in the British Museum, the Bodleian, the The Ionian Islands. By Tertius Keo. Lambeth Library, &c. He has been in. drick, Esq. dulged with an unreserved access to all The Florist's Manual; or, Hints for the registers and other documents belong- the Construction of a gay Flower Garden. ing both to the University and to Trinity By the authoress of Botanical Dialogues, College ; which, in conjunction with vari- &c. New Edition, considerably improved. ous letters and private papers, and a full The Mother's Medical Assistant in the assemblage of legal records, have enabled Diseases of Infants and Children. By Sir him to unravel and explain the curious Arthur Clarke. A new and improved Edi. conflicts which Bentley went through in tion. 1 vol. the course of his long academical life ; The Art of Preserving the Sight. A and which, no less than his writings, new Edition, enlarged and improved. I vol. brought him in contact with many of the Miss Benger is preparing for the press, most illustrious characters who were his Memoirs of the Life of Mary Queen of contemporaries. Professor Monk has also Scots, which will be published in the course availed himself of that very important core of the winter. respondence between Bentley and the first The Widow's Tale. By the author of scholars of his age, which has been spoken Ellen Fitz-Arthur. Also, a new Edition of in p. 403 of the Museum Criticum; as of the latter. well as of a still more extensive assort An English Translation of Klopstock's ment of papers, comprising letters of Bi. Messiah, in verse, is now printing in Hamshop Atterbury, Bishop Sherlock, Bishop burgh. The First Part appeared in August Greene, Dr Conyers Middleton, Dr An- last. drew Snape, Bishop Hare, Bishop Zacha Memoirs of Self-educated Persons, who, ry Pearce, and many other highly distin. by their own exertions, have arisen to emiguished characters, who were intimately nence in Literature and Science. By Di connected with the leading events of Bent- Watkins, author of the Biographical Dicley's history ; also the whole of the manu. tionary. scripts left by Dr Colbatch, his principal Mr Rootsey is about to publish a large opponent in Trinity College. He has omit- Map of the World, upon an improved proted no means in his power of obtaining a jection. sight of Bentley's letters, which are in pri. A new Edition, being the Seventh, of vate hands, having made applications to Conversations on Chemistry, is preparing all quarters where he thought that such for the press, with considerable additions. deposits were likely to be found. In seve A new Edition of Baxter's Practical ral of these cases he has been successful: Works. In 16 vols. 8vo. To be Edited still he is persuaded that there exist other by Rev. T. Cloutt of Walworth. Anda specimens of his correspondence in quarters new Edition of Drew on the Resurrection. to which he has not been able to discover Mr Charles Mills, author of the History any clue. Should this notice meet the eye of the Crusades, will shortly publish the of persons who possess such papers, or who First Part, comprising Italy, of Travels in can afford intelligence respecting them, the various Countries of Europe, at the time author will feel highly obliged by a com- of the revival of Letters and Art. munication upon the subject.

Preparing for publication, two Voyages Early in January will be published, a to New South Wales, and Van Diemen's Series of Engraved Portraits of the Deans Land, including a Description of the preof Westminster, from Drawings by G. R. sent condition of those interesting Colonies

. Harding, to accompany the Memoirs of By Thomas Reid, surgeon in the Royal those Prelates in the History and Antiqui. Navy. ties of the Abbey Church of St Peter West Practical Wisdom ; or, the Manual of minster. Written by E. W. Brayley, and Life. In 1 vol. 12mo. Graphically Illustrated by J. P. Neale. Professor Lee is preparing, in Persian

A new Portion of the World in Minia- and English, the whole Controversy of Mr ture, containing a Description of the Re- Martyn with the learned of Persia, as a ligion, Manners, Customs, Arts, Trades, Manuel for Missionaries to establish the &c. of the People of Hindoostan. In 6 truth of the Scriptures against the Sophismus vols. With upwards of a hundred Coloured of the Mahomedans. Plates. Will appear early in the ensuing Shortly will be published the first two year.

Volumes (besides an additional Volume, An Appendix to Orfilas' General Sys. containing the Abstracts of the British Natem of Toxicology:

vy,) of Mr James's Naval History, comA Romance, called Roche Blanc; or, prising the whole of the War from 1793 the Hunters of the Pyrenees. From the to the Peace of Amiens. pen of Miss A. M. Porter.

In the press, the Genuine Remains, in Shortly will be published, a Sentimental prose and verse, of Samuel Butler, pub Tour to the South of France, illustrated lished from the original MSS., late in pris. with 18 Coloured Engravings.

session of W. Longucville, Esq. with

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Notes by R. Thyer, Keeper of the Public M.A. Fellow of Baliol College, Oxford,

Library, Manchester. This work will con. and Lecturer of St Pancras, Devon. Is tain many original pieces never before pub Dr Forbes has just ready, in one volume

lished, and will be carefully revised, with 8vo. a Translation of a Treatise on the DisE additional Notes and Illustrations. It will eases of the Chest, in which they are descriar bé embellished with a Portrait of Butler, bed according to their anatomical characters,

from the original Picture by Sir P. Lely, and their Diagnosis established on a new in the Bodleian Gallery, engraved on principle, by means of Acoustick Instru. wood, in the most highly finished manner, ments. With Plates. From the French of . by Thompson ; and a Portrait of Thyer, R. T. Laonnec, to which Dr Forbes has copied from a Painting by Romney, en added a Preface and Notes. graved in line by Worthington, and with Mr R. D. Hamilton has ready for pubnumerous beautiful Vignettes, from ori. lication, in one volume 8vo. The Princi. ginal Designs.

ples of Medicine, on the Plan of the BaMr Danghson of Prescott is preparing conian Philosophy. Vol. I. On Febrile 1974 for publication, a translation of Baron and Inflammatory Diseases.

Larrey's new Work, entitled, “ A Collec In the press, Cases illustrative of the

tion of Surgical Observations,” with Notes, Treatment of Diseases of the Ear, inclu. thes &c. by the Translator.

ding the affections of the Meatus AuditoDr Wilson Philip has just ready for rius, also those of the Tympanum, viz. its

publication, a second edition of his Trea- Puriform Discharge, and the Obstruction I tise on Indigestion, with some additional of the Eustachian Tube, with the OperaObservations.

tions ; likewise the Diseases of the LabyShortly will be published, in 2 vols. 8vo. rinth, whether Constitutional, as Nervous,

A Summary of Mosheim's Ecclesiastical Scrofulous, Syphilitic, &c. or local, as Par History, with Notes, Explanatory and Paralysis of the Auditory Nerve, Defective

Supplementary. To which is added, a Organization, &c. with Practical Remarks de Continuation of the Particular History of relative to the Deaf and Dumb. By John

the Church, from the commencement of Harrison Curtis, Esq. Aurist to the King,

the Eighteenth Century to the year 1819. &c. pis Ry the Rev. Charles Trelawny Collins,


EDINBURGH. Sir Andrew Wylie will positively appear together with ample Notices with regard to in the course of January.

the Lives and Writings of the most EmiA New Edition of Cuvier's Theory of nent Authors that have arisen since that the Earth, with Mineralogical Notes, and Period. 6 vol. 8vo. an Account of Cuvier's Discoveries. By A New Translation, with Notes, of Te. Professor Jameson. Will be published rence's two first Comedies, The Adrian and next month.

The Eunuch. By the reverend W. Gardi. We have the pleasure to inform our ner, L.L.D. 12mo. readers, that we have the best authority for Early in January will be published, assuring them, that THE ODONTIST is in Neil Gow and Sons’ Sixth Collection of a state of great forwardness. This work Reels, Strathspeys, Slow Airs, &c. This will certainly make its appearance early in Number consists almost entirely of Ori.

ginal Tunes ; and contains also the last Literature of the Church of England, few compositions of Neil Gow, never becomprising a Sketch of its Character and fore published. History, from the time of the Reformation;

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the spring.



ANTIQUITIES. A Letter on our Agricultural Distresses, Views of the Cathedrals of England and their Causes and Remedies, with Tables Wales ; with Descriptions. ByJ.C. Buckand Charts. By William Playfair. 8vo. ler. No. VIII. and last. Royal 4to. 16s. 58.

Imperial 4to. £1, 3s. A Letter addressed to Agriculturists and to the Magistrates and Clergy, on the sub Letters on Architecture, comprising the ject of Hiring, Service, and Character ; to History of the Art from the earliest Times which are added, Forms of Contract be to the Present Day. By James Elmes, tween Master and Servant. By a Country Architect. 8vo. 12s. Magistrate. 4to. 2$.

A Historical and Critical Inquiry into Vol. X.

4 F


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the Origin and Primitive Use of the Irish the different government, with a table of Pillar Tower. By Colonel de Montmoren- the irregular verbs, &c. By J. C. Turner. cy Morres. Royal 8vo. Plates, 15s. 8vo. 7s. Cd. ASTROLOGY.

The Greek Termination, (including the The Authentic and Intelligible Alma- Dialects and Poetical Licences,) Alphanack ; or Annual Abstract of Celestial betically arranged, and Grammatically exLore, Calculated for the Year 1822, from plained, on the plan of the Latin Termi. the MS. of Sir William Lilly Brachm, nations. By John Carey, L.L.D. 12mo. R. T. R. A new Prophetic Almanack. 3s. 6d.

Clarke's New School Maps. 6d. each.

Clarke's New Skeleton Maps. 4s. each. John Offor's Quarterly Catalogue of Clavis Homerica ; or, a Lexicon of the New and Second Hand Books, containing Words which occur in the Iliad. By J. some choice Classics. No. VII.

Walker, A.B. 12mo. 8s. R. and S. Prowett's Catalogue of Old Munuseulum Juventuti; seu Phædri and New Books for 1822. Part I. Fabulæ versibus hexametris concinnata.

A Catalogue of Greek and Latin Clas. Auctore Dan. French. 8s. sics, containing the most esteemed Editions, in chronological order, that have hitherto Roman Costumes, drawn from Nature been published ; also, the Principal Lexi- By Pinelli, containing 24 plates. £2, &. cographical Works, &c. with their prices. coloured, £1, 4s. plain. By S. Hayes, No. 8, Henrietta-Street, Parisian Costumes, drawn from Nature. Covent-Garden, London. Price Is. 6d. By J. J. Chalon. Part III. Containing

An Enigmatical Catalogue of Books of six coloured plates. Oblong folio. 128. Merit, on an entirely new plan. By John Costume of Persia, drawn from Nature. Coles. Is. A Key to the same. 3d. By Orlowski, and Swebach, and engraved

by C. Hullmandel and D. Dighton. Con. Lives of Emir.ent Scotsmen. Part IV. taining five plates, beautifully coloured. 28. Od.

Imperial folio. No. IV. 18s.

Views illustrating the Route of the Sim. · An Appendix to the Midland Flora. By plon. Drawn from Nature by Major Cock. T. Purton, F. L. S. Vol. III. £1, 10s. burn, and on Stone by J. Harding. No. X.

A Natural Arrangementof British Plants, containing five plates. 8s. Royal folio. according to their relations to each other, Views Illustrating the Route of Mont as pointed out by Jussieu, Decandolle, &c. Cenis. By the same.

No. X. 8s. royal By L. F. Gray. 2 vols. 8vo. With 21 folio. Plates. £2, 2s.

Twenty-five Views on the Thames Scene

ry, from Richmond to Oxford. Drawn by Robson's London Commercial Direc. W. Westall, A.R.A. No. I. super royal tory, Street Guide, and Carrier's List for folio, 9s. 1822. Royal 8vo. 75. 6d. With the Lithographic Impressions from Sketches Classification of Trades. 13s. Gd. of British Scenery. By Francis Nicholson.

Super royal folio. No. l. containing six The Genera of Recent and Fossil Shells, plates, 10s. 6d. for the use of Students Conchology and Views of the Colyseum. Engraved by Geology. By James Sowerby, F. L. S. W. B. Cooke, and J.C. Allen, from drar &c. 6 Plateg. No. I. 4s. Plain. 6s. ings by Major Cockburn. Part I. Super Coloured.

royal folio. £l, Is. Proofs, £1, 10s. To

be completed in five Parts, with 15 line An Analysis of Penmanship, containing engravings; with plans, sections, &c. some fine specimens of writing, with Rules The Holy Bible, embellished with En. ard Observations on the Formation of each gravings by Charles Heath, from Designs Letter ; together with a projection of the by Richard Westall, Esq. R. A. Part I. Text Alphabet. By J. Hill. 55. Imperial 8vo. 12s. Proofs, in 4to. £1, Is.

The Pupil's Gazetteer. 18mo. Is. Memoirs of the celebrated Persons com

Arithmetic for Children ; the Scholars' posing the Kit-Kat-Club, with a PrefatoBook. 2s. The Teacher's Book. 4s. ry Account of the origin of the Association.

The Select Magazine for the Instruc- Illustrated by 48 Portraits from the Oria tion and Amusement of Young Persons. ginal Paintings. By Sir Godfrey Kneller. No. I. ls.

royal 8vo. £4, 4s. French Verbs Simplified ; or, a Trea A Selection of Flowers, Drawn by Bartise on French Verbs, in which the diffi- tholomew ; principally adapted for Stuculties of that department of Grammar dents. No. III. 5s. coloured, 12s. are, by an easy method, simplified, and Twenty Views, characteristic of the adapted to the meanest capacity. By M. Coast and Inland Scenery of England. Pater:ostre.

Designed and drawn on stone by W. Cal. A Dictionary of French Verbs, shewing lins, R.A, 6s. Proots on India, 10s.







The Pamphleteer. No.XXXVII. 6s.6d. The Works of the Honourable Edmund The Focus of Philosophy, Science, and Burke. 4to. Vol. VII. Containing Speeches Art. Published every Saturday. No. I. Is. in Westminster Hall, on the Impeachment Traits of Enterprize, Exhibited in the of Mr Hastings, with an Introduction, ad- Travels of Belzoni in Egypt and Nubia. dressed to the Lord Viscount Milton. By By the Author of the Indian Cabinet, the Bishop of Rochester. £2, 2s.

with 24 Plates. 6s. LAW.

The Beauties of Addison. Foolscap 8vo. A Brief Display of the Origin and His. 6s. tory of Ordeals ; Trials by Battle ; Bouts of Chivalry or Honour; and the Decision Observations on Vocal Music, and Rules of Privaté Quarrels by Single Combat; for the Accent and Emphasis of Poetry, also, a Chronological Register of the Prin- which will insure the Proper Pronunciacipal Duels fought from the accession of his tion and Effectual Expression of the words. late Majesty to the present time. By J. By W. Kitchener, A.D. 12mo. 4s. P. Gilchrist. 8vo. 12s.

NATURAL HISTORY. Selection of Precedents for Conveyancing. A Natural History of the Crinoidea, or Part I. By W. M. Blythwood, Esq. royal Lily-shaped Animals. With Plates. By 8vo. 10s. 6d.

J. S. Miller, A.L.S. 4to. £2, 12s. 6d. Lugden's Letters on Estates. 8vo. 6s. Generic and Specific Descriptions of

Bayne's Practice of Quarter Sessions. the Carnivorous Animals. By E. Griffith. 8vo. 7s.

No. I. 10s. 6d. Ball's and Beatty's Reports of Cases The Order Quadrumaria. With 35 Argued and Determined in the Court of Plates. £1,5s. Chancery in Ireland. Vol. I. and Vol. II. Zoological Researches in the Island of Part 1 and 2. £2, 6s.

Java, with Figures of Native Quadrupeds Robinson's Common Law of Kent, with and Birds. By Thomas Horsfield, M.D. additional Notes. Third Edition. By John F.L.S. 4to. No. II. £1, Is. Wilson, Esq. 8vo. 18s.


An Apology for the Freedom of the A Compendious Treatise on the Theory Press. By the reverend Robert Hall, A.M. and Solution of Cubic and Biquadratic Sixth edition. 3s. 6d. Equations of the Higher Order. By the Howell's State Trials. Vol. XXX. Rev. B. Bridge, B.D.F.R.S. 8vo. @s.

NOVELS. A Course of Mathematics. By Hoene Puzzled and Pleased ; or, The Two Old Wronski. 4to. No. I. 58.

Soldiers, a Tale. By Francis Lathom. 3 MEDICINE.

vols. 12mo. 18s. A Treatise on Diseases of the Chest. Prudence and Principle; a Tale. By the Translated from the French of R. T. H. Author of Rachel and The Authoress. Laonnec, M. D. By Dr John Forbes. 8vo. 12mo. 5s. 6d. 1 4s.

Good Nature and Sensibility ; a Novel: Miscellaneous Works of the late Dr By Miss Aimwell. 3 vols. 12mo. 16s. 6d. Robert Willan. By Ashly Smith, M.D. Sir Heraud of Arden; a Tale. Royal 8vo. 12s.

8vo. 6s. Pathological and Surgical Observations Happiness ; a Tale for the Grave and on Diseases of the Joints. By B. C. Bro- the Gay. 2 vols. post 8vo. 12s. El die, F.R.S. 8vo. Plates. 16s.

The Parent's Medical and Surgical As Cain ; a Mystery. By Lord Byron. 8vo. Esistant. By T. D. Bromhead. M.D. 12mo. 5s. 6d. 4s.

Echoism ; a Poem. 8vo. 7s. Od.

The Royal Progress; a Canto. With The Royal Military Calendar. 5 vols. Notes. 12mo. 5s. 6d. 8vo. £2, 10s.

Prize Poem of Trinity College, Dublin,

July, 1821, on the late Coronation. By The Imperial Almanack; or, Annual Fielding Morrison, A.B. 8vo. 2s. Compendium of Astronomical, Statistical, Pleasures of Home. By R. Porter. 4s. Scientific, and Interesting Information. 4s. Gordon ; a Tale; a Poetical Review of

Encyclopædia Londinensis. Vol. XVIII. Don Juan. 8vo. 4s. 6d. with 48 Plates. £2, 6s.

Moore's Irish Melodies. Revised by the The Author of Junius Discovered, in Author. The first eight numbers. 12mo. the person of the celebrated Earl of Ches. 8s. (Power.) terfield. 8vo. 5s.

The Conveyancer's Guide ; a Poem. The Wit's Red Book; or Calendar of Forming a Companion to Anster's Pleader's Gaiety for the Year 1822. A Collection of Guide ; and a Familiar Introduction to the Original Anecdotes, Epigrams, &c. 18mo. Principles of Conveyancing. By a Gentle2s. 6d.

man of Gray's Inn. Second edition. 6s.





Sermons Selected and Abridged from the An Introduction to the Critical Study and Works of Archbishop Tillotson. To which Knowledge of the Holy Scriptures. By Tho are added, some Memorials of his Life and mas Hartwell Horne, M. A. of St John's Character. By the Reverend J. Dickson, College, Cambridge ; Curate of the United Rector of St James's, Colchester. 2 vols. Parishes of Christ's Church, Newgate 8vo. £l. Street, and St Leonard, Fetter Lane. In Biblical Fragments. By M. A. Schimfour very large volumes, 8vo. Handsome. melpenninck. 8vo. 7s. 6d. ly printed, and illustrated with numerous Leifchild on the Christian Temper ; or, fac-similes of Biblical manuscripts, maps, Lectures on the Beatitudes. 8vo. 7s. 6d. and other engravings, a new edition, revi. A Course of Sermons for the Festivals and sed, corrected, and enlarged. £3, 3s. Also, Fasts of the Church of England. By J. for the accommodation of purchasers of the H. Pott, D.M. One large volume. 8vo. first edition, a Supplementary Volume, 12s. price 18s. containing upwards of 800 pages, Annotations on the Four Gospels, and and comprising the entire third volume of the Acts of the Apostles, chiefly intended the new edition, besides 250 closely, but for the use of Students in Divinity. 3 vols. handsomely printed pages, of such histori. 8vo. £1, 4s. cal, critical, and other matter, as could be Contemplations on the Historical Pasdetached to be useful, together with six sages of the Old and New Testament. By new plates, besides other engravings incor. the Reverend J. Hall, D.D. late Bishop of porated in the letter-press. Of this Supple. Norwich. 4 vols. 12mo. £1, 4s. mentary Volume, a limited number only is

VOYAGES AND TRAVELS. printed, for which it is requested that early Eustace's Classical Tour in Italy, with application may be made.

an Additional Preface, and Translations Gilbert's Chart of the Episcopacy of of the Latin Quotations. Sixth edition. 4. England and Wales. Mounted on rollers, vols. 8vo. £3. £1, Is.

The Tour of Africa. By Catharine Hut. The Clergyman's Almanack for 1822. ton. Selected from the best Authors. 8vo. By R. Gilbert. 78.

Vol. III. 12s.

EDINBURGH. Dramas of the Ancient World. By Da- and A. S. and Rector of the High School

, vid Lindsay. 8vo.

Edinburgh. 12mo. 2s. 6d. Memoirs of a Life chiefly passed in Penn Edinburgh New Dispensatory, By An. sylvania within the last Sixty Years; with drew Duncan, M. D. Tenth Edition. 8vo. occasional Remarks upon the general Oc Geometrical Analysis, and Geometry of currences, Character, and Spirit of that Curve Lines ; being Volume Second of a eventful Period. 8vo.

Course of Mathematics. By John Leslie, The Pirate. By the Author of Waver. Esq. Professor of Natural Philosophy in ley. 8vo. 3 vols. £1, lls. 6d. the University of Edinburgh. 8vo. 16s. The Trial of Peter Heamen and Fran Review of the Banking

System of Bricoise Gautiez, before the High Court of tain ; with Observations on the Injurious Admiralty at Edinburgh, on the 26th of Effects of the Bank of England Charter

, November, for Piracy and Murder. 8vo. and the general benefits of Unrestricted Is. 6d.

Banking Companies. 8vo. 7s. 6d. Report of a Trial in the Jury Court, Dr Chalmers' Christian and Civic EcoEdinburgh, on the 25th of June, 1821, nomy of Great Towns. No. X. On the for a Libel, Scott v. M‘Gavin.

Bearing which a Christian Economy has Edinburgh Christian Instructor. No.

upon Pauperism. CXXXVII. for November. ls. 6d. Illustrations of British Ornithology.

Scottish Episcopal Review and Maga- Series First, Land Birds. By P. J. Selby: zine. No. VIII. 3s. 6d.

Esq. Elephant folio. No. II. With 12 Rules for the Construction of the Rela- large Plates. £1, 11s. 6d. plain, or £5, tive Qui, Quæ, Quod, with the Subjunctive 5s. finely coloured after nature. Mood. By A. R. Carson, A. M. F. R. S.

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