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Coogan, Thomas, secretary, National Association of Home Builders.

Corry, Edgar C., Jr., national commander, American Veterans of

World War II..

Creswell, Jay, president, Pneumatics, Inc., Plymouth, Ind__
Goodloe, John D., Chairman, Board of Directors, Reconstruction
Finance Corporation_ -

Johnson, Hon. Leroy, a Representative in Congress from the Third
District of California.

Kenyon, E. A., Assistant Director of Corporation Audits
Lyle, George D., chairman, Michigan Veterans Housing Committee__
Neel, Samuel E., counsel, Mortgage Bankers Association of America
Northup, H. R., secretary-manager, National Retail Lumber Dealers

Weitzel, Frank H., Assistant to the Comptroller General_
Westfall, T. B., accountant.__

Additional information submitted for the record:

Bakke, Norris C., Assistant General Counsel, Federal Deposit Insur-
ance Corporation, letter of January 13, 1948, to Lewis M. Stevens. 10, 35
Dineen, Robert E., superintendent of insurance, State of New York,
letter of January 16, 1948, to Hon. C. Douglass Buck....

Federal National Mortgage Association mortgages, information on—

Commitments for purchase, authorized..

Goodloe, Hon. John D.:

Lending and investment functions, February 29, 1948.
Letter of April 22, 1948, to Hon. Jesse P. Wolcott..



Letter from N. E. Dodd, Acting Secretary, Department of Agri-

culture, dated April 20, 1948_.


Letter of April 14, 1948, to Hon. Clinton P. Anderson.


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Liquidation of Reconstruction Finance Corporation's investment
in preferred stock, debentures, and capital notes of banks


Position of RFC with respect to $2,000,000,000 limitation imposed
by Public Law No. 132.

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