May, 8th of, celebrated at Helstone, | May-poles, taken down by an ordi-
in Cornwall, i, 223.

nance of the Long Parlia-
ment, i, 241-3.

supposed to be derived
from the Roman Floralia,
i, 222.

Sir Aston Cokain's verses
on, i, 241.

blowing with, and drinking
in, horns on, i, 213.
allusions to customs on, in
Herrick's Hesperides, i,

origin of the, i, 237.
MAY, TWENTY-NINTH of, i, 273-6.
Mead-mowings, i, 277.
divination on, by white- Meadow verse, from Herrick's Hes-
thorn, i, 217.
customs from
Floræ," i, 242.
mode of celebrating in Lon-
don, i, 231-2.
at Oxford, i, 232-3.

perides, ii, 30.
"Funebriæ"Med-syp," ii, 28.

great festival of the sweeps,
i, 231-2.

Old, extracts from the Tears
of, i, 247.

May-dew, custom of bathing the face
with, on the 1st of May, i, 218.
May-eve, customs of, in Ireland,
i, 227.

May-fair, ii, 467.
May-games, rolling down Greenwich-
hill referred to, i, 181.
preachings and invectives of
the Puritans against, i, 241.

May-gosling, i, 219.
Mayers, song of, at Hitchin, i, 230.
Maying, custom to go out a, i, 212.
King Henry VIII and Queen
Katherine go a, i, 214.
Mayings, practice of, temp. Hen. VI,
i, 215.

after the Restoration per-

mitted to be erected
again, i, 242.

MAY-POLES, i, 234-47.

Meigle, sepulchral monument of Va-
nora at, iii, 274.

MELL SUPPER, ii, 27-8-9.

Eugene Aram's account of
the, ii, 27.

Melshach, spring in the moss of,
ii, 381.

Memories, the drinking of, ii, 341-2.
Menagiana, story in, on the subject
of sneezing, iii, 124.
Mendicant friars, pageants exhibited
by the, on Corpus Christi Day,
i, 296.

Mantz, St. Martin and St. Boniface
the patron saints of, i, 365.
"Mercheta mulierum," ii, 177.
Mermaid, story of, in notes to Collins's
Ode to Liberty, iii, 412.
capture of a, in the Isle of
Man, iii, 412-3.


superstitions respecting, in the
Isle of Man, iii, 411-2.

May-morning, Milton's sonnet on, MERRILS, ii, 428.

i, 215.

or a SWING, ii, 428.

fetched into London an- Merrythought of a fowl, iii, 220.
ciently, i, 239.
Mesopotamia, practices among the
Christians of, with eggs, on Easter
Day, i, 171.

Stubs's account of the,

i, 234.
French used to erect them, Metwands, i, 129.
i, 237.
Mhoire, iii, 394.
description of from Pasquil's Michael, St., i, 364.
Palinodia, i, 239-40.

applied to, by sailors, i, 355.

Michael St., buckler of, preserved in a | Midsummer Eve, gathering of fern-
castle in Normandy, i, 355.
well of, at Kirkmichael, co.
Banff, ii, 376.

seed on, i, 314-5.
custom in France on, i, 316.
at Alcala, in Spain, i, 317.
divinations on, by the or-


i, 372-3.

MICHAELMAS, i, 353-6.

custom of the cooks of Oxford
at, i, 84.

presentation of the Sheriff of
London on, i, 354.

sheep killed in Ireland at, i, 372.
Michaelmas Day, i, 355.

popular saying relating to
the eating of, i, 370.
Middleton Chenduit, co. Northampt.,
custom of strewing the church at,
in summer, with hay, ii, 14.
MID-LENT SUNDAY, i, 110-8.

superstition respecting the Midsummer men, i, 329.
moon on, i, 356.
Goose, i, 367-71.

singular rite in Franconia
on, i, 112.

extract from the "Popish
Kingdom," concerning, i,

custom of sawing the figure"
of an old woman in two
on, at Seville, i, 118.
Midsummer ales, i, 277-9.


Day, boughs hallowed on,
against witches, i, 335.
MIDSUMMER EVE, 298, 337.

"how to know what trade your
husband will be," on, i, 336.
experiment of the Midsummer

shift, on, i, 333.

pyne plant, i, 329-30.
watching in the church-
porch and fasting on,
i, 331.
dipping of children on, in
Bede's well, near Jarrow,
ii, 383.

formerly thought a season pro-

ductive of madness, i, 336-7.
bonfires on, i, 299, 300-1-2-3-4
Court de Gebelin's account

nail charms on, iii, 301.

pageants in London, i, 323.
shift, experiment of, i, 333.
shows, abolished at Chester,
i, 323.

Midwives, oath anciently taken by,
and injunctions relating to, ii, 69.
Milkmaid's Life, ballad of, i, 214.
Milkmaids, festivities of the, in Lon-
don, on the 1st May, i, 231.
Milk-score, round O of a, i, 156.
MILLER'S THUMB, iii, 387.
MINCE PIES, i, 526-7.
Minchiate, ii, 450.

Mind," in month's, signifies re-
membrance, ii, 315.

MONTH'S MYNDE, ii, 314.
Minorca, celebration of the carnival
at, i, 69.

harvest customs in, ii, 30.
ceremony at, of throwing nuts
and almonds at weddings,
ii, 155.

hatred borne by the inhabi-
tants of, to the sight and
name of a horn, ii, 186.
vines not pruned in, iii, 315.
- burial custom in, iii, 325.
Miracle, pretended, performed at St.
Winifred's well, ii, 367.

of the fires on, i, 301.
Pagan rites of, i, 302.
fire, print of, entitled "le feu Mirrors used by magicians, iii, 61.
MISRULE, LORD of, i, 497.

de la St. Jean," i, 310.
account of the watch anciently
kept in London on, i, 326-7.
gathering the rose on, i, 332.

account of, from Stubs's Ana-
tomie of Abuses, i, 501.
Abbot of, i 504.

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Missa ad prohibendum ab idolis, | Monquhitter, other superstitions for-
i, 465.
merly encouraged at, iii,
73, 228.

Missals, variation of the, in the an-
cient form of the marriage cere-
mony, ii, 134-5.

Mistletoe sacred to the Druids, i, 109.
gathering of, i, 459.

churches said to be decked
with, at Christmas, by
Gay, i, 521-2.

fact of this disputed, i, 523.
Sir John Colbach's account of

[ocr errors]

the virtues of, i, 524.
described by Virgil, i, 524.
considered the forbidden tree
of Eden, i, 524.

Stukeley's account of the in-
troduction of, into York
cathedral, i, 524.
called "All-heal," i, 525.
grown on
to two standard
apple trees at Kilcarlitz, in
Scotland, i, 525.

a charm against witches, ii, 20. MONTH'S MIND, ii, 314.
Mistresse favours, ii, 92.

[blocks in formation]

Montacute, William de, Earl of Salis-
bury, ii, 277.

will of, ii, 287.
MONTEM AT ETON, i, 432-41.
ceremony of the chaplain at
the, omitted, i, 433.

sums collected at the, i, 435,

origin and descriptions of the

procession of the, i, 437.
account of the ceremony of

Monmouth street, horseshoes nailed
against the thresholds of doors in,
iii, 17.
Monquhitter, penny bridal at, ii. 147.
superstitious notions at, relat-
ing to the dead, ii, 233.


the, from Huggett's Manu-
script Collections, i, 436-7.
mottoes of the tickets for, i,

account of the Montem pro-
cession of 1793, i, 439.

Month, perilous days of every, ii, 47-8.
names of our months, borrowed
from the Romans, i, 475.

Montrose, Christmas visiting at, i,

[blocks in formation]

Moray, physical charms used in the | Mugwort, superstitious search for the
province of, iii, 286.

roots of, i, 334.
"Mulieres præficæ," ii, 269.
Mumbo jumbo, the bugbear employed
in the interior of Africa to keep
women in subjection, ii, 193.

Morgengabe, or gift on the morning Mummer signifies a masker, i, 461.
after marriage, ii, 176.
Mummery, in 1377, by the Londoners,
Stow's account of the, i, 463.
MUMMING, Christmas custom of, i,

Morian, i, 249.

Morisco, dance so called, i, 252.
Spanish, i, 252-3.

"More sacks to the mill," ii, 422.
More, Sir Thomas, the early wit of,
shown in Cardinal Morton's family,
i, 500.

MORNING AFTER the Marriage, ii,


Morrice-bells, i, 247-64.
Morris dance, descriptions of the, from
Cobbe's Prophecies and
Cotgrave's Treasury, i,


origin of the, from the Spa-
nish morisco, i, 253.
when introduced into Eng-
land, i, 253.
accompanies different festi-
vals, i, 253.
represented in a picture from
the old palace at Rich-
mond, i, 268.

drama played at Revesby
Abbey, Lincolnshire, in
1779, i, 513.
nine men's, ii, 429.

Mortagne, in France, singular murder
at, iii, 309.

MORTUARIES, ii, 248.
Mot-bell, ii, 219.

Mothering cake, i, 111-2.
Mothering, practice of, on Midlent
Sunday, i, 111.
"Mother-night," the night of the
winter solstice, i, 475.
Moulin, co. Perth, custom at, on New
Year's Day, i, 19.
Mourning garments, colour of, in most
instances black, ii, 281-2.

in King Henry the Fourth's
time, i, 464.

Henry the Eighth's order
against, i, 465.
Muncaster, co. Cumberland, custom
at, on New Year's Eve, i, 8.
Murderer, bleeding of a dead body at
the presence of the, iii, 229.
Murray, shire of, Midsummer fires
in, i, 310.

Music and singing anciently made a
part of funerals, ii, 267-8.
Muss, GAME OF, ii, 429.
Myrtle, the, strewed on tombs by the
Greeks, ii, 308.

MY Sow's PIGGED, GAME OF, ii, 429.

[blocks in formation]

Naples, ceremony at, on Thursday in
Passion Week, i, 150.

St. Thomas Aquinas and St.
Januarius the patron saints
of, i, 364.

Mouse-ear, the herb, iii, 313.
Mouswald, co. Dumfries, ancient har- Narses, the name by which the Assy-
vest superstition at, ii, 33.
rian mothers terrified their infants,
ii, 516.

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"Narthick," ii, 103.
"Natal or natalitious gifts," ii, 84.
NECK, Superstitions relating to the,
iii, 173.

NECK VERSE, iii, 382.
Neithe, the spirit presiding over water

in the Celtic mythology, ii, 376-7.
Newbury, feast held at, of bacon and
beans on Mace Monday, i, 347.
Newcastle-under-Lyme, punishment
of the branks at, iii, 108.
Newcastle-upon-Tyne, regulation con- NEW YEAR'S DAY, i, 10, 20.


cerning the butchers at, in
Lent, i, 63.

carnival of Shrove Tuesday at,
i, 82.

Easter eggs given at, i, 172.
custom at, at the feasts of
Easter and Whitsuntide, i,

Newton, Sir Isaac, on the ignis fatuus,
iii, 404.

New River, source of, at Chadwell, ii,

perambulation of the town of,
on Ascension Day, i, 206.
custom at, on May Day, i, 219.
rhymes used by the boys at,

on May 29th, i, 274.
fellowship of cooks at, i, 318.
ceremony of the boy-bishop at,
A.D. 1299, i, 422.
crying hagmena at, i, 458.
obsolete phrases, used at, i,

sailors use a song at, in heaving
their anchors, ii, 27.
wedding customs at, ii, 127.
burgesses of, convened on guild

days by the bell of St. Ni-
cholas's church, ii, 218-9.
thief and reever bell at, ii, 220.
annual fairs at, ii, 458-9.
punishment of the branks and
drunkard's cloak at, iii, 108.
Newchombe, John, of Newbury, his
marriage, ii, 158.

New College, Oxford, custom at, on
Holy Thursday, ii, 378.

New Forest, formerly famous for the
production of yew trees, ii, 260.
Newnton, co. Wilts, custom at, on
Trinity Sunday, i, 285.

New Year celebrated at the vernal
equinox, i, 170.

eggs given on the feast of the,
i, 169-70-1.

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of the Persians opened with
agricultural ceremonies, i,

Naogeorgus's account of, i,


festival of fools held on, at
Paris, i, 13.

lines repeated by the common
people in France upon, i,


[blocks in formation]
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