Robert Smith

Mr. Thomas Shrimpton, Wood-street

Mr. Jofeph Swift, Canon-street

Mr. Scott, Wallbrook

Mr. Spooner, of New Inn

Mr. John Stocke, of Prefton, Gent.

Mr. Thomas Symes, St. Margaret's Hill, Southwark

Mr. Eleanor Spragg, Endfield

Mifs Symes, Brooke-ftreet, Holbourn

The Revd. Thomas Salt, M. A. of St. John's College, Cambridge


The Revd. Archdeacon Taylor, Bedford

The Revd. Mr. Threlfal, Head Mafter of Kirkham, Lancashire

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The Revd. Mr. Robert Tyler, Vicar of St. Laurence, Kent
The Revd. Mr. John Thomas

William Travers, of Trevallyn, Efq;
Mr. Taddy, St. Saviour's, Southwark
Mr. Robert Travers, Fenchurch-street

David Thomson, M. D. of Preston, Lancashire

Mr. James Thompfon, Attorney, St. Saviour's Churchyard

Mr. William Trahern, St. Thomas's, Southwark
Mr. Benjamin Tomkins, St. Saviour's, Southwark


Mr. Tonkes, Newington, Surry

Mr. Richard Turner, Frodfham, Cheshire
Mr. Shadrach Tyler, Oriel College, Oxon
Mr. Thomas Tuck, Jewin-ftreet
Mrs. Ann Taylor, Southwark
Mrs. Elizabeth Thatcher, ditto
Mrs. Travers, Fenchurch-ftreet
Mrs. Ann Triggs, Southwark
Mrs. Sarah Thompfon, Ramfgate

Mr. John Tomlin, of Minster in Thanet


Mr. John Vernon, St. Peter's, Kent
Mr. Voice, Duke-ftreet, St. Saviour's, Southwark


The Rt. Revd. the Lord Bishop of Winchester
The Rt. Revd. the Lord Bishop of Worcester

Mrs. Willes, Lady to the Bishop of Bath and Wells
The Revd. Thomas Warneford, M. A. Rector of Bagpath,

The Revd. John Watfon, M. A. Fellow of Brazen-nofe
College, Oxford

The Revd. Samuel Williamfon, of Frodsham, in Cheshire The Revd. George Wilfon, M. A.

The Revd. Mr. White, of Marybone

The Revd. Mr. Woodford, Prebendary of Sarum

Gilbert Walmfley, of Litchfield, Efq;

Nicholas Walmfley, Gent. of Prefton, in Lancashire
Mr. Jofeph Wade, St. Saviour's, Southwark

Mr. Henry Waldron, Devon

Mr. Wardin, Bread-ftreet

Mr. Warrington, Newington, Surry

Mr. George Watfon, Southwark

Mr. Weeks, St. Saviour's, ditto

Mr. Welch, Steward of St. Thomas's Hospital
Mr. Weatherly, St. Thomas's, Southwark

Mr. John Webster, Frodsham, Cheshire


Mr. Walter Wigmore, St. Saviour's, Southwark
Mr. Wimbush, ditto, Two Books

Mr. Robert Wilfon, in Conduit-paffage, Red Lion-square
Capt. John Willan, of Liverpoole

Capt. Charles Williams, of Chefter
Mr. Williamson, of Tunbridge
Mr. John Winter, Southwark

Mr. Daniel Winstanley, Frodsham, Cheshire

Mr. George Whitley, ditto

Mr. Samuel White, Fenchurch-street

Mr. Richard White, St. Thomas's, Southwark, 3 Books

Mr. Peter Whitfield, of Liverpoole

Mr. Withers, Newington, Surry

Mr. Witton, St. Margaret's Hill, Southwark

Mr. Wright, St. Thomas's Hofpital

Deputy Woods, St. Mary Hill

Mr. John Woodward, Tooley-freet

Mr. John Woodward, Frodiham, Cheshire

Mrs. Wheatland, Staunton St. John's, Oxfordshire

Mrs. Elizabeth Woods, St. Mary Hill

Mrs. Catherine Whitling, Bedal, in Yorkshire

The Revd. Jof, Wood, B. D. Fellow of University College, Oxon

The Revd. Mr. Waterhoufe, Fellow of Dulwich College


The Revd. Edmund Yalden, M. A. Rector of Newton

Valence, Hampshire

Robert Young, Efq;

Mr. William Yalden, Wood-ftreet

Mr. Young, St. Thomas's, Southwark

"N. B. If there remain any Copies above thofe, which are already fubfcribed for, they will be difpofed of only by the Author, at Half a Guinea each.


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