" Protestants of England ! your country Events are running on to their consumma. expects you to do your duty in this crisis. tion; the end is not yet. And were the What brought liberty and light and science history of our world wound up, futurity into our land ? What banished despotism rises upon our view. Eternity is a state of and cruelty, and gave an asylum for con- advancement. For ever we shall find ourscience among us? Was it not the Reform- selves in the midst of clearer light and fuller ation ? To the principles of Protestantism, revelation. as derived from the word of God, we owe Impressed with some such thoughts, the our freedom of thought, and action, and author of the discourse before us must have worship. But Tractarianism blasphemes selected his theme, not supposing that by the Reformation, and would roll back upon any single effort he could treat the great us the tide of darkness, superstition, and subject, in all its immediate and remoter death. Shall it be? If the glorious gospel bearings on the goverument of God, and in our midst fall under the united attacks of the interests of his moral universe :--but Popery and Puseyism, then may we write in the hope that, by a more condensed upon our hitherto triumphant banner, - and practical view of it, he might incite the • ICHABOD, the glory is departed.'

church of God to a wider dissemination of “Disciples of Christ ! of every name, that truth which, by the accompanying arise ! Understanding the signs of the power of the Spirit, is to regenerate our times, and seeing the destinies of the church race, and fill the world with the glory of depend upon the issue of the present con- the Lord. In the products of Divine flicts,-conflicts so numerous, so different, grace we have the highest models of created and so powerful,-form a sacred brother- perfection. Being changed into the image hood, and, with one heart and one soul, of God between their nature and his, there exclaim, as Moses did when the ark set is the closest correspondence, while the forward, •Rise up, Lord, and let thine glory or moral excellence with which it is enemies be scattered, and let them that hate impressed, throws every other form of thee flee before thee.'"

beauty and of grandeur into infinite dis. We will only add, that this is one of the tance. Most judiciously our author passes most creditable efforts at early authorship over the manifestation of the Divine chait has fallen to our lot to peruse.

racter, as it appears in the constitution and government of our world, and affirms, that “its most perfect disclosure, is to be

found in the revelation of his written word, The Oath of God a PLEDGE of Mis- and its highest form is to be seen in the

SIONARY SUCCESS. A Discourse de. cross of Christ." He then passes from the livered before the London Missionary NATURE to the scene of this revelation, Society, at Surrey Chapel, on Wednes- and shows that this our earth has been day, May 12th, 1847. By GEORGE made the theatre of the first and grandest Smith. 8vo. pp. 48.

desire of infinite wisdom and love; and that

man has been selected as the object of that London: J. Snow, Paternoster-row.

mercy, which is the most astonishing modi. There are subjects which challenge the fication of Divine goodness. Nor is this compass and force of human thought; they revelation limited. The world is to be rise into such sublimity and expand into enlightened ; man is to be blessed. No. such vastness, as to mock every effort of thing could be more comPLETE. The whole mind. We can know but in part. Instead earth shall be filled with the glory of the of attempting to define and express the Lord. Nothing could be more CERTAIN. love of God to man, an inspired apostle The prediction rests upon the Oath of God. rests satisfied with the simple affirmation, He has pledged his existence for its accom-"God so loved the world as to give his plishment. only-begotten Son." Definition would have The preacher next proceeds to point out baffled him. No language could have em- the bearing of his subject on the obligations bodied his idea. Into the mysteries of this and hopes of the Christian church. God love even the angels desire to look. Theirs having revealed his purpose to fill the earth is but a state of discipleship. They are still with his glory, we are thus instructed as to learning by the church the manifold wisdom the object at which we should aim, as being of God. Their intellect is too limited to the first, the most sublime and godlike grasp that which it will require uncounted

can contemplate,--the instruages to develop. The purposes and plans mentality that we are to employ in its proof heaven on behalf of our world are preg. secution,-the spirit in which we must seek nant with eternal interest. But resting on to compass this sublime purpose ;-while the law of progression, they are both gradu- our hope of success is made to rest in the ally unfolded. Every age increases the immutable character and oath of Jehovah, light and enlarges the field of discovery. which (whatever may be our difficulties pp. 632.

which we


and delays) render absolutely certain the The PATRIARCHAL Age; or, The History predicted consummation, when the earth and Religion of Mankind, from the Crea. shall be filled with the glory of the Lord. tion to the Death of Isaac: deduced from Our preacher thus closes his discourse : the Writings of Moses and other In.

“ The Oath and promise of God are spired Authors: and illustrated by co. brought to our help. They have ever been pious References to the Ancient Records, a comfort to the church in her deepest Traditions, and Mythology of the Heathen sorrows : as the rainbow round about the Worid. By GEORGE SMITH, F.S.A., throne in her storms and conflicts--the Member of the Royal Asiatic Society of silver fringes of the densest cloud that shed Great Britain and Ireland, of the Royal its baleful shadow on her path-the rock Society of Literature, of the Irish Archæ. which has sustained her hope, when it was ological Society, &c. 12mo. ready to perish. We are cheered by their

Longman and Co. influence, as we review the past. Every prophecy and promise that has received the We feel that it would be impossible, seal of confirmation becomes a witness for within our narrow limits, to do justice to a the fulfilment of unaccomplished predic. work of the learning and research of the tions. This is true alike of judgment and one which we now introduce to our readers. of mercy: and oh! if the days of compas. We can only venture on a very brief refersion be long delayed, the promise before ence to an undertaking which it would reus enables us to extract the materials for quire a very lengthened and critical article hope, from deepest discouragements, amidst to set forth its true merits. When we state, the most humiliating events. *

We that the laborious and gifted author has look around on the wide.spread formal. spent full twenty years in the prosecution ism of Christendom ;-we hear the notes of of these studies, of which we are here furdiscord in the church, and mark the apathy nished with a portion of the result, it will of multitudes who belong to it; -we see

be sufficient to conciliate the favour of all afar off the gigantic structures of supersti- biblical scholars in favour of his literary tion, yet formidable in their decay ;-we see zeal and perseverance. He informs us, that a missionary perish by the hands of savages

do his first and ruling idea was to arrive at in the Isle of Erromanga; we see the per. the Truth respecting the origin and history secuted church of Christ in Madagascar of the human race. Two reasons induced him burning but unconsumed, or trembling to make the Bible his text-book throughout like a taper in the midnight storm ;-we the inquiry. First, he saw that, in refersee the ravages of war desolating hopeful ence to several important topics, no light fields in Africa ;-we see the first fruits of could possibly be obtained, except through Tahiti rudely perishing beneath the infuri. Divine Revelation : this is the case with ated grasp of modern persecution ;-we regard to the origin of mankind, the Divine mark everywhere the preparation for a great purpose respecting the human race, and conflict between the principles of light and man's future destiny. On these subjects, darkness, between the powers of heaven and if any information is attainable, it must be hell, “ as the Lord of hosts mustereth the through explicit communications from the host for the battle ;'_but amidst all the Author and the Governor of the universe, confusion and fear called forth by our present

SECONDLY, the volume of inspiration is the position, we hear a great voice out of hea. only source of information which we know ven, saying, "Be still, and know that I am to be unalloyed by error and unadulterated God; I will be exalted among the heathen; by fiction. For these reasons, the scriptural I will be exalted in the earth. As truly as

account has been regarded as of paramount I live, all the earth shall be filled with the authority. But while it has been the priglory of the Lord.”

mary object of the author to give a true The whole subject is treated with great account of this portion of history, it has clearness and force, nor is it wanting in true been no less his design to make it as full eloquence. There are two or three points and complete as possible; and, for this on which we wish that the estimable author purpose, every profane historian of emi. had bestowed more concentration of thought, nence, whose writings contain allusions, and brought out in bolder relief. But there however brief, to the events connected with are spots on the sun. We cordially recom- the earliest ages, has been consulted; the mend the discourse to every lover of mis- annals of every ancient nation have been sions and of truth. It embodies the sub. examined ; the cloudy regions of tradition, limest principles of our faith, carefully mythology, and fable have been explored. illustrated and faithfully applied.

From all these sources, information bas been obtained, which the author has endeavoured to concentrate into the smallest compass consistent with explicitness, and to reduce the whole into homogeneous narrative,

which may present a complete view of the regarded as a reflection on the Christianity history and religion of the age.'

of England in the present day. On the author's plan, we have the follow- “3. No one who will be at the trouble ing observations : “A general view of the of perusing the entire work will charge us subject soon rendered apparent the neces- with any disposition to shrink from uphold. sity of settling the chronology of those ing the authority of Holy Scripture, howprimeval times, and of exhibiting, at least, ever it may be impugned by the professed a general and connected outline of the in. wisdom of tbe world. There is no part of telligence and learning possessed by the our duty to which we shall address our. early generations of mankind, before we selves with greater diligence and devoted. enter upon the literary history itself. This ness than to the resistance of the preten. has been attempted the • Preliminary sions of science falsely so called,' in its Dissertation ;' the conclusions at which we proud and insidious_aggressions on the have arrived, from a careful examination of truth of Revelation. But this determination the whole subject, being, that the Septuagint imposes on us the necessity of the utmost chronology is alone entitled to our confid- | vigilance fully to ascertain what is actually ence; and that letcers and learning were revealed truth, lest, by vindicating error on extensively cultivated and diffused in those the hallowed plea of inspiration, we injure ages of which we have undertaken to treat, the cause we are so anxious to uphold, and and were most probably coeval with our truth be impaired in the hands of its friends. race; and consequently of Divine origin.” We believe this has been done; and the

The author's concluding remarks, in his practice has had a most pernicious influence. Preliminary Dissertation, will convey to our Revelation and sound knowledge have been readers the nature and value of his import- placed in opposition. Let a man carefully ant labours :

study the history of Egypt, Assyria, or 1. “We shall not be surprised," he ob- China, or even of astronomy, and he is inserves, “ if the freedom with which we have stantly confronted with facts bearing the referred to errors in the sacred text, should, impress of startling historic truth, which by some individuals, he thought deserving directly contradict the abbreviated Hebrew of grave reprehension. We assure all such chronology. Does not his mind naturally persons, that we write under the influence deduce the conclusion, that revelation can of the most reverential credence of the re- be sustained only by the abandonment of vealed truth of God. But we do not think legitimate research ? that revealed truth that the concealment of error is calculated can only stand by the renunciation of his to promote truth. And, as we have pre- toric truth? viously observed, we think it impossible The chronology which, by the force of to over-estimate the combined wisdom and evidence, we have been compelled to adopt, mercy united to place in the hands of three frees us from all difficulty. We are aware independent religious communities as many of, and we can explain, the myriads of years separate copies of the word of truth before which are presented to us in the fictions of the excision of Israel took place, and the Indian and Egyptian fabulous history; but desperate energy of that people was exerted of this we are certain, that no fact, sustainagainst the gracious purposes of God and ed by ordinary evidence, is presented to us his Anointed.

by any nation in the ancient world, which 2. We are also apprehensive, lest the extends beyond the chronology of the Sepstigma affixed to such tampering with the tuagint. This, in itself, is an important Scripture as in honesty of purpose we have consideration ; and, taken in connection been compelled to call 'a fraudulent cor- with what has been advanced, fully assures ruption of the sacred text,' should be ascrib- us of the soundness of our decision. ed to a spirit of bigotry. Perfectly uncon- “4. Having, as far as our means and scious of the existence of such an uncharitable limits extend, settled the chronology of the feeling, we are confident that it cannot have early ages, we proceeded to investigate the exercised any influence on the judgment which intellectual character and learning of manwe have formed. The Jews of that day were kind during this period. In this pursuit, placed in circumstances which their de. we first found reason to reject entirely the scendants can scarcely estimate; and the doctrines which certain pbilosophers have efforts employed to mystify and adulterate promulgated, and which have obtained much certain dates which we have been compelled popular support; namely, that mankind to detail, and which we sincerely believe first arose into being in a state of ignorance actually took place, are no more to be re- and barbarism, and that speech and langugarded as a reflection on the principles or age were afterwards and gradually acquired. religion of the Jews generally, than is the We have shown that in this case reason and excision of the second commandment by the revelation unite to prove, on the contrary, early Saxon church (effected, as it was, with that man was created in the Divine image, the concurrence of our great Alfred) to be in knowledge as well as holiness; and that, although a measure of this intellectual An EARNEST MINISTRY the Want of the power was lost in consequence of the fall, Times. By John ANGELL James. this could not have reduced Adam below Small 8vo, pp. 260. the condition of his most favoured descend

Hamilton, Adams, and Co. ants. It is, therefore, evident, that the earliest generations of mankind were as fully The subject of this essay ought to secure equal to their successors in the attributes of for it a hearty welcome from all our beloved their minds, as they were in the firm and brethren in the ministry. The title is an arons. physical structure of their bodies. The | ing one, by implication ; and the affectionate idiotic barbarism which has been ascribed manner in wbich our revered friend has to the first generations of mankind is as dealt with his theme cannot fail, by God's flatly opposed to reason and history, as blessing, to carry home the impression of it it is to revelation. And the dignity of with power to the minds of thoughtful and primitive human nature is asserted and considerate men, who may be disposed to praised.

look, with conscientious earnestness, at the 5. We have shown, that alphabetical real state and prospects of our ministry. characters were in all probability in use from It would be to us painful proof that some the beginning; that the traditions of all serious blight has come over us, were any. nations attest this, and that the most an- thing like an indisposition indicated to listen cient records support the conclusion. We to the voice of timely warning from a friendly have also found corroborating evidence in and experienced counsellor. We will not the repeated allusions to an early literature, even surmise the possibility of such a feel. which are found in various nations, and ing on the part of our brethren. For our. proofs of the existence of which meet us in selves, we reason thus : “ If our pulpit sacred and profane records. We have also ministrations are in a healthy and efficient seen that indications of the early existence condition, we can receive nothing but of science are prevalent in all authentic ac- stimulus in the right direction by the elocounts of the first ages, and that these are quent and searching appeals of our valued presented to our view in a manner which brother; and if perchance there should be strikingly corroborates the scriptural narra. something existing in our ministry which tive of the deluge, and what in other re- needs to be put away from us, in order to the spects accords with the entire history of the more copious descent of the Holy Spirit, we period.

know of no work of the modern press more “6. It is an important consideration, adapted to secure the recessary reforma. that the results of the investigation perfectly tion." Do not the most earnest, the most harmonize. The chronology casts light upon devoted, and the most successful of our the state of learning and science, and allows brethren require to have their “pure minds the admission of historic evidence which on stirred up by way of remembrance ?" Can it any other theory would stand arrayed against be said, that there is one among us who has it; while, on the other hand, the whole reached the lofty standard of apostolic faithscope of our inquiries into the literature of fulness, zeal, and self-denying labour for the age, confirms and establishes the chiro- Christ and souls. And are there not some nology. When inquiries, independently con- who need to be roused from obvious lethargy, ducted, produce these harmonious results, whose ardour has become extinct, and whose it is a circumstance which must greatly flocks are suffering the feerful blight of their strengthen our confidence in the soundness unwatchsul tending? We cannot suppose of the principles upon which they have been that this will be questioned. conducted, and in the conclusions which But is there not something beyond all have been elicited."

this which needs to be looked at with a After thus clearing his way, the author ! steady and truthful eye? When the numproceeds to investigate the History and ber of young men now being trained in our Religion of Patriarchal Times ; applying, as colleges is taken into account, is it not a he passes along, the criteria established in very painful fact that large and respectable the “ Preliminary Dissertation.” The light vacant churches find it so difficult to pro. thrown by him on a variety of momentous vide themselves with suitable pastors ? is topics, is interesting and instructive in the the fault wholly, or only in part, with these highest degree. If we are not greatly mis- churches? We dare not conclude the taken, no work has appeared in our times foriner. Neither can we charge incommore pre-eminent for its calm research, and petency upon the professors of our colleges, sound critical investigation. When the au- who are in general a very gifted and devoted thor shall have produced the two remaining class of men. Will our younger brethren volumes promised, the work will take a pardon us if we venture to bint, with the first place in the library of the biblical greatest kindness, that they are, in some student.

instances, at least, cultivating a style of preaching too little marked by the spirit of

of the age.

apostolic times,—too scantily imbued with The ConstiTUTION of the Church of the the element of Biblical Theology, and too FUTURE. A Practical Explanation of much resembling the sentimental literature the Correspondence with the Right Ho.

We thoroughly believe that in nourable William Gladstone, on the Ger. proportion as this taste prevails, except man Church, Episcopacy, and Jerusalem. where genius sustains the preacher, the With a Preface, Notes, and complete Cor. spiritual power of the pulpit will of neces. respondence. By CHRISTIAN CHARLES sity decline. We have observed likewise, Josias BUNSEN, D.Ph.,D.C.L. Transamong some of our young men, a disposition lated from the German, under the Superto overrate their learning. We believe that intendence of, and with additions by, the our ministry had never better means of educa- Author. Crown 8vo. Pp. 378. tion than it now enjoys; but, after all, effi

Largan and Co. cient labour in the vineyard of Christ is the

It is impossible to read a page of this only evidence of a satisfactory result ; in the absence of which, all the learning we can

very interesting volume, without being drawn

into a warm affection for the distinguished acquire will leave our churches in a feeble

author. and decrepid state Let the studies, then,

He sees through, at a glance, the of our dear young brethren, be directed by

over-wrought pretensions of Rome, and of their tutors and by themselves to the one

the English episcopate. Would that we

could say that be thoroughly understands grand object of making them popular and

the nature of Christ's spiritual kingdom. acceptable preachers. Learning will aid

But whenever he passes from the contemthis; but not if it is made the primary object in a college curriculum. And beyond Christ himself, and constituting the vital

plation of Christianity as uniting the soul to all this, there must be fervent love to the elements of spiritual religion in the hearts grand elements of gospel truth, and a deter

of all true believers, he seems to get into mination to give them that prominence to which they are entitled, and which they festing itself through the medium of State

a dreamy notion of social religion as manireceived in the ministry of inspired men. With a ministry baptized with the Spirit of

arrangement. Now we can very readily see love, and the doctrine of the cross, it is im

how religion, embodied in the hearts and

lives of faithful citizens, will favourably possible that our churches should fall into

effect the condition of civil governments; decay; and without these qualities, it is

but we cannot see, upon the scriptural unreasonable to suppose that Nonconformity should be able to keep its standing, to

theory of the vitality of religion which Dr.

B. advocates, how he can suppose it possay nothing of its progressive advance. We are truly thankful to find that one so

sible that it can be appropriately manifested

through the medium of any secular governwell qualified by age, experience, and suc

ment that has ever yet existed. cessful ministration, as Mr. James, bas turned bis attention to the subject of the Christian pulpit. He has, in our humble SACRAMENTAL EXPERIENCE; or, The opinion, done ample justice to his theme.

Real Secret of Enjoyment at the Lord's If there is, at times, a dash of gloom and

Table: a Guide to Old and Young Commelancholy in his representations, the exag

municants. By ROBERT PHILLIP, of Magerations, eveu, are in the right direction. We need all of us to be roused. Our re.

berly Chapel, Author of “The Experi.

mental Guides," “The Eternal," “ Life sponsibilities are great beyond expression.

of Bunyan,” &c., &c. 18mo. pp. 202. The claims of the age are peculiarly solemn.

Ward and Co. We must inevitably retrograde if we do not go forward. We do want “an earnest mi. This, we find, is the last of a series of nistry,”' a ministry full of spiritual life and publications by the same author, which have power. Learning and intellect will be our realized a very wide circulation, and which snare and our ruin if they are not directed have been extensively blessed by God, both and consecrated to their proper object. We in America and in this country. It would have felt reproved and humbled as we have be difficult, perhaps, to refer to any works read many parts of Mr. James's work; but of the experimental class, which bave been we recommend it to our bretbren with all read with greater profit. We are the more the earnestness and affection which we can tbankful for this fact, as the author's views commend. We can compare it with no

of Christian doctrine are, in our judgment, other work extant except Baxter's “ Re. not only fervently evangelical, but strictly formed fastor ;' and we scruple not to say,

in accordance with the mind of the Spirit. that it is far more adapted to our times and Few men's theology is more scriptural than to our ministry than even that immortal that of our author. He was taught in a production.

good school, and has remained steadfast in the path of scriptural truth.

We are much gratified by the perusal of his

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