Why were three days for the resurrection of a messiah, when this takes place as soon as the spirit of immortal life leaves the body?

If such resurrection was practicable, then was death impracticable to that being. Fanatics advocated such doctrines, that rational religion cannot possibly recognise. The rational mind, therefore, rejects all such, and seeks the speedy purification that is rational.

Christ, his parents or his godfathers, the priestocracy, may have learned for him from Egypt and Asia, his systems of peculiar faith. Asia furnishes the prototype in bhuddism. The West had the full benefits of travels to the East. The Egyptians were capable of proselyting the world with priest-faith, and did much in this way.

Their priestocracy was a part of the nobility, and enjoyed great and peculiar privileges.

Ignorance takes meteors for stars, and wise men, that is, priests, without any proof of names of such character, are merely asserted to travel therefor.

It may well be asked, who but priests were they, of the affiliated order, and astrologers, confessedly jugglers, at that?

Shall mind not close the theatre of deception, that invokes operations on the passions, fears, self-interest, faith, &c., of credulous people?

"The Platonic argument goes on the ground, that man existed in some celestial region before he was born of a woman.” If Christianity be not Western Bhuddism, does any one need be told that this was the hint for the origin of Christ, who was the greatest of sectarians? But surely the priestocracy could make their fiction.

All should seek a uniform function of judgment, and have no pre-conceived opinion, much less peculiar education.

Had Christ done his mission like a master and a God, could he have lost Judas? Would any but a monomaniac have resigned an eternal crown for thirty pieces of silver?

And who but monomaniacs will now resign an heirship of God, for that of mortals? Christ could have easily proclaimed to the whole world, that he was master of miracles, and boldly challenged the opponents, and thus convert the whole nations of the earth, for subjects.

Did he do any God-like actions, that the people had chosen for him, to be convinced?

Was he master enough of human nature, to appease the anger of the pharisees, and soothe them into a proper change of mind, which he could have done, had he been its master?

But his foster-fathers wrote this drama, and filled it with an earthly corruption, and sowed the seeds of its own destruction.

There has been more boldness in the advocacy of some peculiar faith than in others, and in this particularly.

But what does all such pagan superstition amount to

The wisdom is to discern the principles given by God, and practice them. The material business of all mankind is with the best duty of man to man, to reach the height of religion to God.

The best duty to God is the very essence of all religion, pointed out by reason. Rational religion, that only comes of God, teaches the nearest approach to perfect morality.

The spirit of instruction and light went, with reason, to all rational beings, thousands of years before such a creature as Christ was ever thought of.

A divine mission, though superfluous, on this basis of the world's and creation's facts, could not have been mistaken at all, and would have called divine interposition in its favor; but none such is avowed or proved in the nature of things.

How beautifully and majestically the machinery of the whole universe is progressing, and all at the original institution of the Creator!

Many have been the priests' devices, to extract from the world, under the guise of miracles and oracles, most of the world's worth.

But Gods cannot be made of mortals.

The object of miracle-mongers has ever been to convince the people; an impossibility, as they have not the first elements of truth in their composition.

If from God, with whom all possible things are to be realized, the people would be convinced.

The world's history abounds in such, as impostures.

The majesty of mind exposes now, to the contempt of true science, all such as false philosophy and the worst demoralization.

There are myriads, millions of systems of worlds in the organization of the universe,

doubtlessly most inhabited or preparing to be by intellectual beings, evincing the greatness of the Creator, self-living and all sufficient, as on this earth, for their complete and perfect conservation, as Creator-endowed.

He created all on conservative principles, physical and moral, to which mind, endowed with the highest attributes of free agency, must conform, and they exclude all messiahships, that never would have been heard of but for priestocracy, a perverted peculiar order of world pirates, that feed on souls-speculations.

Intellect could not if it would be independent, any more than all the physical bodies, of these principles.


Mind, that is rational, should be properly silent, where it cannot see its way clearly, as it may libel, where presumption abides, against that all-wise being who is the supreme supervisor.

Man, as all animal beings, is created conformably to perishing nature, in part, participates in the relative state of his being and circumstances, and must be wisely directed to avail himself, through this free-agency, limited only by the constituent conservative principles of the universe, of all mental, moral and physical, and religious means, for the best realities of future existence that his Creator vouchsafes.

The history of the twenty-four messiahs, of all peculiar faith, ancient and modern, down to the mormons, proves that false faith can be easily imposed on masses of people.

The springs and impulses of human minds are alike, under all such circumstances, as interest, passion, ignorance, prejudice, credulity, terror, bigotry, sophistry, snperstition and imposition.

This is the constant course of such peculiar faith, in man, as mortal, throughout the globe, all the time.

When it is otherwise, people reason with analysis and analogy.

What nation has not been misguided by imposition, in superstition?

The motion of the star, at the birth of Christ, could only have been from a meteor; that is a frequent occurrence all over the world, near volcanoes, when it does not arise from the pretensions of priestocracy.

The body of Christ was not identified in the sepulchre, an essential part; and the soldiers would be self-impeached, as outwitted by the Christians, were not a part of the world outwitted by the dramatists, who wrote long after the period when such events are said to have transpired.

When was stealing of the body? If it ever took place, it must have preceded the sealing the door of the sepulchre.

It was deception all the time preceding birth, and even of death.

All are base substitutes and counterfeits, other than the innate cultivated self preservation religion, due to the Almighty alone.

The greatest miracle of Christ was to convince and save the world, even after his pretended resurrection.

Nothing should have prevented Christ from saving the world, and this, the real miracle, was never performed.

Many were the occasions for him to have triumphed as a God, as when the priests essayed to slay him.

He was only an ignorant, misled fanatic-that is, his dramatists were.

Why should the early Christians, who were few, be preferred to be confirmed and converted by miracles, when the moderns, billions in all, are totally destitute of all such aids, that would be effectual, if performed?

This is surely the best reason of the miserable imposition for miracles, that are no where to be found, when most needed.

The whole foundation is in stupid ignorance and imposition.

Prophecy is exercised, for what and whom?

God does not need such false pretences.

What is there in all, but what the page of history and philosophy daily unfolds?

Are sinful prophets, impostors, to be preferred to mind?

By their own showing, Christ was unable to satisfy many, but a very small part of a whole nation among which he died, that he was a God and God sent, and for this the world must take their pretences.

His followers alone saw him, they say, after his supposed resurrection! Why show himself to the affiliated only?

Because the affiliated only fabricate the story.

How many pretended miracles are there analogous ?

Was one of the twelve apostles, ever converted by a messiah?

Was there ever such a thing on earth?

Were not all deceived by or about miracles?

Priests affect in their insidious story, that all other worship was closed after the birth of the true messiah. Who was the true messiah? Let that be proved.

Do the moderns feloniously endorse the pious frauds of the ancients?

The present and past history of the world condemns that falsehood, as more than a majority is under other faiths. The degree of intoleration during the first stages of christianity, proves the power of heathen mythology. The intelligent portion of mankind is culpable, to suffer the priestocracy to propagate such falsehoods with credit.

We have not got rid of polytheism, the very thing instituted by the trinity, and never will, till rational religion excludes all pagan sectarianism that now overwhelms society and the world.

It is impossible to deny successfully the existence of Almighty Providence, that denies and impeaches the truth of all messiahships.

It is impossible to prove the sight of God as a demi-god, to any mortal-or that demi-gods can die.

This is a world-wide subject, concerning all.

The fault of the world is for the personal, instead of the truthful authority, the mortal master instead of the God principles. But the last are not so profitable to the priestocracy.

Is it reasonable that the whole people of Israel, should not have been the best judges of their own immortal benefits? They, cotemporary, deemed it so trifling, as to leave genuine no account of the pretended god, from whom the whole world could not have been kept.

They were as much the beneficiaries as all the rest of the world, and better judges, as eye-witnesses.

It is false conclusions to say that God would not protect his own peculiar people, by unmistakable evidences of the mission, the very object of his peculiar position, if it were ever taken. But as this adoption of the messiah would be their function, the whole category of fraud is most clearly proved for both dispensations, and all the peculiarity devolves on their ignoble priestocracy of both sides.

Who are the believers in the legitimacy of Christ, the assumed chief of messiahs? Those who are as wise as Joseph, the husband of Mary. Who was Mary, the mother of Christ?

A common woman, rather too common, as she and the priestocracy have caused mind-prostitution thereby.

The pretences of priests make out Mary to have been immaculate, after all her impurities.

If the dignity of the Lord God of the universe was concerned, we would protest against this libel, but as it was the peculiar god of Judaism, we let it pass now with contempt, as we cannot know that god at all. The gods of polytheism were adulterous. Now, in free, intelligent countries, where the christian faith abides, has the majority any practical faith in christianity or Christ?

Is not the majority of the people in this Union, indifferent to the christian faith? Have they any practical hope or faith therein?

"He that is not for me, is against me."

Does the majority practice, if it believes?

But it may be suggested that some at least have somewhat a theoretical faith.
If they believed in Christ, they would keep his commandments.

All theoretical faith is contingent an incident for a life time, whereas the masterly character of God is impressed more or less on all from their vital existence, and will continue to the end; whereas, too, the other is too often lost, mislaid for a convenient time, or never adopted. Let rational education teach all rational minds, who God is. None then will ever lose sight of him, adorable beyond appreciation. God's is a part of mind's constituency, and cannot be divested or eradicated, however perverted.

The world is only one of the universe, that is considered exhaustless. What has been done for the balance of the millions of worlds by Christ? Thirty-three years spent by a messiah on each, take up too much time for the rest to be reached. But man's cumbrous idea of preserving worlds by personal locality and suffering, will not meet the question in one world for all its ages and circumference, much less for all the universe. God met the whole demands of the universe at creation. The corrupt priestocracy are those that see not. To judge of all by analogy, that as God was incompetent for one, he must have been for all, why should not the balance of the universe be in analogous condition, if the Creator was so imperfect in this world?

God the Creator must feel most deeply on all physiological principles, for the safety of his people, the universal, rational inhabitants of all creation,

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Their preservation is implied in their creation.

But if the assumed true messiah Christ got his trinity from the Hindoos, whose dogmas and precepts did he teach? He and his friends had access in Egypt to all theirs, and the doctrines of Asiatics, among whom was Confucius, who taught, "To do unto others as we would have them do unto us. Also to the Stoics, whose tenets were the prevailing ones of the most virtuous ancients, and who flourished three hundred years before him. They taught the conflagration, that christians preach.


It would be strange that the priestocracy did not know their position, with such power and influence in their hands, all over the world.

Even remote nations of Siberia, as the Shamans, believe in a Supreme Being, but their system permits inferior powers, good and evil, the last of whom are malignant deities, the priests affect to propitiate. But Christ's resurrection from the dead, is what astonishes the credulous, who are alarmed at death for themselves. It was any thing else than a resurrection, as it was deferred days after death!

Is it possible to prove by satisfactory analysis, that it was Christ's body that was laid in the sepulchre? That might have been a very material and essential point, but for positive certainty that messiahship is obsolete. Has it been proved at all, much less satisfactorily, that it ever was identified all the time in the sepulchre? Was there no substitute, no collusion about Christ, when it is certain that there are the most extensive collusions and frauds practiced for peculiar faith throughout the world, by the assumed gospels, and statements of its authors? It seems to have been a granted point to the priestocracy to let them lie all the superstition they could, as their mindfacture was to save the world. Had there been no previously prepared sepulchre with subteranean passages, in purview of the event of the death of this impostor?

Why did not the advocates expose the body before the whole world, who might watch and witness the mighty spectacle, that the incredulous Jews might see and believe, or that the opposition might be confronted and circumvented? But above all, was there no collusion in the rumor, the stories? Was the testimony proved on the spot, so substantiated that the world could not doubt, or was this tale appreciated as others preceding, written long after, giving all opportunities to mature the plot and add all impostures that were deemed necessary?

Mind scorns all such as contemptible, when it was written not at the time that truth can be proved, but years after, when fiction and falsehood could be successful.

Is the letter of Pontius Pilate, if ever written, any proof of the divinity of Christ, but only introductory of the rumor that was described? Is it authentic?

Is the request of Christ's likeness by the Roman Emperor, to be placed among the Roman gods, any other than a continuance of their customs, to adopt all the gods of their conquered nations, the whole one grand imperial polytheism to concentrate the feelings of the world, and excite its curiosity? Is that also, not a forgery?

Did ever Judas the traitor, so called, recognise Christ as God, when he took thirty pieces of money for his information? That very action proves Christ mortal, for Judas would have suffered himself to have been cut into 30,000 pieces of flesh, and gloried in the martyrdom, had Christ been a God.

Did not the rock and chief, the very founder of the church of Christ, perjure himself; and what better could we expect from his followers, who have degraded human nature, by licking the dust off the feet of the Pope?

What now are all other points worth, in the absence of truth and honesty, before God? Nothing.

Whilst Christ was on this earth for thirty-three years, what became of the balance of the universe for that time, but for conservative principles? As they preceded him, and were and are adequate, they undeniably take precedence of this impostor. This very one thing ought to convince every rational mind of the fallacy of peculiar faith.

It is claimed that ignorant fishermen instituted the apostleship; but that position is banefully carried out by wily priests of half-civilized shepherds, increased by subsequent affiliations. The sources and means, as those of ignorance and corruption, are most objectionable.

History, that is true, only furnishes us an account of mortals on earth. How, then, can mind have any just confidence in books, that violate the first principles of religion, truth, and honesty, in palming off on us fictions, when all are mortals that are born, live and die as mortals?

All mortals are creatures, and any one is a blasphemous impostor to affect anything beyond a creature's province.

How can he be honest or truthful, assuming to be messiah, an impossibility from God's attributes and the essential principles of the universe? Who can, true to his own soul, receive such felons?


Mind has wisely to consider the state of mortals, and the earth-theatre of their existence.

They are wisely adapted for each other, in a state of mortality.

Mind must make the best of it practicable, not libel Deity for its not being better. Do you, mortal, idly complain of such? Seek the noblest immortality.

Mind can only seek that in a better, a future state of existence, and must seek to merit all such forever, by going to the Supreme, who has the title deeds.

The interfering about man's redemption, other than by the Creator, is a libel and impeachment of God's attributes, as mind declares, still more, man's presumption.

The doctrine of the trinity involves, in itself, a real and complete contradiction. The few who do believe in Christ, must see that Christ could not be a messiah, if he would.

Of what efficacy is their faith, founded on fiction?

Will they not thank any proper authority for disclosing the whole fallacy, and exposure of the fraud?

Christ did not expiate his own sin of blasphemy. How, then, could he atone, in his condition, for others?

Beware how you adopt his blasphemy!

The christian priestocracy say that Christ died for one world! Where are the millions of worlds, all equally under the one Supreme, who, if imbecile in one, is so in all? But Christ died for all mankind.

As an after-thought of after-thought is utterly impossible with the Creator, the foundation is worthless. A man that dies the death, cannot possibly expiate for others, by all moral and physical laws of God and his universe.

So far from messiahship being right in the bible-heaven, it cannot be right for earth. But how could God die in part, the one-third of the trinity? Again, the world was destitute for three days, while the action of minds, millions upon millions, needed their guardian.

Where would mind have been in that interval, but for the creation rule of omnipotence?

Is there any mind so stupid as not to see the full light of this heresy to reason? Where was mind's protection, physical, moral, and religious, during the abidence of Christ in the world, and his minority? In the competent hands of God Almighty, and that ends the question most conclusively; for, if the Creator were competent all that time, of course, by his inherent rights, he was equally so for all time, as well before the conception of this after-thought, as since. This concludes the honorable argument. But can bigots see how many times they are wound up? Will they murder the universe over and over again, to institute their pagan idolatry?

Man affects that Christ died for all. That positively condemns the position; dying thousands of years after the creation of man, could not meet, but cuts off the previous question, which effectually cuts off, and out, the whole priestocracy, machinery, and sophistry.

God is universal in his kind attributes, and would not have permitted that peculiar and partial pretension, as part of mankind is cut out.

Messiahship is inadmissible in God's perfection, as it takes away God's omniscience and omnipotence, thereby rendering him imbecile and imperfect, consequently unworthy of universal adoration.

Then all creations called gods of peculiar faith, are defective, and use up the whole doctrines, as the God of the universe could not have created it, had he been as peculiar faith advocates characterize him. The death of any messiah for all, is an impracticability, by the character of time, whose functions of past, present, and future, entirely exclude all such as false pretences, and is in direct antagonism to God's functions of Creator, and to the only one rational and uniform ever-existing religion. We would ask for undoubted proof of that position, that Christ died for all.

It is not in the nature of any superior being to subordinate his own master-claims to an inferior being of his own creation. It is not in the nature of intellect to stultify itself, by allowing all the consequences of such supreme folly, for the Christians have four gods, among them, him of evil genius, equal, if not superior, to God-creator, in seducing souls, and undoing all most valuable. How absurd!

Christ was the promulgator of his system of peculiar faith, a completely deficient system for the good of the world, for, so far from showing a suitable God, it betrays the frailties of an ignorant bigot, and the fraud of a knave, to be exposed to the scorn of the world in its days of science. Analysis is the key that detects all such impositions, and proves the God of creation every way worthy of its adoration, the more he is known.

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