x. 18.

Psal. xv. 3.

Exod. xx. 17.
Matt. xxii. 39.
Matt. vii. 12.

Matt. xxv. 40.
1 Pet. i. 22.
Matt. v.41.
Gal. vi. 10.

Psal. Ixxxii 2. perverting justice ; from false witnessProv. xix. 5;

ing and deceit; from slandering, back

biting, uncharitable censuring, or other Matt. vii. 12.

wrong to the reputation of our neighbours.

Keep us from coveting any thing that is our neighbour's.

Let us love our neighbours as ourselves, and do to others as we would they should do to us.

Cause us to love Christ in his members with a pure and fervent love ;

and to love our enemies, and do good to all, as we are able, but especially to the household of faith.

Give us our necessary sustentation and provision for thy service, and con

tentedness therewith. Bless our labours, Psal, cxii. 3; and the fruits of the earth in their seacxxviii. 2.

son; and give us such temperate weather

as tendeth hereunto. Deliver us and all Rom. xiii. 13, 14; xii, 11, thy servants from such sickness, wants,

or other distresses, as may unseasonably take us off thy service. Keep us from gluttony and drunkenness, slothfulness, unlawful gain, and from making provision for the flesh to satisfy its lusts.

Luke xi. 3.
1 Tim. vi. 8.
Deut. xxviii.

3, 4.

Deut. xi. 14. Phil. ii. 27.

Mark viii. 36.

Gal, vi. 1.

Luke xxiii. 34.

1 John ii. 13;

v. 4.

When we sin, restore us by true 1 John ii. 1, 2. repentance, and faith in Christ. Let us

Jas. v. 19, 20. loathe ourselves for our transgressions : Ezek. vi. 9.

Eph. i. 6, 7. forgive them all, and accept us in thy

Heb. vii. 25. well-beloved Son. Save us from the Matt. vi. 12, 14, curse and punishment which they de-15; v. 44. serve, and teach us heartily to forgive Matt. xxvi. 41. others. Convert our enemies, persecutors, and slanderers, and forgive them.

Cause us to watch against tempta- Jam. iv. 7. tions ; to resist and overcome the flesh, the devil, and the world ; and by no Rom. viii. 13. allurements of pleasure, profit,

1 John ii. 16, honour, to be drawn from thee to sin. Let us patiently suffer with Christ, that 2 Tim. ii. 18. we may reign with him. Deliver us and all thy people from 1 Pet. v. 8.

Psal. cxl. 1, 2, the enmity and rage of Satan, and all 3. his wicked instruments; and preserve 2 Tim. iv. 18, us to thy heavenly kingdom.

For thou only art the universal King : 1 Tim. i. 17. all power is thine in heaven and earth:

Rom. xi. 36. of thee, and through thee, and to thee, are all things ; and the glory shall be thine for ever. Amen.

Gal. v. 17.



Rom. viii, 17.

Matt. vi. 13.

Concerning the Psalms for public use.

We desire that instead of the imperfect version of the Psalms in metre now in use, Mr. William Barton's version, and that perused and approved by the Church of Scotland there in use, (being the best that we have seen,) may be received and corrected by some skilful men, and both allowed (for grateful variety) to be printed together in several columns or pages, and publicly used; at least, until a better than either of them shall be made.

A Thanksgiving for Christ, and his gracious benefits.

Psal. cxvi. 17. 2 Cor. ix, 15. Psal. cvii. 22. 2 Cor. i. 3.


Psal. cxix. 108. Most glorious God, accept, through thy Eph. i. 6.

beloved Son, (though from the hands of sinners,) of thanksgiving, which thy

unspeakable love and mercies, as well Psal. Ixxxvi. 15. as thy command, do bind us to offer up Exod. xxxiii. 6, unto thee. Thou art the Father of Isa. xliii. 7.

mercies, and the God of all consolation ;

full of compassion, gracious, longsufferPsal. viii. 5,6. ing, plenteous in goodness and truth, Deut. xxxi. 16; keeping mercy for thousands, forgiving

iniquity, transgression, and sin. For thy glory thou didst create us after thine image; thou madest us a little

lower than the angels, and crownedst Heb. ii, 16. us with glory and honour, giving us

Rev. iv. 11.
Gen, i, 27.

xxxii. 5. Hos. iv. 7. Psal. vi. 10. Hos. xiii. 4. Gen. iv. 4. John iii. 16.

Heb. ii. 18.

Matt. iv. 10.

1 Pet. ii. 23.

Psal. xxxii. l.

dominion over the works of thy hands, John i. 14.

Eph. iii. 8. and putting all these things under our

1 Tim. iii. 16. feet. And when we forsook thee, and 1 Pet. i. 12. broke thy covenant, and rebelled against Matt. iv. 10. thee, and corrupted ourselves, and 2 Cor. viii. 9. turned our glory into shame, thou didst 1 Pet. ii

. 22. not leave us in the hands of death, nor 1 John i. 9. cast us out into utter desperation ; but Phil. ii. 7. thou didst so love the sinful world, as Heb. xii. 2. to give thy Son to be our Saviour. Rev. iii. 18. He took not upon him the nature of Heb. ii. 10. angels, but of man. The Word was Isa. liii. 5, 6.

1 Tim. i. 6. made flesh, and dwelt among us. This is the unsearchable mystery of love, Heb. ii. 14. which the angels desire to pry into. Gal. iii

. 13. He was tempted that he might succour Rev. xxii. 14. them that are tempted ; and conquered Eph. i. 22. the tempter, that had conquered us. Piil. ii. 9. He became poor, that was Lord of all, Matt. xxviii. 19. to make us rich. He did not sin, but fulfilled all righteousness, to save us 2 Pet. i. 4. from our unrighteousness. He made himself of no reputation, but was re- Psal. cxix. 130. viled, scorned, and spit upon, enduring Eph. ii. 20.

2 Cor. v. 19, 20. the cross, and despising the shame, to Acts xxvi.17, 18.

1 Cor. xv. 3.

Matt. xi. 28.

Psal. ii. 8.

John v. 22.
Heb. viii. 6.

1 John v. 11. 2 Pet. i. 19.

John xii. 40. 1 Tim. iv. 2.

12. John v.4. Luke xix. 27.

Rom. x. 21.
Heb. xii. 25.

John vi. 44.
Acts xvi. 14.
1 John iv. 19.
Rom. x. 20.

Tit. iii. 3,4 5,6. cover our shame, and to bring us into 2 Tim. ii, 25. Eph. iv. 18.

glory. Thou laidst upon him the iniquity of us all. He was bruised and

wounded for our transgressions, that we Psal, lxxxi. 11,

might be healed by his stripes. He

gave himself a ransom for us ; and died 1 Pet, iii. 20. for our sins, and rose again for our

justification. We thank thee for his Ezek. xxxiii. 11. death, that saveth us from death, and Prov. i. 22, 23. that he bore the curse to redeem us

from the curse ; and for his life, which opened us the way to life. Thou hast

given him to be head over all things to Amos v. 12.

the Church; and hast given the heathen

to be his inheritance, and given him a Rom. viii. 14, 15, 16, 17.

name above every name, and given all Eph. v. 30.

power and judgment unto him. We Eph. ii. 19.

thank thee for the new and better cove1 Pet. i. 3,4,5,6. nant; for thy great and precious proEph. iii. 12.

mises, that thou hast given us eternal life in Christ: that we have the clear and sure revelation of thy will in the

holy scriptures : that thou foundedst Psal. lxxxix. 7;

thy Church upon apostles and proxxviii. 6; xxxi. 22; lxxxvi. 13. phets, Jesus Christ himself being the

Rom. v. 1.
Acts xi. 18.

Gal. iv. 6.

Rom. viii. 28.

Heb. iv. 16.
Psal. i. 15.
1 Tim. ii. 8.
Matt, xi. 13.

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