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The following Collection of Hymns has been.compiled by a Committee of the Cheshire Pastoral Association. The work was undertaken to meet the wants of several societies within its own limits, and may not, therefore, have a very extended circulation beyond them; for many compilations already engage public attention and patronage. Our object has been to make a selection embracing a large number and variety of hymns, adapted to all the purposes of public and private worship, and one which at the same time might be furnished at a low price.

We have sought to give it a lyrical character, and thus adapt it to the choir as well as to the pulpit. In pursuance of this idea, a greater variety of metres than usual has been introduced. By selecting also a large amount of introductory and closing hymns for worship, and by paying special regard to the Christian ordinances, to funeral and mourning occasions, to social and domestic worship, and to philanthropic, national, annual, and missionary celebrations, we have endeavoured to provide for wants which have not hitherto been sufficiently considered. Above all, we have made it our chief aim to give an earnest Scriptural tone to the work, by gathering together in one all the noblest strains of devotional poetry from whatever quarter and denomination, provided the sentiments were not inconsistent with our own faith. But if there should appear, here and there, the glimpse of a discarded doctrine, or the remnant of an antiquated creed, let it be remembered how difficult and ungracious a task it is to fetter the free wing of a rapt imagination and enkindled heart, though reason may sometimes pause and judgment condemn.

We have culled from a most extensive field of both the later and the earlier poets, and have introduced not a few hymns of merit, which have appeared in no previous compilation. Slight alterations have occasionally been made, but we have preferred to restore rather than to change. While we have wished to assemble the holy minstrels of every name and church in a loving brotherhood of harmony and devotion, that should make us forget, if possible, 'while singing the praises of God, the jars and discords of the great Christian family, we have, nevertheless, welcomed with a peculiar delight "the goodly fellowship" of our own sweet singers. We are indebted to the names of Adams, Barbauld, Bowring, Bryant, Bulfinch, Flint, Follen, Frothingham, Furness, Gilman, Moore, Norton, Peabody, Pierpont, and Ware for some of the finest hymns in the English language.

To those friends, who have kindly afforded us their aid in making this compilation, we would here express our thankful acknowledgments.

In the title of the book, we embody our leading idea and purpose in this enterprise, which have been to provide a collection, not of Jewish psalms or elegant songs, but essentially Christian hymns, pitched, so to say, after the grand master-tone of our faith, whatever intermingling subordinate notes they might have of joy or sorrow, encouragement or warning, praise or confession. We have striven that the high doctrines, duties, and promises of our holy religion might shine forth from these pages in their noon-day distinctness, and arrayed in all the charms of taste and melody, that the great Master might be honored with the love of his disciples, and the greater Father worshipped with the fervent adoration, praise, and thanksgiving of his children.

L. W. L. W. A. W.

C. C. A. A. L.

January 29, 1845.




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Introduction of Worship, and the Sabbath
Close of Worship .
Adoration, Praise, and Thanksgiving
Perfections and Providence of God
The Scriptures
Jesus Christ, his Character and Offices
The Gospel and its Invitations
Spiritual Influences
Faith, Hope, and Charity
Repentance and Reformation
Christian Affections and Life
Mourning and Consolation
Life, Death, and Futurity
The Church, Baptism, and Christian Fellowship
The Lord's Supper
Early Instruction and Piety
Fast and Thanksgiving
Opening and Closing of the Year
The Seasons
National Hymns
Dedication and Ordination
Charitable and Missionary Meetings
Seamen's Hymns
Social and Domestic Worship
Morning and Evening

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ACCORDING to thy gracious word
A charge to keep I have
Affliction is a stormy deep
Again, from calm and sweet repose
Again our ears have heard the voice
Again the Lord of life and light
Again we've seen the Sabbath day
A holy air is breathing round
A host of spirits round the throne
Alas ! how poor and little worth
All hail the power of Jesus' name,
All men are equal in their birth
All nature dies and lives again
All nature feels attractive power
All nature's works his praise declare
All-seeing God ! 't is thine to know
All ye nations, praise the Lord
Almighty and immortal King
Almighty God, in humble prayer
Almighty God, thy word is cast
Almighty Lord, before thy throne
Almighty Maker! Lord of all
Am I a soldier of the cross
Amidst a world of hopes and fears
And can my heart aspire so high
And is the gospel peace and love
And is there, Lord, a rest
And now, my soul, another year.
An offering to the shrine of power
Another day is past
Another day its course hath run
Another six days' work is done
Arise, and bless the Lord
Arm of the Lord, awake, awake
Arrayed in clouds of golden light
As body when the soul has filed
As, bowed by sudden storms, the rose
As flows the rapid river
Asleep in Jesus! blesséd sleep
As in solemn congregation
As o'er the past my memory strays
A soldier's course from battles won
As the hart, with eager looks
As the sun's enlivening eye
As the sweet flower that scents the morn
As twilight's gradual veil is spread
At thy table, Lord of life

C. M. 626
S. M. 436
C. M. 511
C. M. 837
C. M. 80
C. M. 20
L. M. 685
C. M.

828 C. M. 609 8 & 4s. M. 568

C. M. 242
C. M. 878
C. M.

535 C. M.

355 C. M.

895 L. M.

357 78. M.

92 L. M.

325 C. M.

404 C. M.

78 C. M.

695 C. M. 383 C. M. 475 S. M

904 C. M.

462 L. M. 264 S. M. 602 C. M. 720 C. M.

871 S. M.

855 L. M.

686 L. M.

34 S. M.

122 L. M.

780 L. M. 61. 98 L. M.

329 C. M.

499 7 & 6s. M.


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263 8 & 78. M.

644 C. M.

368 C. M. 478 78. M. 61. 431 L. M.

807 L. M.

495 C. M.

593 78. M. 645

L. M.

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