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Rogation Days, extracts from church- | Rose, Red, appropriated in Glamor-
wardens' accounts illustrative of, ganshire to the graves of persons
i, 205.
distinguished for benevolence of
character, ii, 310.

ROSE OF JERICHO, iii, 375.
Rose-buds, divination by, on Valen-
tine's Day, i, 59.

ROSE, UNDER the, ii, 345-6.
ii, 119.

used for decking churches
at Christmas, i, 521.

Rosemary, at funerals, ii, 251, 303.
used as a charm, iii, 283.
Roses, gathering of, on Midsummer
Eve, i, 332.


AMBULATIONS in, i, 197-212.
gospels read during, in the
corn-fields, until the civil
wars, i, 201.

"Roi de la Fève," i, 24.
Rois, fête de, i, 22.

Roman d'Alexandre," i, 76.

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account of the games, &c.,
represented in the mar-
gin of the, ii, 387-9.

Romans, gave presents on New Year's
Day, i, 17.
custom among, of drawing lots
at our Twelfth-tide, i, 24.
practice of cock-fighting among
the, ii, 60.

admitted but five torches in
their nuptial solemnities, ii,

practice among the, of laying
out their dead in the porches
of their houses, ii, 246.
Romanus, St., i, 364.
Rome, New Year's Day, superstitions
at, i, 12.

rape of the Sabines at, i, 136.
Mars the tutelar god of hea-
thens, i, 365.

St. Peter and St. Paul the
patron saints of, i, 364.
marriage ceremonial at, ii, 157.
Rona, chapel in the Isle of, ii, 298.
Ronaldshay, North, large stone in the
Isle of, i, 19.


Rood, description of the, i, 352.
when taken down in
churches, i, 353.
eye, Chester, Shrove Tuesday
customs on the, i, 93.

Rope, with which a criminal has been
executed, used as a charm, iii, 276.
Rose, the symbol of silence, ii, 345-6.
White, usually planted in Gla-
morganshire upon a virgin's
tomb, ii, 310.


strewed on tombs by the Ro-
mans, ii, 308.

formerly suspended in parlours
and dining-rooms, ii, 347.
and violets prognosticate wea-
ther, iii, 248.

Rose trees formerly planted on graves
at Oakley, in Surrey, ii, 312.
Rosse, Henry Lord, bewitched, iii,

Rosyth, castle of, at Inverkeithung,
inscription at the door of, ii, 220.
Rotherham, Archbishop, bequeaths
a mitre, &c., for the Barne Bishop,
i, 424.

Round about our coal-fire, i, 310.
dock, iii, 314.

Routing well at Inveresk, ii, 372.
Rowsa, Danish, ii, 330.
Royal oak, state of the, in Dr. Stuke-
ley's time, i, 275.

ROYAL OAK DAY, i, 273.
Roytelet, iii, 195.
Rudduck, iii, 191-2.

Rudstone, Sir John, mayor of Lon-
don, articles of expense at his fu-
neral, ii, 288.

Rue, an amulet against witchcraft,
iii, 315.

RUFFE, ii, 438.

Runic calendar, St. Simon and St.
Jude's Day marked in the, by a
ship, i, 376.


ii, 439.

"Rural Dance about the May-pole,"
ballad of, i, 235.

Rural charms, iii, 309-19.

omens, iii, 191, 247.
Rush-bearing, order of its arrange-
ment, ii, 14.
RUSH-BEARINGS, ii, 13-4.

whence named, ii, 13.
RUSH RINGS, ii, 107.

Rushes anciently used for strewing
churches and houses, ii, 13.
Hentzner states Queen Eliza-
beth's presence-chamber at
Greenwich to have been
strewed with, ii, 13.
strewing of, at weddings,
ii, 116.

Russeaulx, allowance of, at Barking
nunnery, on Shere Thursday, i, 64.
Russia, celebration in, of Palm Sun-
day, i, 130.

Easter customs in, i, 174-5.
St. Nicholas, St. Mary, and
St. Andrew, patron saints
of, i, 364.

Ruttle, dead, iii, 232.

SACK POSSET, ii, 173.

how made, ii, 174.
Saddling the spit, ii, 196.

used in sacrifices, iii, 161.
Salt-bearers at the Eton Montem, i,
435, 437.

Sabines, April fooleries derived from Salt-silver, i, 403.
the rape of the, i, 136.
Sabbath of witches, iii, 10.
Sackcloth and ashes, substitute for, Saltzburg, St. Rupert the patron saint
i, 96.

SALT FALLING, iii, 160-6.
"Saltatio armata," i, 511.

of, i, 364.

Sailors, St, Nicholas the patron of,
i, 362, 419.

their dread of apparitions,
iii, 84-5.

omens among, iii, 239-41.
Saint Thomas's onions, iii, 357.
Saints, patrons of countries, &c., i,

Saints, tutelar, to ranks of people,
i, 359-60.

Salamander, vulgar error relating to
the, iii, 372.

Salisbury, custom in the neighbour-
hood of, before Shrovetide,
i, 62.

names of those invoked against

disease, i, 356-62.
Naogeorgus's enumeration of
those called Helpers, i, 363.

cathedral, order in the Statutes
of, respecting the boy-
bishop, i, 422.

the boy-bishop at, had the
power of disposing of pre-
bends falling vacant during
his episcopacy, i, 424.
service of, in the "Proces-
sionale ad usum Sarum,"
i, 424-5.

SALIVA, or SPITTING, iii, 259-63.
Salt, the emblem of wisdom and learn-
ing, ii, 234-5.

- goes for money in Prester
John's country, i, 436.
setting of, upon a dead body,
ii, 234.

an Egyptian hieroglyphic for
life, ii, 236.

prohibition of the episcopatus
puerorum in the Council of,
i, 426.

Salve, or salutation, at sneezing, iii,

Salute royal, iii, 263.
Saman, vigil of, i, 395.

Sandwich, the little cold collation,
whence named, ii, 192.

Sandwick, co. Orkney, superstitious
observance at, on December
17th, i, 400.
singular parochial customs at,
ii, 8.

Sans-culottes, fête de, i, 22.

Saphies, or charms, among the Afri- | Scotland, superstitions in, relating to
cans, 261, 324.

Sardinia, St. Mary the patron saint
of, i, 364.

the New Year, i, 9.
New Year's gifts in, i, 15.
custom of handsel-money in, i,


Saturnalia, Roman, i, 470-5, 500.
affinity of the, with New Year's
tide, i, 500-1.

Saving the ladies," custom of, at
Edinburgh, ii, 342.


Saul or soul, spitting the, iii, 261.
Sauveurs, iii, 270.

Sausages, feast of, in Germany, i, 400.
Saville, Sir Henry, curious notice of
cock-fighting in his correspondence,
i, 79.

Sawyer, Elizabeth, the witch of Ed-
monton, iii, 23, 37.

Scadding of peas, a, ii, 100.
Scandinavia, custom of riding the
stang, supposed to have been
known in, ii, 189.

Scaramouch, ii, 471.
SCARLET, one of the characters in the
morris dance, i, 266.

AT WEDDINGS, ii, 129.
Sceàlping-rzole, iii, 102.
School customs on Shrove Tuesday,
i, 76, 83.

in various parts of Great
Britain and Ireland, i, 441.
Schoolboy, song of the, at Christmas,

custom of nog-money in, on
New Year's Day, i, 14.
Shrove Tuesday customs in, i,
87, 91.

Scot-ale, i, 279.

SCOTCH and ENGLISH, ii, 439.

hunting the gowk in, i, 140.
beltan or baltein in, i, 337.
customs in, on Allhallow Even,

i, 378, 380, 388-9, 391.
Martinmas customs in, i, 399.
singed sheep's heads one of

the homely dishes of, i, 415.
observation of Christmas in, i,

New Year's customs in the
Western Islands of, i, 8, 9.
sword dance in, i, 512.
superstitious opinions in, re-
garding days, ii, 49.
girdles used in the Highlands

of, for women in labour, ii, 67.
superstitions in, respecting

children, ii, 73-4, 77-8.
superstitions in, relating to

marriages, ii, 78.
first food given to new-born
babes in the Highlands of,
ii, 80.

marriage ceremonies in, ii, 147.
riding the stang in, ii, 189.
funeral entertainments in, ii,
241, 242.

instances of persons burnt for
witchcraft in, iii, 29-30-1.
Scottish proverb, "Ye breed of the
witches," &c., iii, 10.

Scots Christmas carol, by the Gui-
searts, i, 458.

Scratch, Old, a name for the devil, ii,

i, 453.

Scilly Islands, custom at, of singing
carols on Christmas Day in
the church, i, 490.
superstitions of the, iii, 19.
Scolds, cucking-stool the punishment
for, iii, 102.

Scone, co. Perth, Shrove Tuesday
customs at, i, 91.
stone of, iii, 294-5.
Score, the cled, ii, 475.
Scorpion, vulgar error concerning the, Screech owl, iii, 206-10.

iii, 381.

Sea, roaring of the, predicts a storm,
iii, 247.
Sea-gulls, superstitions concerning,
iii, 218-9.

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Shropshire, "crying the mare in," ii, | SHYING AT Cocks, i, 81-2.
Siamese wish long life to persons
sneezing, iii, 124.


sin-eater in, ii, 246.

custom in, at first hearing the "Sicinium," i, 512.
cuckoo, ii, 198.

Shroud, woollen, ii, 233.

stuck with yew, ii, 253.
i, 63, 94.

explanation of the name of, i, Sigillaria, i, 462.


festivities of, as related by
Naogeorgus, i, 65-6.
description of, from the tract
entitled Vox Graculi, i, 65.
custom of carrying garlands
on, i, 68.

Fitzstephen's account of the
customs of, i, 70, 90.
throwing at cocks at, i, 72-3-4,


customs in Hertfordshire on,
i, 81-2.

pancake customs on, i, 82-8.
indignities formerly shown to
freshmen at Oxford on, i, 84.
Taylor the Water Poet's ac-
count of, i, 86.
the particular holiday of the
apprentices, i, 88.
customs in Oxfordshire, i, 88.
custom of searching for per-
sons of ill fame on, i, 89-90.
custom of rope-pulling at
Ludlow, i, 92.


fires lighted up at, in Helvetia,
i, 93.

no fire or candle may be kin-
dled on the eve of, among
the Finns, i, 93.
summary of the customs of,
from Pasquil's Palinodia,
i, 93.

weather omens on, i, 94.
"Shrovings," i, 63.
SHUGGY-SHEW, ii, 428.
Shy for shy, i, 82.

Side, right, rising on the, iii, 173.
Side-thrift, or shove-groat, ii, 441.
Sien Sluai, a supposed fairy habita-

tion in Argyleshire, ii, 504.
SIEVE and SHEARS, divination by, iii,

Signs, whimsicalities of, ii, 355.
change of weather prognosti-
cated from the swinging of,
iii, 242.

Silicernium, ii, 238.
"Silly How," the fortunate cap or
hood, iii, 114-9.

SIMON, ST., and ST. JUDE's Day, i,

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