Faw, John, Lord and Earl of Little | FINDING OR LOSING THINGS, iii,
Egypt, iii, 100.


Faws, gipsies so called in the north FINGER NAILS, Divination by the,
of England, iii, 100.
iii, 177.

Fawkes, Guy, image of, carried about
on the 5th of November, i, 397-8.
Fayles, game of, ii, 417.
Feasts, burial, ii, 237.

February set apart for Parentalia, or
funeral anniversaries, ii, 157.
Feed the dove, i, 517.
Feet, happy and unhappy, iii, 167.
charms for the, iii, 285.

Felicitas, St., i, 364.

Fens, superstition of the, iii, 19.
Feralia, ii, 308.

Feriæ, ii, 459. •

Ferioll, St., i, 365.
Fern-seed, gathered on Midsummer
Eve, magical powers of, i, 314-5.
Ferrers, George, a lord of misrule,
temp. Edward VI, i, 499.
Festum fatuorum, i, 137.

"Festum stultorum veterum," i, 137.
Fetches, iii, 228.

FETCH LIGHTS, iii, 237-8.

Fête des Rois, i, 22.

Fever, charm against, iii, 271.
Feu de la St. Jean, i, 310.

[blocks in formation]

Finns, superstitions of the, relating
to St. George's Day, i, 192.

feast of Allhallows said to
drive them out of their
wits, i, 396.

throw a piece of money into

the trough out of which
horses drink on St. Ste-
phen's Day, i, 534.
Monday and Friday held to be
unlucky days with, ii, 50.
Fir darrig, the, ii, 508.
Fir tree, superstition concerning the,
iii, 233.


superstition concerning, at
Rome on New Year's Day,
i, 12.
"hallowed on Easter Eve,
i, 158.

an emblem of immortality,
i, 391.

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FIVE SCORE of MEN, MONEY, and Fool, a character in the morris dance,

THINGS, ii, 474-5.

Flanders, ceremony in, on Saturdays
between Christmas
Candlemas, i, 45.

St. Peter the patron saint of,
i, 365.

i, 270.

the keeping one in families
for entertainment formerly
common, i, 265, 501.
i, 505-19.

FLAT STONES, custom of laying over
graves in our churches and church-
yards, ii, 301.

FOOL PLOUGH, also called the fond
or white plough, i, 505.
representation of the, as used
in Yorkshire, i, 511.

Fleabane, seed of, used as a charm, Fools, festival of, i, 13, 131, 135, 139,
iii, 313.


Fleas, merry conceit for preventing
the increase of, ii, 198.
biting of, iii, 204.

FLIES considered as omens, iii, 189.
of divination used at weddings, ii,

Flintshire, marriage custom prevalent
in, ii, 127.

Flitch of bacon, claiming of, by
married people, ii, 177-9.
Floralia, Roman, i, 216-41.
Florian, St., i, 360-4-5.
Flouncing, a betrothing custom in
Guernsey, ii, 98.

Flower seeds sown on Palm Sunday,
iii, 248.

Flowers, strewed at weddings, ii, 116.
ancients used to crown de-

ceased persons with, ii, 252.
strewed on graves, ii, 302-14.
sweet-scented, only permitted
to be planted on graves, ii,


Fond Plough, i, 505.
Fontinalia, feast of, ii, 368.

Forfar, Martinmas custom at, i, 399
Forfeits, i, 517.

in barbers' shops, ii, 361.
Forglen, in Banffshire, few persons at,
choose to marry on a Friday,
ii, 50.
other superstitions at, iii, 111,
Fortingall, co. Perth, yew tree at, ii,
Fortune-teller, description of the, in
Hudibras, iii, 62.

or boughs put upon the heads!
of horses for sale, ii, 351.
Fly, custom of fetching in the,
Oxford, i, 84.
FOLLOWING THE CORPSE TO THE Fortune-tellers still called
GRAVE, ii, 249-54.
men" in the North, iii, 63.
Fountain on the shores of the Bos-
phorus, ii, 368.
Fountains, superstitions, ii, 374-5-7,



forbidden, ii, 374.

Fool of the May games, i, 263-5.

made on the 1st of May, i, 219.
"Fool's Fair" at Lincoln, ii, 469.
Foot-ale, ii, 333.
FOOTBALL, ii, 417.

King Charles the First's, i,


game of, on Shrove Tuesday,
i, 90-1-2.

money, ii, 156.

prohibited in Scotland, ii, 417.
Footcloth, fool's, in the morris dance,
i, 267.
Footing, ii, 333.

Footman, Sir Thomas Overbury's
character of a, i, 110.

Forefinger of the right hand con-
sidered venomous, iii, 177.
Fore-spoken water, i, 394.
goods, iii, 299.

Four, superstition relating to the Friar Tuck, i, 262-3.

number, iii, 268.

Fowl, offering of a, ii, 375.

merry-thought of a, iii, 220.
Fowls, omens from, ii, 219.
Fox and geese, ii, 354.
Fox-i-th' Hole, i, 3.

Fox tayles, crown of, iii, 392.
Foys, ii, 330.

hunting the wren in, iii, 195-6.
touching for the evil in, iii,

Friar's lantern, iii, 397.
Friday, an unlucky day, ii, 48, 50.
considered lucky by Aureng-
zebe, ii, 50.

Froise, i, 393.

France, Ash Wednesday how distin-
guished by the peasantry
of, i, 100.
custom in, on Midsummer
Eve, i, 316.

St. Denis and St. Michael the
patron saints of, i, 364.
kings of, give presents to their

soldiers at Christmas, i, FUNERAL

unlucky for marriage, ii, 50.
Frideswide, St., i, 364.
Frindsbury, co. Kent, May-day cus-
tom at, i, 246.

procession of the men of, to
Rochester on Whit Monday,
i, 246.

customs used in, on St. Nicho-

las Day, i, 421.

Christmas carols in, i, 480.
fool-plough used in, on Ash
Wednesday, i, 510.
Franklin, Sir Thomas Overbury's
character of a, i, 63.
Frederick, Emperor of Germany,
consults the astrologers on his
marriage with Isabella, sister of
Henry III, iii, 342.
Freeman's well at Alnwick, i, 194.
Freshmen, indignities offered to, at

Oxford, i, 84.
Frets, superstitious notions in Scot-
land, so called, ii, 233.

Frogs, omens of weather, iii, 244.
Frumenty, ii, 11, 19.
Fugalia, Roman, feast of, i, 185.
Fuller's thistle, weather omen drawn
from, iii, 247.

Funeral or dead peal, ii, 219.



Pie, ii, 243.

rites, parody on, in Dunbar's
will of Maister Andro'
Kennedy, ii, 250.

song, formerly used in York-
shire, ii, 254.

etymology of, ii, 276.
sermons, ii, 279.
tokens, ii, 286.

Frances, St. de Sales, forbids the cus-
tom of valentines, i, 59.
Francis, St., i, 365.

girdle of, iii, 311.

Franciscans, supposed to have at-
tended May games, i, 262.
Franconia, rites celebrated in, at Ro- FUNERALS IN THE CHURCH-PORCH,

gation time, i, 200.

feasting on, at Martinmas, i,

ii, 245.

psalmody used at, ii, 267.
music at, ii, 267-76
Roman, ii, 267.
Irish, ii, 269.
howling at, ii, 270.
torches and lights at, ii,


invitations to, ii, 287.

Funus, etymology of, ii, 276.
Furmenty pot, ii, 18.
Furmety, i, 111-12.

used at country wakes in
Cheshire, ii, 11.

Furry Day, in Cornwall, supposed
Flora's Day, i, 223.
song, i, 224.
Fye, or fye-token, iii, 228.
Fynnon Vair, ii, 374.

MAID MARIAN, or QUEEN of the Man, Isle of, superstitions in, referred
MAY, i, 253-8.

the mistress of Robin Hood,
i, 255-6.

Maiden assizes, gloves given at, ii,


Maiden feast upon the finishing of
harvest at Longforgan, co. Perth,
ii, 25.


Maidens, gathering of the, on St.
Barnabas' Day, i, 293.
"Maigrefwe," i, 259.

Mangunel, William, his divination by
the speal or bladebone, iii, 339.
Main, etymology of, ii, 62.
Man in the Moon, iii, 153-4.
Mains in cock-fighting, ii, 62. "Man's ingress and egress," ii, 275.
Malabrians, superstitions among the, Mandingoe tribe of Indians, adora-
iii, 205.
tion of the new moon
by, iii, 149.

Malkin, a name for Maid Marian, i,


lustration of children
among the, iii, 260.

Mamertus, Bishop of Vienna, litanies
or rogations first observed by, i,

Mammard, St., i, 365.
Man, Isle of, customs in the, on
Twelfth Day, i, 32.
on the 1st of May, i,


on Christmas Day, i,

Mapouder, co. Dorset, curfew bell
rung at, ii, 223.

Marble, dampness of, an omen of
weather, iii, 243.
MARBLES, ii, 427.

custom of the quaaltagh in,
i, 538.

of hunting the wren in,
iii, 198.

March, borrowed days of, ii, 41-2.
first three days of, called
"blind days" in Devon-
shire, ii, 43.
Marchpanes, i, 13.
Marching-watch, in London, temp.
Hen. III to Hen. VIII, i, 326-7.
Margaret, Countess of Richmond, her
prayer to St. Nicholas, and conse-
quent vision, i, 421.

superstitions in, relating to

changelings, ii, 74.
christenings in, ii, 81.
wedding ceremonies in, ii, MARGARET'S DAY, ST., i, 345.
Mariach Shine, ii, 377.
wake kept in, with the dead, Marigolds, weather omens drawn
ii, 229.


from, iii, 247.

MARK'S DAY, or EvE, ST., i, 192.
custom at Alnwick upon, i,

on St. Stephen's Day,
iii, 198.

to the second sight, iii, 159.
salt-superstitions in, iii, 164.
belief in mermaids, water-

bulls, &c., iii, 411.
home of the spell-bound
giants in Castle Rushen,
iii, 89.

local superstitions in, iii,

funeral customs in, ii, 240.
fairy superstitions in, ii,


fairies asserted by the Manks
to have been the first in-
habitants of their island,
ii, 494.

witches in the, iii, 5.

MANDRAKE, iii, 12, 375.
Manna, vulgar error relating to, iii,

PORCH, ii, 133.
NIES, ii, 87.


Marriage, privy contracts of,ii, 88, 89. | Mary Queen of Scots, bells rung at

psalm, ii, 138.

Edinb. in 1566, on account
of her sickness, ii, 207.
drank to her attendants pre-
vious to her execution,
desiring them to pledge
her, ii, 335.
Mary Atingana, St., i, 364.
St., i, 364-5.

divination at, ii, 165.

prohibited times of, ii, 168.
days noted in old calendars as
fit for, ii, 168.

vulgar error concerning mar-
riage under the gallows, iii,
Marriages esteemed unlucky in May,
i, 224.

nuts used in, among the
Romans, i, 164.

of Aquisgrana, St., i, 365.
Marymass fair in Irvine, ii, 469.
Masking on New Year's Day, i, 19.
Masks at weddings, ii, 161.

Marrowbones, origin of the term, i, Mass, a word for festival, i, 348.

Marry," origin of the expression, i,

"Master," in the Scottish sense, heir
apparent, ii, 75.

Marseilles, custom at, of interring the

carnival, on Ash Wednesday, i, 100.
Marsden fair, co. Oxford, Queen of
the May at, i, 258.

Matching, co. Herts, house built
close to the churchyard for the en-
tertainment of poor people on their
wedding-day, ii, 144.

Mart, etymology of, i, 400.
Martial, St., i, 364.

Matilda, daughter of Robert Lord
Fitzwalter, the original Maid
Marian, i, 256.

Martilmas beefe, i, 399.

Maturin, St., i, 364-5.

Martilmasse Day, old ballad of, i, 403. | MAUNDAY THURSDAY, i, 142-50.
Martin, St., i, 360-5.

goose eaten on the eve of, i,

why so called, i, 142-3.
notices of the distribution of,
in England, i, 143-5.
custom of "washing the feet"

day of, marked on the Norway
clogs by a goose, i, 401.
Martinalia, i, 401.

on, at Vienna, i, 143.
order of the, as practised by


"Les Martinales, ou Descrip-
tion d'une Médaille," i, 403.
Martin Marre-prelate, manner of his
burial, ii, 292.
MARTINMAS, i, 399, 404.

the time when winter pro-
visions were laid in, i, 399.
Naogeorgus's verses on, i, 403.
Old, i, 410.

Martin's rings, St., ii, 95.
Martin's stone, at Strathmartin, i, 322. Mawe, ii, 450.
Martinsall-hill, i, 401.

Marus, St., i, 364.

Mary Queen of Scots, Buchanan's

verses to, on New Year's
Day, i, 16.

ceremonies at her marriage
with Lord Darnley, ii, 140.

Queen Elizabeth, i, 145-6.
Earl of Northumberland's, A.D.

1512, i, 147.

customs observed by Cardinal
Wolsey on, i, 149.

ceremony of, in Russia, i, 149.
practice on, among the French,
i, 149.

Maurice, Emperor, superstitions of
the, iii, 110.

May, derivation of the word, i, 221.
Lady of the, i, 221-53-7.
considered an unlucky time

for the celebration of mar-
riage, i, 224; ii, 168.
King or Lord of, i, 259.
Queen of, i, 257.

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