your and affectionate humble servant

James Boswell

From a Sketch by Sir Thomas Lawrence, P. R.A.

Published by John Murray. Albemarle Street. Engelmann & Co. lithog.

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255, note 1,

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· for Sept 12th, read-21st.

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•for it seems, read he seems.

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dele that note, and substitute—It appears from part
of the original journal in Mr. Anderdon's papers,
that the friend who told the story was Mr. Beau-
clerk, and the gentleman and lady alluded to
were Mr. (probably Henry) and Miss Harvey.
There is reason to fear that Mr. Boswell's in-
discretion in betraying Mr. Beauclerk's name
a little impaired the cordiality between him and
Dr. Johnson.

between idea and unconstitutional, insert—as.
fill up the blank with-Beauclerk.

on four peers, add note-[The occasion was Mr.
Horne's writ of error in 1778.-ED.]

dele note 2.

· for White, read- Whyte.

add-Though the editor was assured, from what he thought good authority, that Mr. Damer was here alluded to, he has since reason to suppose that another and more respectable name was meant, which, however, without more certainty, he does not venture to mention.

263, note 2,-line 2, for vol. ii. read—vol. iii.

294,-line 7,

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The reference to note 2 should be on the word bishop, in the next line.

· for 301, read-304.

for his, read-this.

add-Johnson himself, in a memorandum among Mr. Anderdon's papers, dated in 1784, writes "cubic feet."

427, note 1,-1. 14, for April, 1779, read-1st August, 1780, p. 320.

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