Dla Teftament,


CHRIST and the Heavenly Things of th
Gospel were Preached and Shadowed to th
People of GOD of Old.

Explain'd and Improv'd in fundry


By SAMUEL MATHER, fometime Paft
of a Church in Dublin.

The Second Edition, To which is annex'd, (more th
was in the former Edition) a SCHEME and TABLE of the who
whereby the READER may readily turn to any Subject tren
of in this BOOK.


Printed for Nath. Hillier, at the Prince's Arms in Leader
hall-ftreet, over against St. Mary Axe, 1705.


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Mather, Samuel, 1626–1671.

The figures or types of the Old Testament, by which Christ
and the heavenly things of the gospel were preached and
shadowed to the people of God of old. Explain'd and improv'd
in sundry sermons. By Samvel Mather, sometime pastor of a
church in Dublin. The 2d ed., to which is annex'd, (more than
was in the former edition) a scheme and table of the whole,
whereby the reader may readily turn to any subject treated
of in this book. London, Printed for N. Hillier, 1705.

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Those of that CHURCH, to which this Author" was fometime PASTOR.

VERY Church is by the Ordinance of Chrift a Pillar of faving Truth, holding it forth to be feen and read all Men; the Teachings and Ordinances adminifired in Churches being among the chief of the Ways, whereby the bleffed God inftructs and enlightens a dark World in the way of Eternal Life. Thefe following Difcourfes are part, and but part of thofe many precious Truths and Teachings held forth by this Servant of Christ, in the course of about fifteen Years Ministry, in that Candlestick in which the Lord made him a fining Light. The Prophets do not live for ever; but their Words and Fruit fhould, yea will live and remain after they are gone to their everlasting Reft.

Not long after this Author had gone thro' this Subject, God took him to Heaven, (when he wanted above fix Months of being fix and forty Years old) by an Impofthume in his Liver; which as Some who were converfant with him judged, hung upon him when heftudied and preached thefe Sermons; and which perhaps was the Reafon, that from the beginning to the finishing of them fo long afpace ran out. Having no more time to review them, and make Additions unto the Notes that he prepared for Preaching, they are lefs perfect then otherwise they would; and it is not unlike, but that many things ftudied by him before-hand, and delivered in Preaching, especially in the Applicatory part (wherein he had an Excellency) are loft, because not written down by himself. Had he lived to have reviewed



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