"In whom all Fulness Dwells."

Oh, this peace of Jesus passeth

All the world can give or know, All the fairest day-dreams gilded

With earth's most brilliant glow.

The Name of Jesus bringeth
Glad comfort to mine ear;
Its very sound is sweetness,
Of love, and hope, and cheer.
Upon my forehead written
I long that Name may be,

To testify to others

Of Him who died for me ;

Him, whom my heart hath chosen,

Its Shepherd, Priest, and King, Who of His fulness giveth,

Love, light, and everything.




Praying in Secret.


I NEED not leave the jostling world,
Or wait till daily tasks are o'er,
To fold my hands in secret prayer,
Within the close shut closet door.

There is a voiceless cloistered room
Within me, open every day;

Where, though my feet may join the throng,
My soul may enter in and pray.

When I have banished wayward thought,
Of sinful works the fruitful seed,
When folly wins the ear no more,
The closet door is shut indeed.

No human step approaching breaks
The blissful stillness of the place;

No shadow steals across the light
That falls from my Redeemer's face.

One listening, even, cannot know

When I have crossed the threshold o'er, For He alone who hears my prayer

Has heard the shutting of the door.

[blocks in formation]


EVEN to-day, the Lord of life and glory

Waits to answer when His people call;
Hast thou told Him all thy life's long story?
Hast thou brought thy sins, and left them all
Where the Shadow of His Cross is lying,

O'er thy pathway cold and dark and drear?
Dost thou plead the merit of His dying?
Dost thou pray, believing He will hear?

Art thou "thirsty?" Dost thou ask for water,
Living water, from the fount on high?
"Ask in faith," and if thou dost not falter
He will answer e'en this feeble cry.
Art thou "hungry?" Is thy soul still standing
By the table where His children feed?
Lift thine eyes!-Thy gracious Lord is handing
Unto thee, the "Bread " that thou dost need.

And already murmured sounds of blessing
Part His lips. O, listen to His word-



Matthew V. 6.

While thou art thy many sins confessing,
Hast thou not that loving murmur heard?
Righteousness," thy hungry soul is craving,-
Be thy heart's wild, anxious beating stilled,
In the fountain of His fulness laving,

He hath said, thou shalt be "cleansed," and

Doth He sell this "bread of life," or "water?"

Seeth He aught of worthiness in thee?

Nay! 'tis a "free gift." Each son and daughter
May receive it, if their faith be free.

Let not Satan bind thy faith, nor fetter

Down the trust which God doth freely give,
Though it seems but weak to thee, 'tis better
That by use, it should increase and live.

Living faith, which claims Him as thy Saviour,
Growing faith, which trusts Him more each day,
Will, from lip and heart, and in behaviour,
Show that thou art His in every way.

Canst thou trust Him with thy soul, my brother?
Canst thou sister, thus His mercy prove?
Will He turn from thee to aid another

Thou mayst think more worthy of His love?

"Let not your Heart be Troubled."

Nay! Thy God is "reconciled," and willing

To receive thee-write thee down "forgiven," And, the anguish of thy spirit stilling,

Make thee meet for earth, and meet for Heaven. With the white robe of His love around thee,

Resting on His mighty arm of power,

Breaking all the chains that once had bound thee, Thou mayst glorify thy Lord, each hour.


A. B. T.

John xiv. 1.

The world has words of evil

One may not choose but hear;

For every line of safety

It has a rhyme of fear.

Yet on the ear that listens,

The Teacher's words may fall,
"Let not your heart be troubled,"-
And sweetly drown them all.

The brightest day may darken
With heavy clouds of care,

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