Not long after these brethren arrived, sures too high and sacred to receive their they were joined by the brother and sis. destination from the plan anı determinater Palm, who were received with equal tion of man. They are the chief blessings kindness, and have been appointed to re- wbich belong to the administration of side at Jaffnapatam. The liberality of go- our exalted Lord; and it is by attending vernment provides in part for the sup- to the great acts of his providence among port of each of these missionaries, by the nations of the earth, that we receive which the funds of the society will be re- the safest and most valuable intimations lieved. They are actively engaged at for the prosecution of missionary objects these various stations in acquiring the Cingalese language; in preaching to those

CHINA who understand the Dutch, and in in- In their last report, the directors anstructing their children. The importance nounced their intention of sending three of their labours may be inferred from the or four missionaries to the Prince of following extract from Mr. Vos's letter, Wales' island, as a measure preparatory “ The state of the church in this island to a mission to some part of the Chinese is expressed in this one word miserable. empire, if the providence of God should One hundred thousand of those who are hereafter open their way thither. They called christians, because they are bap. stated also, their desire to connect with tized, need not go back to heathenism, this great object some collateral ones, for they never have been any thing but especially the circulation of religious worshippers of Buddah. O Lord have tracts, and probably a mission to some of mercy on the poor inhabitants of this po- the Malay nations. For these purposes, pulous island! You may freely send to two of their accepted missionaries have me two or three additional missionaries been selected, and for some time past by the first opportunity, and I shall thank have been employed in the study of the you rery much for those who have been language, in wbich they have till lately two full years under the Rev. Mr. Bogue's been assisted by a native of China, nov instruction."

in London; and as it also appears, that The directors cannot entirely quit the an acquaintance with some branches of subject of these missionary measures on the mathematics, and with the medical art, the continent of India, and in the island is likely to facilitate their introduction of Ceylon, without expressing the grati. and seitlement in that country, they are puede which is due to the providence of engaged in these pursuits; and the soci. God, for the many auspicious circum: ety are under great obligations to some stances which have attended them, and respectable gentlemen for the advantawhich they humbly accept as the proof of ges which they enjoy in relation to these his gracious approbation, and the pledg. studies. Well satisfied as the directors es of his future blessing. They contem- have reason to be with the devotedness, plate with mingled solemnity and satis application, and acquisitions of these faction, those wise and holy appoint- brethren, yet from the respect which the ments, by wlrich fifty millions of heathens Chinese nation is known to attach to have been brought into a direct relation age, and the contempt which they er with this christian country; and consi. press for youth, it has appeared to them dering that the universal spread of the very desirable that an elder christian kingelom of Christ, is the ultimate end of should accompany this mission. Feeling the divine counsels in the government of its transcendant importance, their atterr the world, and that the operations of his tion has been naturally directed towards . providence bear an immediate or remote their highly respected and experienced relation to that event, it appears to them missionary, the Rev. Dr. Vanderkemp. luiglily probable, that the chief reason on They have conceived it to be probable account of which these extensive acqui. that the ample supply which has been sitions of heathen territory are permitted sent to Africa, may render it desirable to he inacle, by a nation possessing the that he should remove to some new stapure principles of christianity, is for the tion. introduction of the gospel dispensation This subject they have therefore reinto them. On this ground it becomes commended to his consideration, and rethe especial duty of missionary institu- quested him to determine thereon accor. tions to follow these footsteps of divine ding to his own views of the divine will providence; and on the foundation of respecting him. Towards the end of the the British government, to endeavour to present year it is probable that tbose who superinduce the inestimable privileges of are to proceed from England, will em. the rede iner'skin.gdom. These are trea. bark for Prince of Wales' Island, where

there is a considerable number of Chi- rior advantages, and executed in a near. nese, and where it is expected that they er conformity to the genius and spirit of will find an opportunity of attaining a the inspired writings. The brethren will competent knowledge of the Chinese lan- rejoice in being able to assist in any de. guage, after which it is intended that gree in so interesting an object, and they they shall translate the holy scriptures will act agreeably to what may hereafter into it.

appear to be their duty, when they are The directors have contemplated this more fully acquainted with this subject: as a measure of peculiar importance, and In the mean time it is a very satisfacto. connected with the highest interests of a ry circumstance, that in the college of third part of the human race. They think Fort William, the means of receiving retherefore, that an erroneous or imperfect gular instruction in the Chinese language translation, which might discourage the are to be found, of which our missionaattempt to produce a more correct one, ries will be able to avail themselves, would be attended with pernicious conse- should they be disappointed in this requences. It has appeared to them, that spect at Prince of Wales's island. in order to accomplish this work in a satisfactory manner, the translators should MISSION TO THE JEWS. be well acquainted with the Hebrew and Having stated the transactions of the Greek tongues, in which the holy scrip- society in relation to the heathen world, tures were principally written; as also the directors now proceed to give an acwith that of the Chinese into which they count of the humble attempt which they are to be translated; and lastly, that they have made to introduce the christian mi. should have a judicious and comprehen. nistry among the Jews. This is a measure sive view of those great and leading prin. which was referred to in the last report, ciples, which evangelical christians have and at that time the directors expresgenerally considered to be derived from sed their earnest hope that its prosperithe word of God. These are the qualifi- ty and success might lie with great weight cations which the directors were desi- on the hearts of christians. In the month Tous of combining in the execution of this of July last, the Rev. Mr. Frey, who had great work. It has however recently been been three years in the missionary semiascertained, that a version of the scrip- nary at Gosport, opened his course of lectures into the Chinese language is now tures to the posterity of Abraham at Jewcommenced under the patronage of the ry street chapel; the Rev. Mr. Ball and college of Fort William in Bengal, by congregation having very kindly accommeans of a native of China, who is a pro- modated the society therewith. These fessor of the Chinese language, assisted lectures he proposed should consist prinby a Chinese Moonshee. He is an Arme. cipally of a statement of christian docnian christian, and translates from the trine; an explanation of the types and Armenian bible. Should this be accom. ceremonies of the Jewish dispensation; plished with fidelity and accuracy, it will and an exposition of select portions of of course render another translation su. scripture; and to this plan he has gene. perfluous, and the directors will unite rally adhered: it has also been his cuswith the whole christian world, in a tri- tom on these occasions, to read a part of bute of gratitude to the conductors of the Old Testament in the Hebrew lanthat institution for rendering so eminent guage, and then pronounce the translaa service to the cause of Christ. At all tion of it in English, sentence by sen. events, they are entitled to great com- tence, accompanying the whole with suite mendation for employing the best instru- able remarks. These lectures have been ments within their reach in so important well attended, and particularly by chrisa work.

tians. For a few weeks after their coinAs the Chinese professor is not ac- mencement, a considerable mumber of quainted with the Hebrew or Greek lan the house of Israel were present. This guages, and may not perhaps have those number afterwards decreased, as might just views of the evangelical doctrines have been expected, from various causes. which to the directors appear so desi. Some of them had not courage enough rable ; and as those who patronize the to stand against the insults, mocking, work, it is presumed, are unacquainted and imprecations, to which they were exwith the Chinese tongue, and are there. posed from their brethren who crowded fore incompetent to judge of the fidelity the street; and many were prevented from and accuracy of the translation, it must attending by their superiors and relations. remain for the present doubtful, whether Notwithstanding these discouragements, this work will supersede the necessity some few have been always perceived list: of another, to be undertaken with supc ening to the word of truth, whilst no

doubt, others came privately, desirous, the directors will hail it as a happy sig like Nicodemus, to avoid public notice. nal that the day of grace is beginning to

Besides these lectures, Mr. Frey bas dawn on this people, and that any suc been frequently engaged in preaching, cess which may already have attended both on the Lord's day, and in the week, the ministry of Mr. Frey, will prove to be to large and attentive auditories in vari like the first drops which bring on the ous places of worship; and on these oc. abundant shower: they would have now casions also some of his brethren have urged, especially upon the ministers of usually attended. He holds every Friday of the gospel who are present at this air evening in his own apartment, a meeting niversary, this great and important duty, of prayer for the conversion of the Jews, had they not the opportunity, which they which has been attended with the pre- embrace with far greater pleasure, of te sence and blessing of the God of Abra. ferring them to the public address which ham.

will shortly be delivered on this subject, Although his ministry was more im- by one of their highly respected brethren. mediately directed to his own nation, The directors have now presented to yet, through the sovereign blessing of the society a general statement of its conGod, it has apparently been useful to cerns. The benevolent heart will cos others. There is ground to believe that template with gratitude and satisfaction, several sinners from among the Gentiles that by the blessing of God in its humble have been converted, and others estab- exertions, the dark and awful aspect of lished in the truth as it is in Jesus, who the heathen world has been already in were before wavering, and on the bor. some small degree brightened: bere and ders of infidelity; whilst true believers in there a few missionary stations are estat Christ have been edified and strengthen- lished, from which the waters of life are ed in the faith and hope of the gospel. beginning to flow for the healing of It has been attended also with a benefi- the nations; but their salutary streams cial effect on some of the children of Is. have as yet reached a very little var. rael: it is ascertained that it has exci- Waste places, vast and immeasurable, ted a spirit of inquiry among them, and surround them, in which the seed of the produced in many, a doubt, whether Je. gospel has never yet been sown, nor have sus may not really be the Messiah pro- they been penetrated by the fertilizing mised to their fathers. Several are be. beams of the sun of righteousness. Alas, come inquirers after the truth, and a few, how little has been done for the advance it is hoped, have already been brought ment of our Redeemer's kingdom, and to the true knowledge of Jesus Christ how immense the empire over which his the Lord.

great adversary still holds an undisturbThese circumstances the directors con- ed possession ! sider as intimations of the divine appro- Regretting the languor of their zeal, bation, and are encouraged thereby to and the feebleness of their past exer proceed in this work. Many and great tions, and relying on superior influences, are the difficulties which oppose its suc

the directors will now look to the means cess, and they feel their need of the as. by which they hope to be enabled to car sistance of divine wisdom at every step. ry on this spiritual warfare with more It is their design to employ every suita. energy and effect into the dominions of ble means within their reach to attract the enemy. the attention, and promote the instruc. It affords them much satisfaction to tion of this people; and judging that it state, that an increasing disposition to may be of great use to the Jews, not engage in the labours of a missionary, only in this kingdom, but on the conti- has been manifested since the last anninent also, that a series of essays should versary, which they consider as an inti. be circulated among them, tending to es- mation of the gracious designs of God to tablish the authority and excellency of render this institution more extensively the christian dispensation as the consum- useful. In the seminary at Gosport there mation and perfection of the Jewish, are now fourteen students, some of whom they have unanimously requested the are likely to strengthen the stations alperformance of this great service from ready formed, some will be qualified to the Rev. Greville Ewing, of Glasgow, preach the gospel in the French larr and have the pleasure to announce that guage, and some among those nations on he has kindly consented to undertake it. the continent in which its light has been Whenever the spirit of prayer shall be obscured for ages; and there are besides poured out on the christian church in be- some within their reach, who appear likehaif of the Jews, in a much more emi- ly to be suitable for extending the work nent degree than it has hitherto been, of God among the Jews. There seems . Many tist Missionary Society.'


therefore a coincidence in the qualifica- In August, 1805, Captain Wickes betions of these young men, with the occur. ing in London, the committee sent by rences of providence, and the aspect of him to the care of Robert Ralston, esq. the world, as it respects both the hea. Philadelphia, a thousand guineas, to be then, the Jews, and the nations of Eu- remitted from thence in dollars to the rope where the pure gospel is buried un- brethren in India. On the captain's arrider the corruptions of antichrist, or re- val in America, he not only transacted jected through the prevalence of infideli- the business with Mr. Ralston, but en. ty. Each of these is a legitimate object deavoured by public advertisements to of this society, to which by the blessing promote a collection among the churches of God the directors will feel it their du- in that country, in order to augment the ty to attend, to the utmost extent of the sum. This object was liberally taken up means which may be committed to them, by many of the ministers in the United and in the proportions which correspond States, and collections were made in with their respective importance, and their congregations. We do not yet know with the constitution of the society: the exact amount of them; but whatever

They rely on the piety and zeal of the it may be, the generous conduct of our religious public for the production of the venerable friend, and of his countrymen, funds which may be adequate to the en- deserves our warmest acknowledgments.* larged scale of their operation ; and they In November last, the secretary receiv. do this with confidence, because the ob. ed a letter from Mr. Ralston informing ject in view is above all others dear to him that the dollars would be sent to Inevery christian heart. It is the advance. dia in the spring; that captain Wickes ment of the kingdom, and the manifesta. would shortly sail in a vessel of his for tion of the glory of their lord and redeem- Holland; after which he would touch at er, on the theatre of this world, in which England, in his way to Bengal, and that he was crucified. The accomplishment of if we had any persons or goods to send by this object is secured in the purposes and him, he would take them free of charge promises of God, and he has been plea- to the society as to passage or freightage. sed to sanction the endeavours of his ser- The society having two young men on vants to promote it in an eminent degree probation, Mr. Chater, and Mr. Robinand in various ways. He has rebuked son, the committee thought it right to our unbelief by demonstrating that, in avail themselves of so favourable an opproportion to the sincere and well direct- portunity of sending them out. Mr. Cha. ed endeavours of his people, obstructions ter is a member of the baptist church at have been removed, and facilities increa- Middleton-Cheney, and of late a student sed. The peculiar character of the divine at Bristol academy. He has for some time dispensations in the present day-the im. had his heart set upon this work. Mr. portant changes under which a great Robinson is a meinber of the baptist church portion of the world is passing—the ra- at Olney, and was for some time under pidity with which the plans of providence the tuition of Mr. Sutcliff, but of late has appear to be advancing to a crisis ; should been at Bristol at the expense of the all inspire the hearts of christians with society. new energy, to improve the occasions as On Saturday, March 8, Capt. Wickes, they are continually arising, and on the arrived in the Thames, in the ship Benruins of the kingdom of antichrist, as well as in heathen countries, to hasten The amount collected, principally in to lay the foundations of christian temples. Philadelphia, and remitted by Mr. Ral

Whilst the powers that are in Heaven are ston, was near 5000 dolls. Since this remitshaken, and the foundations of the earth tance was made Mr. Ralston has receivare out of

course, may he who is head over ed a letter from the Rev. J. Eckley of

to the church, establish and per. Boston, (which we cannot insert for the petuate this institution, and condescend to want of room) stating that further and di se it as an humbie link in that vast chain very liberal encouragement has been reof providential events, by which the great ceived for this object in Boston. Two ends of his wisdom and holiness shall be ef thousand dollars are actually received, fected

; all enemies be put under his feet, and it is stated as altogether probable and the kingdoms of this world become the that another 2000 will be contributed. kingdoms of our Lord and of his Christ. Among the contributors we notice the London, 15th May, 1806.

very uncommon liberality of Mr. Sales

bury and Mr. Phillips. The first gare From the " Periodical Accounts of the Bap- 200 dollars, the latter 500 dollars

will admire these examples of liberality, Proceedings of the Committee but how many will follow then?

all things

jamin Franklin. On Wednesday, the 12th, In the tract which good Mr. Carey pa. a public meeting was held at Mr. Hin- lished prior to his engaging in the mis ton's place of worship at Oxford, for the sion, I remember he introdaces Isaiah solemn designation of our young friends lx. 9. in proof that navigation and com to the work.

merce should become subservient to re At this meeting it was unanimously re. ligion. Truly we have seen the accot solved,

plishment of this already in a measure i 1. That the thanks of the society be I know not in what way to express the presented to Robert Ralston, of Philadel. gratitude of the Baptist missionary sociephia, esq. for his friendly attention to its ty, to the numerous friends who have ar interests, especially for his generous of sisted it in America. The Lord rewed fer in the present instance, of taking out them, and think upon them for good! the missionaries & goods free of expense. Capt. Wickes was well and very hap

2. That the thanks of the society be py in seeing his old friends in London, as presented also to Capt. Wickes, for his we were in seeing him. We have got a kind and numerous services in promo. good portrait of him. He took out be. ting its designs.

sides our four young people, a young

woman from the London missionary se Extract from a letter from the Rev. A. ciety, who is gone to be a companion to Fuller, to a gentleman in this city. a Mr. Lovelas, one of their missionaries

Kettering, 3d of Fune, 1806. in the east. Grace and peace be with you Dear Sir,

my dear sir, and with your obliged and I this day received your kind favour of affectionate friend. April 26. What can I say, my dear sir,

ANDREW FULLER, respecting the very liberal and brotherly exertions of yourself and friends on your Letter from the Rev. Gideon Blacébars. side the Atlantic? To express our grate

Maryville, June 9th, 1876 ful acknowledgements seems too little; Rev. SIR, yet what more can I add, save that like A few days ago I visited my last David and the elders of Israel, I rejoice establishment in the Cherokee nation. with you and bless the Lord that you The institution promises fair for usefu. have offered willingly, and with a perfect ness. It is now under the patronage of a heart. I trust what has been so offered very respectable man of the half-breed sho is acceptable to God as well as to your is much interested in its success, and will brethren in Europe and Asia, and will use every possible exertion for its advan. turn to your account, and that of all tage. The small-pox bas taken its course those dear christian ministers and people through the most of the scholars: twen. who have helped forward the good work. ty-seven are returned, and I apprehend

What happiness does christianity pro- the school will shortly amount to eights: duce; and what a tendency is there in five. The plan of boarding is a little dif.! every christian duty to unite the friends ferent froin the other school. The whole of Jesus! We should not have known nor of the children are placed in the family loved one another as we do, but for these of this half-breed, and two Indian fami exertions for his name. Our last intelli- lies in the neighbourhood of the school, gence from India comes down as late as and quite convenient. They have not the October 20, 1805, and you will find it in advantage of table ceremony, but are cote print, in No. xv.p. 113–123. The Lord is ducted religiously in school. more and more opening the hearts of his Inclosed is a statement of the progress people in Britain to contribute. We make of the children as taken from the masan annual collection in London. I have ter's day book.* Some very serious im. several times made it, but never till this pressions are making on the half-breed spring collected above 400 pounds. This and his family, some tull blooded Indians time the collection amounted to upwards and a negro or two in the neighbourhood. of 800 pounds: Of all the nations upon All these are important, especially in the earth, I think it is the great duty of Bri- place they live. In the time of a discourse tain and North America to disseminate i delivered in the school house, while the gospel. We have more commerce pointing out the checks of conscience, with mankind, more gospel knowledge, and the miseries attendant on a sinful more liberty, and more wealth, than per- course, the half-breed became so affect. haps any other nations; and while we ed that he was obliged to withdraw a are thus employed, or rather while there few minutes to refrain lis tears suffis amongst us a body of christians thus ciently to be in company. As soon as the employed, I have little or no apprehenwion of our falling a prey to the destroyer,

* See the Fac simile.

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