prophecies, in the lifetime of Herod the king of Judea, to prove the statements of him, canonized as a saint.

But Luke says that the conception of Jesus of Nazareth was in the days of Herod the king of Judea, when Cyrenius was governor of Syria, and that it is true: and this is the most astonishing miracle in the New Testament.

Shepherds, angels, and a multitude of the heavenly host, praising God, prove the statement of him a canonized saint. Both prove each other false, and liars.

99 66

As to Jesus, mentioned in Josephus, in A.D. 93, Josephus translated from the Hebrew records, "all according to what is written in our sacred books;' for this is what I promised to do, in the beginning of this history," the antiquities of the Jews.

Christ's age could not permit any record, by the high priests, during the reign of Tiberius Cæsar.

Joseph Caiaphas was dismissed from the high priesthood, by Vitellius, in the twentysecond year of the reign of Tiberius. Caiaphas could not make that section, of course. The president, Vitellius, had sent Pilate home to Rome, when Pilate had been in Judea exactly ten years.

As the records were with the high priests and prophets, Caiaphas had nothing to do with them. Of course, Josephus could not translate them when not written.

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Eusebius' demonstration of the truth of the Evangelists, &c., to a.d. 324. Certainly the attestation of those I have already produced concerning our Savior, may be sufficient. However, it may not be amiss, if, over and above, we make use of Josephus, the Jew, for further witness; who, in the eighteenth book of his antiquities, when he was writing the history of what happened under Pilate, makes mention of our Savior in these words," &c.: The council of Nice is the time, A.D. 325, when all this was hatched.

It will be well to observe," that Eusebius was the renowned father of ecclesiastical history, about the year 313, A.d. At that time christianity first received a full and effectual toleration-still rising in the favor of Constantine, till it was at length declared the established religion of the empire." Soon after that, the Arian controversy involved all Europe and Asia.

The Arians went against consubstantiality, held that Christ was a created being. The most undignified contention arose ; bishops were exiled. There were council after council-the most disgraceful scenes-deliberate falsehoods, and fraud to fraud, perpetrated by them. There were deposition and excommunication, riots and massacre by the rabble of both sides.

Who were the earlier clergy, according to Gregory Nov. In the 4th century, they were avaricious, quarrelsome, licentious, and, in one word, unprincipled. The councils instituted miserable persecutions of heretics.

Valmo, the Arian Emperor, drove several orthodox bishops into exile. What could be more relentless than the tyranny of the bishops?

Josephus has been one of the right hand books of Christians; and if he be not orthodox, it is not our fault.

But here are four authors, and they saints, against one; that seems enough to overwhelm, among bigots; but, with honest minds, one author of veracity outweighs a world full of impostor-priests, if they be affiliated perjurers. If Josephus be wrong, then is the base of the Christian faith wrong, for the books, whence were translated the works of Josephus, were entitled, as so-called sacred books from the priests, to as much weight as any in their archives.

If the archives of Judaism were corrupt, then all sectarian creeds, that build on them, partake of that corruption.

As Josephus has been introduced by the Christians, to prove the supposed eulogium about Christ, it is right that we analyze him there.

The mere adoption of principles proves mortal acts. A co-equal with God creates principles, if he do not he is a degraded impostor. No Christ ever created principles, God did that, and superseded any such pretence. All such pretences have accomplished their intended object, to stultify and fleece the poor people. But as to christianity—that is only peculiar faith, which will benefit no country, but will embarrass by its intrigues civilization. Though the world may be considered public property for most to plunder, it will not be yielded to peculiar faith a pirate of society. But this or that supposed great man, believed atheism or polythelsm. That very fact detracts from his greatness, proves his error and vitiated opinion, or those of his age and times. All that proves nothing for him, and less for such creed that has to resort to such pitiful pretexts to bolster up its false faith. But what do I think of Christ feeding so many thousands? That remains to be proved.

God does not lead man into temptation; that is a libel in the prayer of Christ, who is

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an ignorant but dangerous instrument of straw, in the hands of most artful, designing impostors, unprincipled priestocracies. Now so far from being messiah, he estranges mind from religion and rationality, its noble blessing, from its author God of the universe, and carries mind after strange gods, alien to its creation and preservation.

The whole is the worst state of sophists, idolatry. All this has proved the worst species of mind-cannibalism, a ferocious moloch, a sacrifice of billions upon its most unholy altars.

Christ is the peculiar god's libeller, usurper of his rights, blasphemous defamer of his reputation. The priestocracy knew the calibre of all the peculiar gods, and such petty characters made atheists. I have used my own judgment on the best analysis of this whole subject, else I might have committed myself to Socrates, Bolingbroke and others, who were forced by the vices of polytheism, or the laws of arbitrary force, to acquiesce in much of mind's errors.

Tom Paine is the most philosophical that I have read since I had nearly written this work, but I have not near read all. If christianity depend on the old bible, the new, that supersedes the old dispensation, cannot be true. The immediate resurrection of the spirit must take place, and hence that of Christ is properly disproved, as his petty dramatists were ignorant of what they attempted. In the universe, all phenomena must come under the cognizance of cause and effect, to come under their legitimate designs, the five senses over which reason must preside, to procure rational, not delusive or illusory results.

We ought to be most grateful, that we live in an age and free country, exempt from much of the malign influences of customs and habits of superstition. Christianity is western Buddhism. Both forms have been ejected, by China, very properly. What did this fanatic know of the character of God, with whom he affected familiarity? Prayer, to avoid temptation! All this is the pagan error of superstition, as God has not in his attributes such a quality. It premises the wisest actions of mind, precautionary to all such position. Mind has to be strictly guarded against all the besetting errors of life; always, therefore, its best judgment and most innocent action are to be promoted. The noblest views have to be addressed to mind, that mind most rational may rally most rationally against all besetting life difficulties. All systems of christs and messiahships take away from mind, most stupidly, its inherent functions, and cause it to forego all its intrinsic qualities for time, and neglectful of the brightest hopes for eternity, as far as mind may be concerned. The Creator has, with perfect wisdom, instituted the universe aright. All rational minds have then to appreciate their duty, and perform it excellently. They have to correct themselves, not idly to expect any change in the immutable author of the universe. Such expectation is most superstitious, and detracts abundantly from the best corrections of mind.

By the principles of the universe, all christs must be annunciators of a bible of rational mind and religion, or declare themselves sectarian professors of peculiar faith, all the bibles of which are libels of God, and all the maintainers are libellers.

No amount of disciples of any proposed pretended Christ-messiah could substantiate his mission, as they as mortals have no qualification to entitle mind, that they supplant to credence.

As to the existence of Cæsar, Alexander, or the Jesus, not Christ, the vagrant mentioned by Josephus, they are historical statements that are probable and possible; but no prophecies, miracles, are probable or possible, while the universe exists. All the universe addresses a rational being's senses all the time, and rebukes all the peculiar bibles as utterly false, by the very existence and nature of things.

But you affect that Christ had enough, besides his genealogy, to identify him. This defect about his genealogy is impracticable, and renders the whole cause hopeless. As to any other evidence, that remains to be fully tested.

The clearest language of God, the Creator of the universe, cause and effect, conclusively contradict all prophecies, miracles. Mysteries and enigmas, are the works of the priestocracy, who fabricate all the necessary machinery of peculiar faith. All such is analogous the world over, whether Christian, Jew, or Mormon, or any other pagan; all are to deceive the world, the best being the most artful deception, and the most profitable investment. Names are nothing, faith is nothing, actions prove all, and the thing itself stands out in the boldest relief. Priestcraft and kingcraft put their heads together, complotted in collusion to come it over the world, the sovereign people, who have stood looking on at a vulgar distance, most awfully deceived. For thousands of years the world progressed as God had made, not needing anything but the best light of rational mind, the guardian and protector of the people, till superstition and its myrmidons got the ascendancy. Mind was so constituted that it was to solve the universe problem, but here came the priestocracy and arrested its proper functions of religion, and gave the

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basest substitute, the worst coin, peculiar faith, that appropriates even God the Creator. Fortunately for mankind, and rational religion, the whole is mockery, a vile pageant, ä base imitation. All is contingent and partial. Its bibles have mistranslations, wrong punctuation, the deepest corruptions and falsifications; whereas, God's scriptures are read by all the world, though speaking thousands of different lauguages, without difficulty, and would have done so to the end of time, but for the most blasphemous corruption of the priestocracy.

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Who are the worst sinners of the world? The priestocracy, who mislead the world from religion and God's bible, to their peculiar faiths, bibles and tricks. Whether they be the Incas of Peru, or the Brahmins of Hindoostan, the priestocracy are the same, devoted to their peculiar province. They all have their tradition most peculiar, and seek to be the children of their peculiar god, the sun, and other fancies. All the pretenders have the odious legends of faith, and put their peculiar gods in very bad company. The trinitarians place their best peculiar god in company with an earth-born, a mortal, who died, and make them equal. Now this makes the chief too small for physical or religious competency-most clearly so. But they do worse than all that, for they put both in the worst of bad company, even with the devil, with whom they have familiar conversation. Now all this is the creation of the priestocracy, and proves vitiated taste and miserable morals, no religion. The disciples have not the requisite qualifications of mind in regard to the God-gift functions, as God's word convicts all oracle-mongers as liars, degraded, the vilest of the vile.

As doctrines of sectarianism conclusively clash, those of Christ demonstrate him to be a mortal, and not any intellectual, him or his foster-guardians, coadjutors, and supporters. Christ forgave sins. How blasphemous were the priestocracy, to lie so. How imbecile is mind, or the world, to think so. But these missions captivate. How valuable, when money is the fund. Suppose China or Hindoostan were to send a mission of peculiar faith to this part of the world, which they might reasonably do, inasmuch as western Buddhists had corrupted the faith by idol worship. How could they be successfully met? By faith? That establishes them. By reason? That destroys you, Christians, entirely. You cannot begin to talk of the unity of Catholic faith, for that you have broken into fragments by peculiar views, and you are the younger branch of the same tainted family, nor can you rule out your younger sister, Mormonism, for age makes nothing where all are errors, and as to antiquity, your oldest predecessor is but as to-day compared with rational religion, which all of you basely and ignominiously treacherously deserted, for iniquities of priestocracy.

Now, China or Hindoostan, or their ancient predecessors, may claim justly, for what I know, that christianity was established by their missions, or that all emanated from the East, that it flowed like their acts and science, West. Christ was not identified in the tomb, by disinterested witnesses. His resurrection is plainly disproved. His upholders have undertaken too much, as death separates the dead from the living at once, not after an interval of three days. That is not nature nor the God of nature, and must be the perversion of truth, assuredly. All the lying priestocracy cannot get over this. Their toryism for power and influence is thus annihilated. If the people will only analyze for themselves, the matter is ended.

Had this been a God, instead of three days, he would have triumphed over all the world in less than three seconds. How stupid the dramatists! Christ came to kill the devil, that is, the bible that originates him. A house divided must fall. A house divided must fall. He could not save himself from the felon's death, as the blasphemer and libeler of his God, the traducer of mankind, greater traitor than Judas to their rights. If anything If anything is claimed for the poor fishermen disciples, it must be that they were very ignorant and stupid, master, wire-workers and all, not to know damnable faith from religion, and I am willing to concede them such characters as they all displayed.

But why not clairvoyant to all other matters, as other world-humbuggers do. O, that is as God permits. That is as priestocracy, humbuggery, permits--no more or less. Do I believe that Christ was baptized, immersed, or sprinkled? What is that to the purpose? What is that to the world? He was no more than another creature, mortal, person or man. He was born if he ever existed as a man, lived and died as such. But hear the witnesses of Christ. They were all affiliated priestocracy, collusive perjurers. What can all that avail? Do I believe in Christ? What is a dead man? For what? That he was a messiah? An impostor, of course. God's word positively declares God the only Creator, and of course, the only Preserver and Redeemer, the only dispenser of his grace.

If you believe in Christ, you have no religion in that. Peculiar faith it is, and all that is peculiar pagan folly.

If I could not fully prove my position, my confirmed confidence in religion, that

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requires positively, truth and honesty, I would retire and leave all the vanquished, conquered faiths, as false crystals, and seek where religion is only to be found, not with dead messiahs or affiliated priestocracies, but from God through the highest rationality of my mind. As sure as there is a God, who is as sure as the universe, so surely has he the religion to dispense.

The world-mind cannot learn too much, but bigots and charlatans think themselves above all this. What sort of proof is there, that Christ was born the messiah? Would you let such testimony as you call it, cut you out of your patrimony, your fee simple, and yet let yourself be swindled out of your best perpetual patrimony, incomparably supreme?

But all this was debased

The old mythology speaks of gods cohabiting with women. ignorance. Their nature is not compatible.

Christ could never have been foolishly kept here on this earth thirty-three years by his storiographers, had they known of the universe, for unless he is a universal savior, his peculiar mission on this earth does not avail. Now, if he was to remain all the time on all spheres, then he can never accomplish his mission. What foolishness.

Are you a believer? Then you have adopted all the perjuries of the dramatists, and get cut out of religion of course. Mark, ch. xvi., v. 17 and 18. “And these signs shall follow them that believe in my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; they shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover." 19. "So then, after the Lord had spoken unto them, he was received up into heaven," &c.

Then, if signs extraordinary do not follow you, you or Christ is an impostor to-day. Either the believer or Christ is an impostor, one or both. Who is the one? Answer, believer, or stand convicted. That question shall be decided on your own bible. So close it, retire in silence, or prove your own documents.

If Christ spoke true, and these signs not following the Christian believer, then the believer is an impostor. But if Christ did not speak truth, then both are impostors. The Christian, whom the signs do not follow, is an impostor any way.

Now, what honorable man would commit himself for such imposition, or stay committed, if deceived into it at first by the fraud of others?

Self-interest is always infatuated; bigotry is stubborn, short-sighted. Not only take the whole chapter, but author, book, the whole subject of Christian and Jewish peculiar faith. I would not have such a faith, that subjected me to the obloquy of the whole world, the perjury.

The whole Roman church is corrupted by the last chapter of Mark, to meet the impossibilities of the signs that lays the whole Christian world under contribution. The bible condemns the Christian or Christ.

Who is the impostor? Are not both as they stand? The bible of rational mind and religion impeaches both.

The people make themselves impostors unnecessarily any way to be fixed without proper inquiry, for as these signs cannot follow them, they prove by the book they stupidly adopt what is now turned against them, that either they or their Christ was an impostor. If he be an impostor, they are; and if he be right, and the signs do not follow them, the believers, then they are condemned by their own book. The priestocracy cannot get out of the difficulty. Believers, then, are arrant impostors, unless they prove themselves by miracles. Understand your position relatively to mankind,

the world.

John, ch. iii., v. 14. "And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the son of man be lifted up." As Moses' serpent that was worshipped was idolatry, so even was the son of man worshipped by idolatry. Had Christ established rational religion, he would have been the greatest man of the world; but that was above his comprehension, great as he was assumed. Rational religion is the sublimest action of all the earth. Christs are mere convenient puppets, for absolutists and sophists; the world does not need grown up children and their false pretences. All the affiliation will avail nothing. Numerous were the ways, means, and times for Christ to have worked mind to be rational, then to the depths of learning and wisdom. Did he show these? No. He whines as well as his sycophants about enemies, who could have been not only silenced but put to the greatest adoration of his superlative greatness.

What dupes, pettifoggers in faith, these dramatists were, that did not know religion. They could not manage the god-drama, as they did not know know to manage human nature. The very condition of human nature, conclusively convicts Christ and his advocacy. It is poor Christ, when the millions have been sacrificed to the false peculiar faiths of the world.

The hundreds of millions of victims are not regarded, as they would have died any how. False faith begets false sympathy most truly. Christ may be what he is, but what self-respect of mind, that God its creator is to respect. Christ showed sectarianism with sectarians, abusing the Jews as hypocrites, &c., and only substituting his pagan peculiar faith for theirs. Was he any better than the Jews? Can I disprove the genealogy of Christ? There is no genealogy proved, and all this perjury of Christ has to be disproved, or he falls to the ground an abortion.

But had not Christ suffered, the scriptures had not been fulfilled!!! Indeed? Then scripture perjury is to fulfil perjury. And the most outrageous blasphemy, involving their God into the worst of crimes, of adultery, murder, &c., are to be perpetrated, to fulfil the scriptures, and rendered neither their peculiar god or Christ worthy of modern, because rational mind. Better damn all these universe firebrands, into non-entity. Before you sacrifice your soul, sacrifice all this. No, they sacrifice no Christ, but an impostor, when a complete failure of prophecy, as usual, is demonstrated that he was descended of David, and he is not identified as a true but false Christ-this the sophisticated priestocracy leave out in their pulpit, knowingly. It takes a perjured priestoccracy to affect that prophecies are not perjuries. One-third of their godhead was on earth, and two-thirds were in their heaven. What sort of a godhead was that, when it took all three to make a perfect whole? The whole business needs another dispensation, to clear up the ungodly sophistry.

It is too small a matter to say the disciples stole away the body of Christ, when God raises the soul at once, as soon as the spirit becomes disembodied, which must be at once. The silly dramatists let their dead god lie three days, they lying all the time. You say St. Paul speaks of the perfect revelation, about prophecies; but St. Mark was independent of him. Mark purports to be the reporter of Christ's doctrines absolutely, not as modified by Paul. The 17 and 18 of xvi. of Mark furnish the pivot on which the New Testament turns. Mark has told us a little too much.

The spiritual knockings elicited the aid of several preachers that were protestant, as the Roman story of the blood coming from the picture of Christ. All turn on the pivot of this chaper. To stop all such frauds, estop that bible and all its machinery.

As to the acts of Judas and the devil-God is made indirectly to act by them, which is if he did it himself.

What libels-all show the reproach of stupid libellers. Do the priestocracy tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, when they pretend that Christ is not the false Christ, and stop short of telling that there is a failure of making out the prophecy in the genealogy, that is none at all-that all such prophecy is pretended, the veriest patchwork. Now here Now here is a pretended Christ, that is entirely superfluous, in the way of God the creator and preserver of the universe, without genealogy and resurrection, proved. Will the world-people tolerate this priestocracy fraud any longer? To talk of a Christ proof, there is the preliminary about his genealogy, that estops all the priestocracy forever, unless proved. As to proof by miracles, all the affiliated have to perform them.

They are God's libel, who never created such monsters, identifying himself in their guilt, as his indirect agents, having conservative principles in their stead, incompa-rably better, as all his vicegerents, and helps to mind the mighty object, end and aim of creation.

Clearly, then, the whole bibles of tradition rest not only on degrading ignorance of barbarian ages, but of most corrupt belial ignorance.

Citizen of the fourth, last, and best age of the world, will you not prove yourself worthy of its better light, by discarding all its unenlightened precursors? But Christ, who was a sneak, a god less than a man, what good could he do? The world, that only needs a creator-they are traitors that tell rational mind that more is wanting.

What fine capital for the priestocracy, "that the scriptures might be fulfilled." That is talismanic, no less than "the hardening of the heart," the bad acts, repentance, &c. Who was Christ but a Jew, mutilated by disgusting circumcision? If any thing can kill Christ still more dead, it is the pretended prophecy of Isaiah, whose babble, the refuse of his own king, who knew the hypocritical libeler of his Creator, the priestocracy seek to palm on the moderns.

Christians have their bible idols. They make their Holy Ghost, after all, lower than their bitterest enemies, as they call them. He is a seducer and adulterer, a bad, instead of a good example, and not legitimate; therefore, the position is not tenable before the God of the universe.

If it had been the Holy Ghost, marriage, not adultery, would have been instituted. Guilt, trebly distilled, allied to names not authorized, cannot beget holiness.

Now, did God of creation authorize any persons to use his name in connection with

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