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More than One Hundred Volume* of The Living Age have been Issued. It has received the comndation of the most eminent men of the country, and It M admittedly continues to stand at the head of i class."

A meekly magazine of sixty-four pages, it gives more than


ouble-coluran octavo pages of reading-matter yearly. It presents in an Inexpensive form, considering Its eat amount of matter, with freshness, owing to its weekly Issue, and with a satisfactory completeness empted by no other publication,

The best Essays, Reviews, Criticism*, Serial and Short Stories, Poetry, Scientific,
^Biographical, Historical, and Political Information, from the
entire body of Foreign Periodical Literature,

The ablest and most cultured Intellects, In every department of Literature, Politics, Science, and Art, find expression in the Periodical Literature of Europe, and especially of Great Britain.

The Uving Age, forming four large volumes a year, furnishes, from the vast and generally Inaccessible mass of this literature, the only compilation, that, while within the reach of all, is satisfactory in the C< »M PLETE N h.-H with which It embraces whatever Is of immediate interest, or of solid, permanent value.

It ts therefore invaluable to every one who wishes to keep pace with the events or intellectual progress of the time, or to cultivate In himself or his family general intelligence and literary taste.

of Tfi Livtho Age, with entirely yew Serials, was begun Jan, 1,1873, affording the most favorable time that ha* occurred lu a number of years for the beginning of new subscriptions.

tracts from KTotloos.

Hie WUIinm* OvnrtfTty toy* t

It is Iim xluiusiililc. It husus much that li good as a
dozen ordinary magazines combined."
The Boston Daily Journal says it is

"One of the most entertaining or magazines, and in
Its bound volumes present* excellences equalled by no
other periodical on either side of tbc Atlantic."
Ihe yfihraukee Paily Sentinel says it is

"More than ever Indispensable. In the«e days of frequent publication, In expensive English reviews, uf articles on the (rreat questions of current inquiry, by such men as Max Muller, Huxley, Tyndall, and many others."

Iter. Henry Ward Beecher says -■ —

"Were I in view of all the competitors that are now In the field, to choose, I should certainly choose ' The fctvixo Age,'"

Rev. Theo. L, Cuyler says it is
"The best periodical in America."
The Chicago Evening Journal says

"It stands st the, head of nineteenth-century llteraaturc."

The Boston Daily Post sayst

"It Is indispensable to everv one who desires ft thorough compendium of all that is admirable and noteworthy in the literary world." The Afobile Daily Register saysi

"Of all periodicals in the world. If a man can take only one, he should bv all means take Littbll's LivIng Age. . . . There is nothing compnrable to It In true value In the whole range of periodical literature."

Published icerklt/ at $8.00 a ye a r, free of postage. An extra copy sent gratis to any one grtting up a Club of five new Subscribers. Subscriptions can begin at any time.

The N. r. Evrninn Post says of The Living Age,

"It is beyond all question the best compendium of the best current literature. ... In no other single publication can there be found so much of sterling literary excellence."

The Christian Union, New York, nays / —
"We know of no way In which one can so easily keep

wall Informed In the best English thought of our time

as through this journal."

The Philadelphia Daily Press says t
"It give* article* from the great foreign quarterlies

which its rivals have not room for. It also gives the

best aerial stories."

The Advance, Chicago, declares it tobe

*• The best or all the eclectic publications, and the cheapest. ... It Is a monthly that comes every wee*." The Illinois State Journal says i — H "The ablest essays, the most entertaining stories, the finest poetry, of the English language are here gathered together.''

The New- York Daily Times my*

"It still merits the most unqualified praise we can beatow.**

. The Hartford Daily Courant says i

m It maintains its position, now held for many yean, as the best periodical of selected literature In the world. No other keeps so b?gh a standard, or Is edited with su: h unerring good taste. It Is a thorough comjrilatiim of what is best Jn the literature of the day, whether relating to history, biography. Action, poetry, wit, •cience, politics, theology, criticism, or art."

JTTELL & GAY, 17 Bromfield St., Boston.

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The most complete information for parties desiring to invest in Stooks and Bonds, whether in

large or small amounts, is given in the


Published every Saturday morning in New York. The “ CHRONICLE” is well known as one of the oldest and most reliable of Financial Publications, end in its department devoted particularly to the Interests of Investors, contains a vast amount of information of great value to them



In addition to the published information, any letters addressed to the Editors of the Caros

icle" by subscribers, for general or special

will be cheerfully answered.
BUBSCRIPTION $10 per year; SINGLE COPIES 25 cento.
WILLIAM B. DANA & CO., Publishers,


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For Eight Dollars, remitted directly to the Publislters, the Living Aon will be punctually forwarded for a year, free of postage. But we do not prepay wstage on less than a year, nor when we have to pay commission for forwarding the money; nor when we club the Living Age with another periodical.

An extra copy of The Living Agf is sent gratis to any one getting up a club of Five New Subscribers.

Remittances should be made by bank draft or check, or by post-office money-order, if possible. If neither of these can be procured, the money should be sent in a registered letter. All postmasters are obliged to register letters when requested to do so. Drafts, checks and money-orders should be made payable to the order of Littkll & Gay.

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