ty, 343.

Lawyers must be reformed, and -A marriage in Rhode Is.

brought into the law of God, land, ii. 147-Friend's care
i. 96.

therein, 324.—Marrying,
Liberty, by the ministry of Christ meats, and drinks, i. 88, 353.

and his teaching, i. 87.-An Major General of Northampton-
intention of granting friends shire, an old persecutor, sharp-
liberty, 481-ii. 95–Irue li ly reproved by G. F. i. 347.
berty what puts down sin and Meetings. G. F. meeting with
iniquity, 272-Liberty from some friendly people in Derby-
prison, 355, 377–false liber shire, &c. i. 81, 82—at

Broughton, 89—of friends set
Life eternal is in Christ, not in up, 175—at F. Lepers, 186-
the scriptures, ii. 389.

Arnside, 199.-At London,
Light is not natural, i. 381 to 243.—Near Acton, 245.-

387, 101, 225, 239, 287, 294, Near London, Friends abused,
346, 363, 392.-Light and 314.-Monthly and Quarterly
grace, 402.—Light curst by Men and Women's Meetings
the Scotch priests, 403, 304 to set up in London and in the
3.7.-All are enlightened, ii. nation, ii. 77 to 82, 89—in
40.- The light to be in the the power of God, 204 to 210,
Indians, was denied by Dr. -are of God's ordering, 360,
Witty, 63—and a doctor in -being set up in the wisdom
Carolina denied it also, 158, of God, 432.—Women's Meet-
which Light gives the Light ings set up, 171, 212, 213,
of the knowledge, &c. 227, 214.-Yearly Meetings, 1657,
379, 386, 419.

1658, in Bedfordshire, i. 420,
Little Ease, a prison, or hole, 428— at Balby (Boultbie,
wherein Richard Sale

Yorkshire) 462.-York, ii.
squeezed, that not long after 412. — At London (1670,)
he died, i. 493.

124.-Meeting for Sufferings
Love of God, its Infiniteness, i. at Skipton, i. 464.- Powerful

85, 90-ii. 208. Love and meetings in Ireland, ii. 97,
Charity's effects, 357- Love 103.
and Unity is from the Spirit, Ministers went forth, i. 199, 219,

from the North Country over

England, 224, into Scotland,
Magistrates must yield to truth, 244, and beyond the Seas,

i. 211, 212, 216, 383, 385, 255.—Truth spreading in Eng-
386, 391-are to do justice, land, 318.- True Ministers
447-stop prophaneness, 476, trial, 252,-exercising their
499—their sword against evil gift, 420, 430, and sounding
doers, ii. 29–Magistrates of abroad their trumpets, ii. 100.
Dantzic, their persecution, Ministry of Christ, i. 80, 83, 88,
242 to 259, 345, 346, 347, -ii. 64, 204-takes do hire,
408, 409, 410.

Marriages stated, i. 79—ii. 67, Miracles wrought by the power

72-settled, 83, 128, 130, of God, i. 276, 277. She that
215-A case of marriage tried was ready to die, raised up
at Nottingham Assizes, i. 505. again, 281. The lame made


whole, 199. The diseased re- New England professors pro-
stored, ii. 197. A distracted claiming a fast, i. 439, soon
woman healed, i. 107, 108. after put four of our friends to
(See trouble of Mind.) A death, and became bloody per-
great man given over by phy secutors, 495. G. F. charged
sicians, restored, 11. ii. 11. their magistrates with murder-
G. F. prays for a woman rea ing them, 498, who felt God's
dy to die, and for a distracted judgments for their wicked-
woman at Chichester, i. 282. ness, ii. 253, 294, 416.
Restores JohnJay's neck broke Oath or engagement to Oliver
(as the people said) by a fall Cromwell, i. 223. Swear not
from an horse in East Jersey, at all, 231, 293. Oath of
ii. 151. Speaks to a sick man Abjuration, 272, tendered to
in Maryland, who was raised G. F. 288. His paper against
up by the power of the Lord, swearing read in court, 293,
154, and prays the Lord to 299. Oaths and swearing, 480
rebuke J. C's infirmity, and the -ii. 415, refused by G. F.
Lord by his power, soon gave being unlawful, 65.
him ease, &c. 305.

Oath of Allegiance and Supre-
Monk, General, his order, re macy, i. 506.—ii. 8, 10, 192.

quiring all officers and soldiers Oaths taken falsely against
to forbear to disturb the Quak Friends, 16, 30, 38. Oath
er's meetings, &c. i. 461, 480, tendered to G. F. 48, 53, 178.
which are not seditious, 490. Allegiance, wherein it consists
yet disturbed, 494. ii. 81, 82, 63, 87, what G. F. could say

instead of it, 178, and of Su-
Mountebank's vanity, i. 104. Premacy, 182, 188.

Their ignorance, 372. Offering, the true and the false,
Montague, Judge, G. F. discours ii. 369, 376, 389, 393, 422.

ing him about tithes, ii. 286. Old Cause. The setting up there-
Muggletonians, i. 502.

of was for themselves, i. 452.
Musketos in America, (little flies Oldenburgh Magistrates and Peo-
or gnats) ii. 149.

ple, a warning to them, ii. 434,
Music and singing, i. 102. 104. 435, 436, 437.

Openings of G. F's, i. 77, 80,84,
Names are given to things ac 85, 86, 90, 91, 94, of the

cording to their nature, i. 95. things of the creation, 95, of
Natures of creatures outward to physic, divinity, and law, 96,

be read within man, i. 89, 98, 97, 98, 99, 100.-ii. 401, 416.
173. That all things come Opposers of the faithful come to
by Nature refuted, 93.

nought, ii. 432, 433.
Naylor, James, is warned by Order of Bodmin sessions for the

G. F. i. 341-his recovery, prisoners ease, i. 301. Order

342, 356-his followers, 373. and discipline in the church
Nebuchaduezzar's Dream of

of Christ maintained, ii. 340,
Christ's kingdom, which is not is of the Spirit, 365.
of this world, i. 128, 502.

Oxford and Cambridge-teachers,
Negroes and Family meetings re cannot make ministers of

commended, ii, 426. - (See Christ,i. 80, 83. Oxford Scho.

lars rudeness, 262, 263, 384.

Papists, their superstition of to blood, ii. 87, 88.- Perse-

consecrated bread and wine, i. cutors restrained, 73, 74, 78,
430. Images, crosses, and 79, 99, 100.- Persecution
relicks, 429. ii. 40, pray by violent at London meetings,
beads, i. 502.-ii. 100, 373, 118,- Testimonies against it,
and sprinkle children, 92, 255, 256, 257, 258, 259, 280,
their pugatory, 92, and mo 281, 282, 283, 284, 297, 299,
ther-church pretended, 94. A 445, 446, 451, 452.- Four
warning to them, i. 251, 252,

Friends in New England
and their murdering false doc hanged, i. 499.

trine confuted, ii. 62, 63, 64. Physic and letting blood, a
Pardon being offered by the priest's remedy against a trou-

king to G. F. he could not bled mind, i. 79.
take it, ii. 193, 194, and was Physicians must be in the wis-

fairly freed without it, 195. dom of God, i. 96, 111, 500.
Parliament-men discoursing G.F. Pleasure and vain delights de-
in prison, ii. 64.

nied, i. 322, 339, 340, 342.
Parnel, James, convinced (1653) Plots and Fightings, Friends de-

i. 209, was at a dispute of claration against, i. 483, 485
G. F's against eight priests,

to 490—ii. 23, 182, 280, and
&c. at Drayton, on an hill, denied, 29, 32, 68.
(1654) 234. Imprisoned in Poland's exiled' Protestants, i.
Colchester castle (1655) 209. 305, 306-~King of Polaod,
is visited by G. F. in prison, ii. 253.-Two letters to him
and the jailer's wife threatened from G. F. 254 to 259, 345 to
to have his blood, 259. died
by a fall from a ladder going Powers of the Earth, i. 428.
up to his prison, and of whom Prayer, in sighs and groans, i.
professors, to cover their cru 398.—How to pray, ii. 373.
elty, said he fasted himself to Preachers congregational, at a
death, 210.

meeting with G. F. i. 380.
People flew like chaff before the Premunire of G. F. ii. 57, 60—
dreadful power of God, i. 112, of two Friends in Devooshire,
172. People trembled and 87.-Counsellor Corbe plea
shook in Carlisle steeple-house,

for G. F. in court, 195.
206. See Shaking.

Presbyterian Meetings stuffed
Perfection, a Priest discourses with bread and cheese, &c. ii.

G. F. about it, ii. 185.-Per 81.
fection in Christ is above Press-masters on board G. F.'s
Adam's, 132, 135, 353.-Im vessel, ii. 125, 168.
perfection pleaded for by pro- Pride in apparel, i. 248, 249,
fessors, i. 118, 217.

Persecution Judged, i. 188, 190, Priests sell the Scripture, i. 105,

192, 194,-testified against, -pray by form, 236, 237,-
and persecutors warned, 306 their spirit, 105,-they are
to 317,—they being blinded, hirelings, 209, 235. Tithe-
329, 330, 347, 394, 395, takers, 351,-robbers of the
and not knowing what spirit people, and not ministers of
they are of, 475.-Persecutors the gospel, ii. 58, 106,-plead


[ocr errors][ocr errors]

for sin and imperfection, i. i. 232.- Quakers' principles
113, 118, 136,- are confound stated to the king by G. F. ii.
ed, 145, 146, 217,-dreaded 191, 192, 193.
the man in leather breeches,
146. A priest trembles, 157, A great Rain fell after a meeting
-hides himself from G. F. in Cheshire in a great draught,
169,-are miserable comfort-

i. 375.
ers, 127,-reproved by Judge Ranters confounded, i. 109, 110,
Fell, &c. at sessions, 182, 142, 144, 231, 232, 242, 258,
reproved in the streets, 182, 502.A ranting woman at
183.-Eight priests dispute Loo, ii. 17. -Their wicked-
against G. F. 234,-are false ness, and the judgment fallen
prophets and antichrists, 202, on them, 89.-G. F. had a
-ii. 364. One pleads for meeting with the Ranters in
adultery, 180.-- One beats Rhode Island, 147.
Friends, i. 145, 146,-ii. 97, Rebellion and plots denied, ii.
-are choaked by a parsonage,

i. 111,-and love a fat bene- Regeneration must be known, to
fice, 276,-ii. 64,-so much a enter into the kingdom of
year, i. 460.- The devils law God, ii. 383, 384, 385, 386,
yers and counsellors, 397.– 387.
Oppressors, ii. 59.- Persecu- Religion, the reformed by tra-
tors, i. 455-ii. 74, 75, 118, dition, i. 435.—The true one

is the life and power of God,
Prophecy of R. Jones vain, i. 474–ii. 227.—The Pope's, i.

228, 229.-Of Browne's, see 435. See Papist.
Brown.—A woman's prophe- Repentance of some that had run
cy of the kings coming in, out, ii. 77.-Repentance goes
444.- Prophecy of priests and before the gospel, 380.
professors against the Quakers Reports raised of G. F. falsely,
vain, 220.-False prophecies i. 370, 371-at Nailsworth, ii.
and prophets, 222.

104.–Of G. F. and friends at
Prison of G. F. its hardness, ii. Barbadoes, 134, 135, 139.

48, 54, 57, 60, and that of Restitution made of wrong done,
Scarborough castle, 61.-Pri i. 106, 107.
son-keeper struck with terror, Restoration out of the fall, into
i. 118, 119. Prisoners many, the state that never fell, ii.
439.-Friends offer their bo 121.
dies one for another, 439,- Revelation of John is a sealed
died prisoners, 442,- ii. 1, 32, up book, (said the priests to

34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 68, 87. G. F.) i. 81.-By Revelation
Prisoners set at liberty by the

God is known, 83.
king, i. 480_ii. 355. Righteous men are preserved
Pyrates, ii. 125, 142.

from destruction, ii. 367, 368,

Quakers, first so called, i. 119.-Rude people at meetings and

Quaker's love to all men, ii. inns, i. 370, 371, in Wales,
74.--A Quaker's upright ver 382, at Manchester, 390, in
dict, being upon a jury, com Scotland, 405.--Rude fellows
mended by the Judge in court, by the way-side, 410.-Rude-

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serving men abusive to friends | Sessions at Lancaster, i. 180, in and out of Meetings, 187, 181, 182, 183, 184, 185.-ii. and to women going home, 465. 29, 30.—Leicester, 10, 11.-Fellows encompassing G. F. Worcester, 1.77, 178, 185, 190. by the way, 347.-Rude - Bodmin, i. 30). priests, 468.–Rude people, Shaking of the house, G. F. 493, 494—ii. 25, 85.

praying, i. 92. A meeting of Rule of Life, ii. 184.

Friends were greatly shaken,

94.-Teople shook, 206--see Sacrament of Bread and Wine, Steeple-house.

the denial of it objected and Sheriff of Lincoln convinced, i. answered, i. 351, 355, 362, 230-see Craven. Sheriffs to 430, 431.

be chosen by Friends, ii. 292, Sally Man of War, that gave

293. chase to the vessel G. F. went The sick and afflicted restoredin to America, his report there see Trouble in Mind, and Miof, ii. 125.

racles. Salutation of G. F. to the Coun- Shipwrecks called God's grace,

cil of Edinburgh, being laid i. 454.

before them, i. 408, 409. Sign, Thomas Aldam a sign to Schools set up for Friends' chil. Oliver Cromwell, i. 445.. dren, ii. 123, 172.

Robert Huntington, 493. Scots challenging a dispute with Some in sackcloth and ashes,

Friends were overthrown, i. ii. 58, 71.-Another before 404.- A Scotch Officer's im the 'fire of London, 70-Anopious saying, 405.--Scotch ther going naked, 71.--A woPriests' principles, 401. man going before the ParliaCurses, 403, 404.-Blindness, ment, &c. 444—see Prophe408, 409.

cies.-Richard Sale carrying, Scriptures are the words, not the &c. 493.

Word of God, i. 197, 331,- Singing in the Spirit with a me-
and understood by the Spirit, lodious sound, i. 412.
101, 102–ii. 313, 314,-be- Sin, Priests preach up for term
ing given forth by it, 137. of life, i. 113, 493.
Scripture knowledge without Sin's, Entail and origioal, cut off,
the life, vain, i. 83, 89-ii. ii. 397.- Professors distinguish
228, 229

the guilt and the power of it, Seekers, i. 502.

312, and plead for sin, ii. 185, Separation and its Spirit, a warn 186.-Sin's deceitfuiness to

ing against it, ii. 213, 214, be watched against, 308, 309.
215,-pleads a liberty, 225,- Sirrah, and other reproachful
has the name of Truth, but nick-names, given by Magis-
not the nature, 225, 239, 242, trates to prisoners, reproved,
243, 244, 250, 260, 263, 265, ii. 35.
279, 289, 290, 291, 319, 320, Slander raised by a priest on a
321, 359, 360.—Unruly spi meeting of Friends he was at,
rits at Reading, 250.- In i. 196.
America G. F. had a meeting Soldiers, one proferred G. F. to
with them, 146.

assist him, i. 178, 179.-

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