And then, when the boy had come with tomed he saw the hemp-seller, strangely the weapon, his shrinking eagerness to mutilated by the shadows, perching on be abroad with the moonlit serpents was one bird-like leg at the farther edge of not a match for the languor of his body the black-and-white pattern, his beard and mind, and, letting the gun rest sunk in his neck, his forearms crossed against the railing, he lay back again and over his breast, motionless, dry, unqueslistened to the night.

tioning. A drum was beating in the coolie But it was not Badhoor who had range just below, a shallow drum with aroused him. It was some one on the out resonance--putt-putt-putt--with a steps, mounting toward the veranda. Hindu violin whining into the rhythm Pawling breathed through his mouth. for a moment and out again, an orches The soft, laggard footfalls came nearer tration incredibly nerve-strung and van across the floor and stopped. When he quished and acquiescent. The violin turned his head he saw the girl called ceased. By and by the drum itself was Léah standing at the foot of his chair, quiet, and very faintly through the her head bowed slightly, her forearms palm-fronds the voices of women came crossed over her bosom, motionless, unup the hill to Pawling's ears, softly questioning, divided between the chill of modulated, alien, mysterious, bringing the moon and the warm flame of the him to a strained attention, lifted on an lamp within the house. elbow. He did not realize that he was Pawling swallowed. He opened his holding his breath till the heart pound- lips and closed them again three or four ing against his ribs began to pain, and times. It was absurd. “What are you then he let it out with a half-scared, -what- Why are “What the devil!”

It was absurd. He did not want to be He sank back and turned his face the taken for a fool, and yet he was a fool, other way. He thought of the girl he for it should be a simple matter to tell was going to marry in the far-away her to go away; it could be done in two north, in the far-away future; the girl words, or one word—“Go!he had never seen and of whom he knew He lay back with his fingers locked only that her eyes and hair were to be behind his neck and continued to stare dark brown and her neck and arms of a at her, still breathing heavily through his warm, creamy whiteness. Curious and mouth. For a moment his mind skipped pleasurable speculations floated through and he seemed not to be looking at her, his mind. He thought of the coolie girl but at a hoarding in a new town among the he had seen that evening by the river. wheat-fields-peeping covertly under It seemed a very long time at the other his cap across a little waste of cans and end of memory.

He could not think ashes at a scene in colors advertising precisely how she had looked. Casting Turkish cigarettes-swinging his schoolback, he was blinded by the sheen of the books as he lagged past, his senses water, a round apple of vision against afloat in dim, ecstatic chambers veined which she was but a darker core, escap with ice and flame.. .. The flame was ing him when he tried to take hold of on his face.

.. He became aware of her with his eyes, fading out upon the Tung, the house-boy, crouching in the gold, or retaining substance, but flowing shadow beyond Clymer's hammock, into a hundred dissolving silhouettes, where he had come without any sound, queer, blurred, womanish shapes. and he Aung a hand at him, savage with She was so young and yet so oddly ma irritation: ture, and she was the wife of Badhoor. “Get out of this! Hear me--what I

.. He had never seen a man flogged say? You, I mean! Good God! Whya naked old man. . . . He lifted sudden- why—why good God! What d'you ly on his hands, for he imagined he had thinkheard footsteps beyond the railing. It was monstrous, this intrusion. It

The compound seemed empty at first was an incredible outrage, this gratuisight, save for the black stripes of the tous hanging-about of a serving-man. palms running away from the moon. Pawling felt that he could kill him as he When his eyes had grown more accus would kill a sand-fly stinging his neck.

He continued to glower and expostulate, half-way to the open door a fit of shiver“Why-good God!" as the boy retreated ing seized him, so that he had to cling into the house and beyond his sight. with both hands to the heavy gun, and

Groping for something or other of a cry broke from his lips: which he felt the need, he found it in self “Tung! Go! If you're there-get pity. Just then he made the discovery away-out of that room-out of the that the world had cast him out—the house-quick! For God's sake-man!people he knew, the civilization and the A shadow Aickered across a farther code of his youth. Once more his imag- wall, and he heard a door opened and ination ran over the tale of the miles, closed. Tears of revulsion poured down racing, with a certain obscure avidity- his cheeks the train miles, the thousands upon

“Heavens!” he whispered. “What thousands of blue sea miles, the river. was 1- Heavens!” He felt himself obliterated by space, for He saw the girl in a mist, shaken out gotten by all to whom he might perhaps of the apathy of her generations, staring have been important.

The thought at him and his tears. He saw the flowing came to him that even Clymer, purple, contours of her neck and her brown weak-legged Clymer, by the very act of shoulder, the golden star-ring in her left dying, had cast him out. The warm, nostril, the heavy jewels of her arms and sweet, heavy air of the river-bush en ankles dull in the moonlight; with his folded the exile. . . . He leaned forward breath he took in the faint, mingled and spoke to the girl.

exhalations of her clothing, musk, and “Look at me,” he said.

American rose-water. Sinking down on He saw her eyes lifted, dull with the foot of the chair, he buried his face youth, acquiescent, lamb-like.

in his hands. "Aren't you-you-" He began to “Go away!” he said. For God's stammer, not knowing how to finish. sake, go away!" Aren't you afraid-of-of me?"

He heard her bare soles retreating Her shoulders drew together, and her across the boards. He had been drawn eyes, abashed that the sahib should take back from the edge of a precipice, and the trouble to address her, sought his his whole racked nervous fabric cried out boots. She seemed in doubt as to for the opiate of prayer.

Under the whether she had been commanded to ecstasy of his redemption the devil was smile for the sahib; her lips curved made flesh for him in the likeness of nervously and drew straight again. Her Clymer, leering between benignant, purwhole gesture, making a mole-hill out of ple lids and reiterating: “White-Aryan this mountain of his youth, attacked his –Aryan- White enoughanyhowintegrity as a subtle and potent wine. He thrust his hands away and opened

“Look at me!” he whispered. His his eyes to be rid of that insidious canteeth were chattering. “Look at me, I vassing, and found himself staring at the say!”

place on the boards where she had stood. She did as he bade with the incor The silence oppressed him. The wall of ruptible docility of a machine, and then the dark hemmed him in. He listened her eyes drifted back again to the lighted to the blood throbbing in his ears like a doorway and remained there, as if fasci barbaric drum, boom-boom-boom-boom, nated, her bosom lifting the tight jacket like a drum beating from the heart of a of fame-color in visible and uneven pul- waiting and breathless night, Foolsations.

fool-fool-miserable, shivering, cheated Pawling opened his mouth, and then, fool!" without speaking, he closed it again. He got to his feet and strained his eyes His face changed color, becoming mot across the maze of the compound, but tled and sickly. He leaned forward in she was not there. The empty dust his chair, quietly, as far as he could, but mocked him. . . . She had gone very he could not see. Letting himself back quickly. The thought came to him that again, he reached out and took the shot- she must have run, and after that he gun in his hand. After a moment he wondered whether she would have run got to his feet. When he had reached from him had he been Tung, the house

boy, the indentured servant, cleaning turned him back on account of his heart slops at three shillings the month.. His and his legs. At the estate of Holy face grew sick again with jealousy; a Trinity he was an agreeable and tireless blotch of white showed on one cheek as host, making me more than comfortable. if he had been slapped; his hands wrung When I protested, he protested in turn, the iron barrel of the gun.

telling me with a rare smile that it was He stood quite still, listening. After a pleasure to see a white man on the a moment he turned his


downward river. He was growing rather stout and and to the right, but he could not see puffy, but, as I had heard it said in through the thick tent of the poinsettias. Demerara, and as he told me himself, he

He went down the steps with an ab had “sent a power of bean down that surd and elaborate care. A thin froth river, first and last." gathered on his lips and he paused twice, During the evening, which we spent long enough to brush it away with the on the veranda, I asked him if he had back of his hand. Gaining the dust at ever thought of going home. the bottom, he turned toward the cornei “I used to,” he said. “I used to. of the house to the right and stood with Yes." He lay in silence for a few mohis feet planted far apart and his head ments, watching the river. “Only it's thrust forward on his neck.

hard to get anybody out here—anybody When the house-boy saw him standing fit for it, I mean-a young fellow that there he took his hands from the girl's will shake down into the berth. It's head, where they had been resting qui not for all. I had a young chap from etly, palms down, and ran out across the Vancouver two seasons ago—afraid of compound. He was a strong fellow and snakes" He was silent again. “I he ran swiftly through the barred light, was afraid of 'em myself once,” he reflickering between the sights on the gun- sumed, preoccupied with memory, "like barrel like a figure on a worn-out cine

Adam, I suppose. I got over it, matograph film.

though-like Adam, I suppose. The compound was full of thunder. After a little he clapped his hands The smoke made beautiful flowers for and, when the mulatto house-boy came Pawling, blooming one after another in on his silent feet, asked me again if I the moonlight. He whispered nonsensi- wouldn't "have one." cal things between the shocks which “No?” he echoed, absent-mindedly. bruised his shoulder with an exquisite “Well- Cheer-o!" violence.

He carried his liquor well. He reWhen he was done, strangely, he felt peated that it was a pleasure to have a no horror, no remorse, but rather as if white man aboutma young white man a spring had been released. He seemed like myself. When I arose to retire he born again, into another country. He begged me not to go. His speech was turned his back on the compound and becoming just a hint congested. He walked toward the girl, who stood quite didn't want me to go.

He wanted to still, awaiting him, her hands folded shake hands with me, because, as he against her bosom.

said, I was white_"damn white"-and

so was he. He retained my hand in his I met this man Pawling in the second soft, perspiring grip, and when I took war year. He had been down to Deme it away finally he burst out weeping. rara to offer himself for a commission in Even after I had


my own room the local forces, but the examiners had I could hear him beyond the shutters.

Théoule the Undisturbed


KHE Riviera belongs to think of allowing us to put ourselves out

a frontier department. one least little bit, and were not the To travel in frontier maids chères alliées? He would give departments in war himself the pleasure of taking the passtime a sauf-conduit is ports to Mandelieu to be registered and necessary. In theory, stamped. In the evening Monsieur

the sauf-conduit is good l’Adjoint returned with permis de séjour for a single trip and has to be renewed in due form.Then he broached the each time one goes from place to place. subject near his heart. We were a large In theory, wherever a night is spent a family and would tire of the hotel. The permis de séjour must be obtained from children needed a garden of their own the local authorities. In theory, one to play in. The villa we wanted was may not sketch at all. But the Riviera waiting for us. It was right on the sea, is far from the battle front. Suspicious and the view from the terrace-well, foreigners were caught in the police we could judge for ourselves to-morrow drag-net during the first year of the war, morning. and since Italy came in on the side of This was going a little too fast. The France the military authorities have not obligation of having papers expeditiously bothered much about enforcing their arranged was a great one, but we did rules in the Alpes Maritimes. If one not care to spend two or three months takes the initiative and insists upon paying it off. We made an appointment being always en règle, bureaucracy holds for after lunch the next day, in order to to the strict letter of the law. But one have the morning to look over villas who is not looking for trouble does not independently. Luckily Monsieur l'Adfind it. Hotel proprietors, all-powerful joint's villa seemed all that he claimed in Riviera towns, do not want their it to be, and before our rendezvous with clients bothered. Public sentiment is him we had decided that the location with the hotel proprietors, for the pros

was ideal. perity of the Riviera depends upon the From Cannes to Mentone the Riviera is unhampered coming and going of tour cursed with electric tram-lines. Only on ists and temporary residents. Maires Cap Martin can you live away from the and adjoints and gendarmes—and their shrieking of wheels around curves and relatives—have villas to let. It is to the clanging of motormen's bells. We their interest to minimize red tape. Sauf- were led beyond Cannes to the Corniche conduits are given for a month, and de l’Esterel by the absence of a tramrarely asked for. The month is up only line. We could not get away from the when one leaves. Permis de séjour are railway, however, without abandoning not mentioned unless one makes a pro the coast. Is there any place desirable tracted stay.

for living purposes in which the railway When we decided to settle down in does not obtrude? When choosing a Théoule, and something had to be done country residence, men with families, with our papers, we were dismayed to unless they have several motors and discover that the mairie was at Mande- several chauffeurs, must stick close to lieu, several miles inland. Helen and the railway. Monsieur l'Adjoint was the children had a passport separate showing us the salon of his villa when from mine, and our maids were English. a whistle announced the Vintimille exShould we all have to “appear in per

appear in per- press. He hastened to anticipate the son,” as the rule stated? The adjoint train by reassuring us that there was a at Théoule declared that he could not deep cut back of the villa and that the


road-bed veered away from us just at recurring interest, they are seldom lived the corner of the garden. It was in the up to. When promises are difficult to neighboring villa that trains were really keep, where are the men of their word? heard. We were to believe him—at that Doing what one does not want to do is a moment chandeliers and windows and sad business. That is why Puritanism two vases of dried grass on the mantel is associated with gloom. On the terrace piece danced a passing greeting to the

of the Villa Étoile no man could want to train. Monsieur l'Adjoint thought that he had failed to carry the day. But we live on

a Paris boulevard, and know that noises are comparative. Vintimille expresses were not going to pass all the time.

We were glad that the railway had not deterred us. It was good to be right above the water. Some people do not like the glare of sun reflected from the sea. But they are late risers. Parents of small children are accustomed to waking with the sun. On the first morning in the Villa Étoile the baby chuckled early. Sun spots were dancing on the ceiling, and she was watching them. The breakfast on the terrace was no hurried swallowing of a cup of coffee with eyes fixed upon a newspaper propped against a sugar-bowl. The agreement of the day before had look at a newspaper or a watch. Across been tripartite. The proprietor was the Gulf of La Napoule lies Cannes. easily satisfied with bank-notes. But Beyond Cannes is the Cap d'Antibes. the wife had not consented to leave the Mountains, covered with snow and freedom of the hotel until it had been coming down to the sea in successive solemnly agreed that newspapers were chains, form the eastern horizon. Inland, to be refused entrance into the Villa Grasse is nestled

Grasse is nestled close under them. . Étoile, and that watches were not to be Seaward, the Iles de Lérins seem to drawn (even furtively) from waitscoat float upon the water. For on Saintepockets.

Marguerite the line of demarcation beUnless agreements are fortified by tween Mediterranean blue and forest favorable circumstances and constantly green is sharp, and Saint-Honorat, dom

Vol. CXXXVI.—No. 813.-55

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