Actions to a Consciousness of Good or Evil, and á Satisfaction or Diffatisfaction within themselves of standing excus'd or accus'd within their own Consciences; and if this inay be had without Revelation, how much more must the Assistance thereof add to this Illumination? Therefore those who enjoy the Advantages of God's Reveal'd Will, and chuse to ridicule it, and to establish a Righteousness of their own prescribing, may expect to be rejected, as Abraham, Isaac, and Esau, in theit Endeavours to obtain a temporal Bleffing contrary to God's Appointment,

As the Terms upon which God has promised to bestow his Mercies, have been before consider'd, and must, from the former Propositions, appear to be offer'd only in this Life; therefore those who do not accept them here, we have no Reason to suppose would accept them hereafter ; for the rejecting them now (which cannot be done but by doing Violence to Conscience) will render the Rejectors of it uncapable to receive any further Offers thereof, having, in their last Choice and Determination, been guilty of total Apostacy'; and therefore, with the falln Angels, made it impossible to change and repent, if Repentance could again be offered them; their habituated Courses to Vice and Wickedness being 'then fo firmly established, that rather than to.chufe a Re

cantation, cantation, they will then, as the fall’n Angels, increase their Malice and Wickedness, in doing Despite to the Spirit of Grace, that strove to reclaim them in time, and so continue that Fewel that their beloved Vices had kindled, to be a Fire that will never be quenched.

Let us therefore, while it is called to-day, accept those Terms of Mercy which are offer'd to us in the Scriptures, that by Faith in Christ, and Obedience to his Precepts, we may not make void the End of his Àppearance and Suffering for us: Let us hold fast that Faith once delivered to the Saints, and accordingly bring forth the Fruits of Repentance and Good Works in this Life, that at Christ's Second Coming we may be found acceptable to him.

F I N I S.


In some Copies, p. 45. 1. 23. instead of fruitly, read fruitful.

Philosophical Meditatiohs,


Containing a View of 1. The Primitive Purity of Fire - Drakes, Shootingthe Creation.

Stars, and Lights in the 2. The Change that ensued North, with Tempests

upon Man's Disobedience. of Thunder and Light3. The further Changes that ning.

fucceeded the Deluge, and 4. The last and final Change Lamecb's Prophecy con- to be expected, after which cerning his Son Noah con- all Subjection to future sidered ; with a new De- Change will be wholly refinition of the present Phæ- mov’d. nomena ofour Atmosphere 5. The State of the Blessed in the Nature of Lightning in a New Heaven, and a in a clear Sky, Fire-Balls, New Earth.

The whole being interspersed with Divine Inferences and many useful Curiosities never before taken notice of by any other Author.

The Preface containing, besides other things, the Aathor's Opinion of the Millennium; as not being a Temporal Reign of Christ, &c.

With a Postscript of the Nature of Water-Spouts,

By BENJAMIN PARKER, AUTHOR of the last Philosophical Meditations, and

Longitude at Sea.

LONDON: Printed for the Author at Mary-Bridge, Derby; and may be had at Mr. 7. Wilford's at the Three Flower-de-luces behind the Chapter-House, near St. Paul's; at the Cross-Keys Inn in WoodAtreet, London ; at Mr. Dicey's Printer in Northampton ; at Mr. Simon Martin's Bookseller in Leicester, and at his Shops in Loughborough and Hinckley; where may now be had also his First Volume of Philosophical Meditations, and his Longitude as Sea. MDCCXXXV, [Price One Shilling.)


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