me to himself :" and he requested that eyes have seen thy salvation,” When unSimeon's words might be read to him :- able to speak, he remained perfectly sen. “Lord, now lettest thou thy servant depart sible, shook bands with the friends around in peace, according to thy word : for mine him, and then calmly fell asleep in Jesus.

Home Chronicle.


Eb. Clarke ; R, Ransome, Esq. ; E. Smith, AT THE POULTRY CHAPEL.

Esq. ; Mr. A. B. Stevens; and Mr. F.

Wheeler. We are happy to find that the church

At the public meeting in Finsbury chapel and congregation assembling in the Poultry

on the 18th inst., the chair was taken by chapel are now happily settled with a pastor Chas. Hindley, Esq., M.P., and afterwards who has secured the suffrages of the entire by Jos. T. Price, Esq.; and the following flock, and who enters upon his ministry gentlemen addressed the meeting : Rev. T. under peculiarly favourable auspices. The

Aveling ; Rev. J. Burnet; J. Brotherton, recognition services of our esteemed friend,

Esq., M.P.; J. S. Buckingham, Esq. ; the Rev. S. Bergne, late of Lincolo, took

Mr. Elihu Burritt, of Worcester, Mass.; place on Thursday, the 10th of June, when

and Mr. H. Clapp, of Lynn, Mass. The a large circle of London ministers attended

resolutions were embodied in a petition, to welcome their esteemed brother to the

which was unanimously adopted, and ordered metropolis. The general attendance, too,

to be signed by the chairman on behalf of was exceedingly encouraging, and the ser

the meeting, praying that suitable measures vices were alike animating and refreshing.

may be taken to settle international disputes The Rev. Thomas Binney commenced with

by arbitration, or other legal process, withreading portions of Scripture and prayer ;

out having resort to arms. From the report Dr. Vaughan delivered an admirable intro.

it appeared that the cause of peace is graduductory discourse on the Characteristics of ally advancing. It was stated that by the Nonconformity, and proposed the usual

agents of the society and other persons, there questions to the church and the newly

had been delivered, under the immediate elected pastor. The replies both of the

sanction of the committee, about 500 lectures church and the pastor were highly satisfac

during the past year to about 110,000 per. tory. Dr. Leifchild delivered a charge on

sons ; half a million of tracts have been preaching, full of admirable and forcible

distributed; the periodical press bas been suggestions, evincing great wisdom and ma

employed both in England and Wales ; the tured experience. The Rev. Geo. Clayton,

sale of the Herald of Peace is increasing ; (in the absence, through indisposition, of

fairs and markets have been visited ; Sumthe former pastor, the Rev. John Clayton,)

ner's Oration and Bowring's Lecture on addressed the people in an exceedingly

the Commercial Importance of Peace, have appropriate and affectionate manner. The

been circulated; petitions for a legalized Rev.J. Stoughton concluded the interesting

system of arbitration have been extensively solemnities with prayer.

"Save now, we

adopted ; and on the continent of Europe beseech thee, O Lord; O Lord, we beseech

twenty lectures have been delivered, some thee, send now prosperity."

of them to as many as 1500 persons; and many thousands of tracts distributed. The report referred also to the dock yards, and

the approaching general election; as also The thirty-first anniversary of this society to the decease of Jos. J. Gurney, Esq., and was held on the 17th and 18th May. The Thos. Clarkson, Esq., with others. Inmeeting of members on the 17th, convened cluding a balance of 5561., at the com. by printed circular, was held at the White mencement of the year, the income of the Hart Tavern, Bishopsgate-street. Jos. T. society has been 21471. 195. 10d. There Price, Esq., in the chair. The report of is a balance of somewhat more than 1001. the committee was read by the Rev. J. in hand. Jefferson, the secretary, and unanimously adopted, and ordered to be read to the public meeting in Finsbury chapel. The

PROVINCIAL. officers for the ensuing year were appointed, and the general business of the society attended to. The following gentlemen took part in the proceedings : J. Allen, Esq. ; On Wednesday last, April 28th, this W. Astbury, Esq.; R. Barrett, Esq. ; Mr. chapel, erected for the church and congre






gation under the pastoral care of the Rev. neighbourhood, and preached regularly in Saml. Hubbard, was opened for public the village with such success that a church worship; on which occasion the Rev. John was formed, and in 1805 a place of worsbip Leitchild, D.D., of Craven chapel, London, was erected for their accommodation, in preached in the morning, from 2 Cor. which the gospel has been ever since regaviii. 23, “ They are the messengers of the larly preached. This building, through the churches and the glory of Christ;" and the liberality of John Sanford, Esq., brother of Rev. Alexander Fletcher, D.D., of London, the munificent donor above mentioned, is in the evening, from Isaiah xxviii. 16, about to be converted into rooms for day

Behold, I lay in Zion for a foundation, schools, he having contributed for that pura stone, a tried stone, a precious corner- pose 5001. From the commencement of the stone, a sure foundation.” The Revs. T. existing interest to the present time, WivenW. Davids and R. Langford, of Colchester; hoe has enjoyed the privilege of a succession J. Law, of Writtle; J. Trew, of Dedham ; of godly ministers. The labours of Mr. J. Pinchback, of Manningtree; C. Rigges, Hubbard, the present pastor, have proved of Tiptree; W. Clements, of Halstead; and acceptable to the people, and there is T. White, of Walton-on-the-Naze, also a large congregation and an increasing took part in the services of the day. The church. attendance was exceedingly crowded, many persons being unable to obtain admission.

The chapel, which is built in the Italian style, is exceedingly handsome and com. On Thursday, April 15th, 1847, Mr. modious, having three galleries and two William Roberts, A.B., of Highbury Col. convenient vestries, affording accommoda- lege, (London University,) was ordained to tion for 600 persons, and the interior is the office of pastor over the Congregational chastely ornamented. The whole is exe- church assembling in Crendon-lane meeting. cuted in a manner which reflects the highest house, High Wycombe, Bucks. credit on the architect, Mr. Fenton, of The service was commenced by the Rev. Chelmsford, and the builder, Mr. Barton, J. Hayden, of Ebenezer chapel, Wycombe ; of Alresford. The plot of ground on wbich the Rev. S. Martin, of Westminster chapel, it stands is enclosed by a white brick wall, delivered the introductory discourse; the with handsome iron palisades in front. The Rev. J. Harsant, of Beaconsfield, proposed cost of the whole, which will not be less the usual questions; the Rev. T. G. Hamper, than 2,0001., has been defrayed by Thos. of Uxbridge, offered the ordination prayer; Sandford, Esq., consequently there was no the Rev. W. B. Leach, of Robert-street collection.

chapel, Grosvenor-square, delivered the After the morning service, nearly 200 charge to the minister, who was formerly a ladies and gentlemen sat down to a capital member of the church under his pastoral dinner, which was provided by Mr. Turpin, care ; the Rev. W. Judson, who for more of the Falcon inn, at the old chapel. As than thirty years was pastor of the church soon as the cloth was removed, the party meeting in Crendon-lane, but who, on acwas suitably addressed by the Rev. T. W. count of advanced age, has totally resigned Davids; John Chaplin, Esq.; Drs. Leif- the office which he so long held, concluded child and Fletcher; Rev. S. Hubbard, &c. the service with prayer. Tea was then introduced, of which more In the evening, after the reading of the than 200 partcok, and the friends then ad- Scriptures and prayer by the Rev. F. Brown, journed to the chapel for the eveniog service. of Highbury college, the Rev. James Sher.

It is considerably more than one hundred man, of Surrey chapel, preached to the years since the gospel was first introduced people. into Wiven hoe ; for in the early part of the A great number of ministers were present. eighteenth century there were two meeting. The Rev. Messrs. Holmes, of Wendover ; houses in existence, one occupied by the Major, of Sokenchurch; Mason, of Chinor; Baptists, and the other by the Presbyte- Weston, of Wowburn; Spencer, of Phearians. There has not, however, been any sant's-hill; and Paull, of Highbury college, preaching in either of these places for took part in the services. eighty years, and scarcely any remains of An impression has been left, that gives the buildings exist. In the year 1796, a the hope of permanent good as the result revival of the preaching of the gospel was of the engagements of the day. successfully attempted by the Rev. Isaac Taylor, of Colchester, father of the well. On Tuesday, September 16th, the Rev. known Isaac Taylor, Esq., who, in conjanc. J. Basley, late student of the Home Mistion with the Rev. Mr. Kemp, of Colches- sionary Institution, Cotton-end, Bedford. ter, preached on Sunday evenings in the shire, was ordained to the work of the house of Mr. Coney. In 1803, the Rev. ministry in connection with the Home MisJames Hyde took up his residence in the sionary Society at Spetisbury, Dorsetshire.

The Rev. E. R. Conder, M.A., of Poole, prayer and the imposition of hands; the commenced the services with reading and Rev. Professor Stowell, principal of Rotherprayer; the Rev. R. Chamberlain, of Swan. ham college, gave the charge to the minister, age, delivered a discourse on the nature and founded on the words, I Tim. iv. 12, “Let constitution of a Christian church, and pro. no man despise thy youth :" the learned posed the questions; the Rev. T. Durant, professor concluded an address of great of Poole, offered the ordination prayer, with power and beauty, well-seasoned with wise imposition of hands; and the Rev. J. Frost,counsel, by an earnest appeal to the newlyof Cotton-end, Bedfordshire, gave the charge. ordained pastor to let his ministry be a

In the evening the Rev. T. Seavill, of ministry of earnestness, as specially the Wareham, preached to the people. The demand of the times. devotional parts of the services were con. An appropriate discourse was preached ducted by the Rev. Messrs. Ball, of Caden- to the people in the evening by the Rev. ham; Cecil, of Parkstone ; J. Brown, of 0. T. Dobbin, LL.D., of Hull College, Wimborne ; Crisp, of Bere-Regis; and from the third verse of the Epistle of St. Erlebach, of West Lulworth.

Jude. The Revs. E. Hunt, of Goole ; A day long to be remembered.

J. Cummins, of Cowick; Messrs. J. C.

M.Michael, J. B, Lister, Muncaster, Twi. On Tuesday, August 12th, 1845, the Rev. dale, Whewell, &c., of Rotherham College, Theophilus James, of Narbeih, was ordained took part in the interesting services. to the work of the Christian ministry over the Independent churches, St. Ishmael's On Tuesday, April 20th, 1817, the ordiDale aud Little Haven, Pembrokeshire, on nation of the Rey. Thomas Fisor, B.A., of the removal of the Rev. James Williams to Coward College, took place over the church Haverfordwest. On Monday evening, Mr. assembling in the Abbey chapel, Romsey, T. Lloyd, Haverfordwest, preached at Little when the following order of services was Haven; Rev. T. R. Williams, Templeton, observed : at St. Ishmael's; and the Rev. W. Davies, The Rev. George Jones, of Portsmouth, of Fishguard, at Dale.

explained the principles and practices of At St. Ishmael's, on Tuesday morning, Congregational churches, and their agreethe Rev. James Williams, (the former mi- ment with the New Testament; the Rev. nister,) commenced the service by reading Edward Giles, of Newport, Isle of Wight, the Scriptures and prayer; the Rev. Jo. proposed the usual questions, wbich were sephus Williams, of Pembroke Dock, deli. satisfactorily responded to by the pastor vered, in a masterly manner, the introduc. elect: Dr. Beddome, as senior deacon of torv discourse; the Rev. James Williams, the church, stated on its behalf, the steps of Albany chapel, Haverfordwest, proposed which had been taken by it to fill up the the usual questions; the Rev. W. Warlow, vacant pastorate, and which had issued in of Milford, offered the ordination prayer; the services of the day; the Rev. Thomas the Rev. Joshua Lewis, of Heullan, de- Adkins, of Southampton, offered the ordi. livered a very impressive charge; the Rev. nation prayer, with imposition of hands; W. Davies, of Fishguard, preached to the and the Rev. T. W. Jenkyn, D.D., President people; and the Rev. Thomas Lloyd, of of Coward College, addressed a charge to Milford, concluded with prayer. At six in the ordained minister on the duties of his the evening Mr. Lloyd preached.

office, founded on Isaiah vi. 6, 7. The whole services of the day were con- On the ensuing day the half-yearly meet. ducted in a way very delightful and satis ing of the pastors and churches of the Hants factory to all who attended them,

Association was held in the Abbey chapel,

when the Rev. J. S. Pearsall, of Andover, On Wednesday, June 2nd, 1847, the Rev. read a paper on

“ the State of Education in Henry Roebuck, late of Rotherbam college, the County," and W. Tice, Esq., of Popley, was publicly set apart to the pastorate of the also read one on

“ Benefit Societies in Congregational church at Howden, York- connection with Congregational Churches'' shire, vacant by the removal of the Rev. —both of them prepared at the request of James Bruce to Banford, Lancashire. the association.

The Rev. A. M.Millan, of Gomersal, These services were followed by a sermon commenced the morning service by reading in the evening by the Rev. Dr. Bennett, of the Scriptures and prayer; the ordination | London, in which he enforced, with great sermon, a clear and able elucidation of ec- pathos and power, the duties of the church clesiastical, doctrinal, and spiritual liberty, to their newly-appointed pastor; and at the was preached by the Rev. Newman Hall, close the ordinance of the Lord's Supper BA., of Hull, from Galatians y. l; after was administered to the ministry and mem. which, the Rev. David Senior, of Selby, bers of the associated churches, when the proposed the usual questions, and solemnly Rev. Thomas Adkins presided. sel apart the young minister to his office by The services of the two consecutive days were very instructive, solemn, and adapted friends of the college, and was highly satisfor usefulness; and derived additional in- factory to them. Two classes were examined terest from the presence and councils of in Hebrew in the book of Genesis and in the venerable servant of God, who, just the prophesies of Isaiah. Passages in Greek fifty years preceding, bad been ordained as and Latin, selected by the examiners, were pastor over the same church. It is a subject read from Plato's apology of Socrates, the of unfeigned thankfulness that the young Medea of Euripides, and Xenophon's Anaminister appointed to fill the vacated pas- basis, also from Cicero's Tusculan Questions, torate commences his important course and Cæsar's Commentaries. Considerable amidst the affectionate confidence of the attention and intelligence were exbibited church over which he is placed, and the in an exercise on the first two books of brethren in the ministry by whom he is · Whateley's Logic." surrounded.

A prayer meeting was held in the evening, On Wednesday morning the friends of and addresses delivered by the Rev. Messrs. the Sunday-school Union, about one hun. Boaz and Wilkins. dred and fifty, breakfasted at the Town-ball, The more public services of the following and at three o'clock about the same num. day were well attended and deeply interestber dined there, being a most agreeable and ing. A very excellent and appropriate ser. instructive meeting.

mon was preached in the morning by the The Abbey chapel having been closed for Rev. George Smith, of Poplar, from 2 Cor. several weeks to be repaired and beautified, chap. iv., 5. At the public meeting in the was opened for the first timeon this occasion. afternoon the report was read, and various

resolutions were spoken to on that occasion, The Rev. J. C. M‘Michael, senior student and subsequently at the tea-meeting, by the of Rotherham College, has received and Rev. Messrs. T. P. Bull, G. Smith, Cecil accepted the cordial and unanimous invita- Alliott Jukes, Boaz, Prust, Wilkins, Brooks, tion of the Congregational church at Hal- Castleden, Watson, Wbiting, J. Bull, and shan Moor, near Manchester, to become by Messrs. Bateman and Hudson. co-pastor with the Rev. Joseph Dyson ; and Amongst the former students present at this intends to commence bis labours in this anniversary its friends were happy in the preinteresting sphere on thethird sabbath of July. sence and assistance of the Rev. T. Boaz from

Calcutta. The blessing of God has rested on The Rev. William Reid Thorburn, A.M., the institution during the past year, and formerly minister of Han Fold chapel, near though the visitations of sickness, and in Rochdale, has accepted an unanimous in- one case of death, in the removal of a very vitation to the pastorate of the Congrega- devoted young man, have fallen upon it, yet tional church assembling in Bethel chapel, its circumstances are such as to call forth Bury, and entered on bis new sphere of gratitude and thankfulness. As is too often exertion on the first sabbath of this month. the case in our public institutions, there was The ladies of the congregation kindly pre- a complaint of deficiency in funds, but the sented their minister with a beautiful pulpit committee feel assured from the deep sense gown and cassock.

entertained of the value and importance of

this institution, that, with a little effort on Mr. Samuel Sbaw, student of the Lan- the part of its friends, this cause of anxiety cashire Independent College, las accepted may be removed during the next year. an unanimous invitation from the church of The London treasurer and secretaries of Christ assembling in Providence Chapel, the society are Thomas Piper, Esq., the Ovenden, near Halifax, to become their Rev. C. Gilbert, and H. Bateman, Esq. pastor, and proposes to commence his labours there early in July.


OF AGED The church of Christ meeting in Or. THE GOSPEL, AND chard street Chapel, Stockport, have unani. ORPHANS OF MINISTERS. mously invited Mr. Absalom Clark, student Dear Sir,-Will you allow me a little of the Lancashire Independent College, to space on behalf of the above institution? take the oversight of them. He has acceded The annual meetings do not take place this to their request, and hopes to enter upon his year, as usual, in conjunction with those of labours at the commencement of next month. the Kent Congregational Association ; but

will be held (D.v.) at the Rev. H. B. NEWPORT PAGNELL COLLEGE.

Jeula's chapel, Greenwich, on Tuesday, The annual services in connexion with this July the 6tb ; the committee assembling at institution were held on Wednesday and one o'clock precisely, and the subscribers Thursday, the 9th and 10th of June.

and members at four in the afternoon. The examination was conducted on the I am, dear sir, yours very sincerely, 9th in the presence of several ministers and

BENJ. SLEGHT, Secretary.




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