they fhould do the like : But Deceivers and Seducers are more fubtil, than to appear openly against the Scriprures; though they never walk according to the Laws of God or Men, further than they fee it conducing to their Self-Interest and Advantage.

But, William, do yè not deliver what ye do (to the People, when ye Preach to them in The Name of the Lord ? No, fay'st thou, we do not pretend to an Infallible Light within us; so that by thy own Confeflion, ye are out of God; out of Christ, and his Holy Spirit ; and therefore out of his Name and Power, and to go on in your own Name and Strength, in your own Wisdom, Arts, and Learned Acquirements; being made Ministers, not as Paul and the Apofles were, by the Will of God, but by the Will of Man : And so ye speak of your felves, and nor às the Oracles of God, or as of the Ability which God giveth, i Pet. 4. 11. : : There is one Question more, which, amongst some Impertinencies about T. S. thou askeft ine, and is answered before, Haft thou a Ligbi within thee, wbicb we dark Creatures want?

Answ. I have told thee already, that the Light, we testise of, is ibe true Light wbick Lighterh every Man ihat cometb into the World: And joines in Darkness ; mark that, but the Darkness comprebendetle it not : And he was in the World, and the World was made by bini, and the World knew bimi not. And to this day he is not known 'nor received by the Worldlywise Mafter-builders, but sighted an


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by them, because he is not of the World: Unto the Fews be is a Stumbling-block, and unto the Greeks Foolishness, I Cor. 1. 23. But, unto us that believe, faith Peter, he is precious, i Per. 2.7. And again, Unto them which are called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the Power of God, and the Wifdom of God, i Cor, 1, 24. Thus he was Preach'd by the Apoftles, and thus he is Preach'd by a Remnant, whom he hath fent forth, and doch accompany with his Holy Spirit in this Gospel-Day... .. ** Now, William, does it not appear plainly, where this True Light Shines, viz. Within, in the Heart and Conscience, and that it manifests all things that are reproveable : Lightetb every Man that cometh into the World: Declareth unto Man wbat is bis Thought; and lows him what is good, and wbat the Lord requires of bim: And that, that which may be known of God, is manifest in Men; for God hath hewed it unto tbem? And yet how is it that thou calleft it an Unknown Light, and deridest and (coffest at it, and pretendest not at all unto it? Is not the Reason of thy fo daing apparent, because thou lovest it not ; but lovest thy own Evil Deeds, the World and Darknefs, more than this despised Light of Life ; and wile nor receive it, nor bring thy Deeds to it, as chou qughçest to do, and try whether they are wrought in God? So this is the great Cause of Divifions amongft People, that though the Grace of God, which bringeth Salvation,

eared unto All Men, and

was was the Apostles Teacher ; yet how few, com. paratively fpeaking, come to receive it for their Teacher in this World? For never since Man departed from it, and turn'd into Lascivious. neis, Coverousness, and Men's Inventions, hath it been minded and regarded by Muk titudes, as it ought to have been": But having Itching Ears, they heap to themselves Teachers of Man's making, such as please them, and have their persons in Admiration for. Advantage ; and, like the False Propbets of old, cry Peace, Peace, when there is no Peace, I mean no true Peace of Conscience ; and call Christian, Christian, naming the Name of Chrift; but do not depart from Iniquity : Yea, they say, as some did in former Times, That they were Fews, and were pot, but were to be Synagogåe' of Satan, wherefore the Lord was displeased with them, and spewed them out of his Mouch ; as he will also, in his own Time, deal with those that are such as they were."

Now, Friend William, Consider of all these things coolly, in Lowliness of Mind'; and think nor thy self coo High, Great and Mighty, to be informd by a Peter or a Fobri, though 'Ignorant and Unlearned Men, in Humane Arts and Languages; yet have been with Jeless, and laid down' all to follow him, and do his Will;' unto whom he promised, that they should know of hủs Doctrine ..son


: The Secrets of the Lord are with them that fear him; the Meek he teacheth in his Way, Giveih Grace unto the Humble' ; buc beholds the Proud afar off, and relifts ihem. Humble thy felf therefore under the Mighty "Hand of God; for our God is a Consuming Fire. wait

I am thy Well-wisher, and of all Man• kind.

J. G.

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Hou callest much for a plain Answer to I thy Eight Queries, which thou sentef mę in thy Third Letter; therefore take it' now as follows: "

. in

iis Thou' beginnet thus, What Jesus Chrift' it is that he preached ? I told thee before ; but that it feems would not faiisfie thee: And therefore I fay, That we preach the same Jesus Cbrift, that was conceived by tbe Holy Gbost, born of the Virgin Mary, suflered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, dead and buried, Rose again the third day, afcended into Heaven, and is on tbe Right Hand of the 'Majesty on High, and will come to judge Quick and Dead; this is our Intercessor, Advocate with ibe Fatber, our Mediator betwixi God and Man, "ibe Man Cbrift Jesus ; this is be, who of God is

made unto us Wisdom, and Righteou/wels," and · San&tification, and Redemption, The Ausbor and


Finisher of our Faith, our Hope of Glory,! our" Life, Light, Strength and Salvation ; our Captain, En sign, Deliverer, Preserver and Helper ; without bim we are as nothing, and can do nothing ; He is the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords. Thus I think I have answered not only thy First Query, buc the Three next, all at once.

But as to thy words, of Cbrif being a Man, Only by taking Humane Nature of the Virgin Mary; Where findest thou this term, Only ? I refuse fuch Unfcriptural, Ignorant and Unlearned Questions; and might ask thee, What he was before Máry was, seeing he was before Abrabam was ?

As to his being in Heaven, I have plainly apswered ; and as to his being in and with bis Peaple, I have cleared it before in this Book ; and tell thee now again, That he is in us, bis Spirit, in our Hearts, and opens our Under Standings, and the Eye of our Inward Man to bebold bis Spiritual Appearance, and our Ears hear his Divine and Heavenly Voice.

As to thy Fifth Query, I answer, The Revealer of the Will of God, contained in the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testament, is a sufficient Infallible Rule of Paith and Life, and confequently for a Good Conscience, and all Scripture, given by Inspiration of God, is profitable for Doctrine, for Reproof, for Correction, and for Instruction in Righteousness; and is the best Secondary Rule in the World.

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