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quired for said national recreation area under authority of this Act.

(c) The Secretary of the Interior shall investigate, study, and report to the President and the Congress on the feasibility and usefulness of extending the boundaries of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area to include, in whole or in part, that portion of Tocks Island Reservoir which lies upstream from the northern terminus of the national recreation area as shown on the map hereinbefore referred to and lands adjacent to said portion of said reservoir. No such extension of boundaries, however, shall be made until authorized by Act of Congress.

(d) The beneficial owner, not being a corporation, of a freehold interest acquired before January 1, 1965, in improved residential property within the area to be acquired by the Secretary of the Army under authority of this Act, the continued use of which property for noncommercial residential purposes for a limited time will not, in the judgment of the Secretary of the Interior, unduly interfere with the development of public-use facilities for the national recreation area and will not, in the judgment of the Secretary of the Army, unduly interfere with the operation of the Tocks Island Reservoir project, may retain a right of use and occupancy of such property for noncommercial residential purposes for, as said owner may elect, either (i) a period terminating upon his death or the death of his spouse, whichever occurs later, or (ii) a term of not more than twenty-five years: Provided, That in no case shall the period or term for which such right of use and occupancy is retained extend beyond the term of the freehold interest acquired by the United States. The price payable to the owner of such property shall be reduced by an amount equal to the value of the right retained. As used in this Act "improved residential property" means a single-family year-round dwelling, the construction of which was begun before January 21, 1963, which dwelling serves as the owner's permanent place of abode at the time of its acquisition by the United States, together with not more than three acres of land on which the dwelling and appurtenant buildings are located which land the Secretary of the Interior or the Secretary of the Army, as the case may be, finds is reasonably necessary for the owner's continued use and occupancy of the dwelling.

SEC. 3. (a) As soon as practicable after the date of enactment of this Act and following the transfer to the Secretary of the Interior by the Secretary of the Army of jurisdiction over those lands and interests therein within the boundary generally depicted on the drawing described in section 2 hereof which, in the opinion of the Secretary of the Interior, constitute an efficiently admin

istrable unit, the Secretary of the Interior shall declare establishment of the area by publication of notice thereof in the Federal Register. Such notice shall contain a detailed description of the boundaries of the area which shall encompass, to the extent practicable, the lands and waters shown on said drawing. Prior to such establishment, the Secretary of the Interior shall administer such transferred lands and waters, consistent with the construction of the project, for purposes in contemplation of the establishment of the area pursuant to this Act.

(b) The Secretary of the Interior may subsequently make adjustments in the boundary of the area by publication of the amended description thereof in the Federal Register and acquire, by such means as he may deem to be in the public interest, including an exchange of excluded for included lands or interests therein with or without the payment or receipt of money to equalize values, additional lands and interests therein included in the area by reason of the boundary adjustment: Provided, That the area encompassed by such revised boundary shall not exceed the acreage included within the detailed boundary first described pursuant to this section.

(c) On lands acquired pursuant to this Act for recreation purposes, the Secretary of the Army, with the concurrence of the Secretary of the Interior, may permit the continuance of existing uses consistent with the purposes of this Act.

SEC. 4 In the administration of the area for the purposes of this Act, the Secretary of the Interior may utilize such statutory authorities relating to areas of the national park system and such statutory authorities otherwise available to him for the conservation, management, or disposal of vegetative, mineral, or fish or wildlife resources as he deems appropriate to carry out the purposes of this Act. To assure consistent and effective planning, development, and operation for all purposes of the project, the Secretary of the Interior and the Secretary of the Army shall coordinate the administration of their respective responsibilities in the project; and such administration shall be consistent with the joint resolution approved September 27, 1961 (re Delaware River Basin compact; 75 Stat. 688).

SEC. 5 In the administration of the area for the purposes of this Act, the Secretary of the Interior, subject to provisions of section 4 hereof, shall adopt and implement, and may from time to time revise, a land and water use management plan, which shall include specific provision for, in order of priority

(1) public outdoor recreation benefits;

(2) preservation of scenic, scientific, and historic features contributing to public enjoyment;

(3) such utilization of natural resources as in the judgment of the Secretary of the Interior is consistent with, and does not significantly impair, public recreation and protection of scenic, scientific, and historic features contributing to public enjoyment. SEC. 6. The Secretary of the Interior shall permit hunting and fishing on lands and waters under his jurisdiction within the area in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations of the States concerned and of the United States. The Secretary of the Interior may designate zones where, and establish periods when, no hunting shall be permitted for reasons of public safety, wildlife management, administration, or public use and enjoyment not compatible with hunting, and may, in his plan for the area, provide areas for intensive fish and wildlife management, including public hunting and fishing, and shall issue appropriate regulations after consultation with appropriate officials of the States concerned. The Secretary of the Interior shall encourage such officials to adopt uniform regulations applicable to the whole of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.

SEC. 7. Nothing in this Act shall be construed to deprive any State or political subdivision thereof of its right to exercise civil and criminal jurisdiction over the lands and waters within the area or of its right to tax persons, corporations, franchises, or property on the lands and waters included in the area.

SEC. 8. There are hereby authorized to be appropriated to the Secretary of the Interior for the acquisition of lands and interests in land pursuant to the provisions of section 2 of this Act and for expenses incident thereto not more than $37,412,000 which moneys shall be transferred to the Secretary of the Army. There are also authorized to be appropriated not more than $18,200,000 for the cost of installing and constructing recreation facilities on the lands and interests in lands so acquired. The amounts herein authorized to be appropriated are supplemental to those authorized to be appropriated for the Tocks Island project and related facilities by the Flood Control Act of 1962 (76 Stat. 1182).

Approved September 1, 1965.

Legislative History

House Report No. 360 (Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs).
Senate Report No. 598 (Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs).
Congressional Record, Vol. 111 (1965):

July 12: Considered and passed House.

Aug. 13: Considered and passed Senate, amended.
Aug. 17 House concurred in Senate amendment.

12. Fire Island

An Act to establish the Fire Island National Seashore, and for other purposes. (78 Stat. 928)

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That (a) for the purpose of conserving and preserving for the use of future generations certain relatively unspoiled and undeveloped beaches, dunes, and other natural features within Suffolk County, New York, which possess high values to the Nation as examples of unspoiled areas of great natural beauty in close proximity to large concentrations of urban population, the Secretary of the Interior is authorized to establish an area to be known as the "Fire Island National Seashore".

(b) The boundaries of the national seashore shall extend from the easterly boundary of Robert Moses State Park eastward to Moriches Inlet and shall include not only Fire Island proper, but also such islands and marshlands in the Great South Bay, Bellport Bay, and Moriches Bay adjacent to Fire Island as Sexton Island, West Island, Hollins Island, Ridge Island, Pelican Island, Pattersquash Island, and Reeves Island and such other small and adjacent islands, mashlands, and wet lands as would lend themselves to contiguity and reasonable administration within the national seashore and, in addition, the waters surrounding said area to distances of one thousand feet in the Atlantic Ocean and up to four thousand feet in Great South Bay and Moriches Bay, all as delineated on a map identified as "Fire Island National Seashore No. OGP-0002", dated June 1964. The Secretary shall file said map with the Federal Register, and it may also be examined in the offices of the Department of the Interior.

SEC. 2. (a) The Secretary is authorized to acquire, and it is the intent of Congress that he shall acquire as appropriated funds become available for the purpose or as such acquisition can be accomplished by donation or with donated funds or by transfer, exchange, or otherwise, the lands, waters, and other property, and improvements thereon and any interest therein, within the boundaries of the seashore as established under section 1 of this Act. Any property or interest therein owned by the State of New York, by Suffolk County, or by any other political subdivision of said State may be acquired only with the concurrence of such owner. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, any Federal property located within such area may, with the concurrence of the agency having custody thereof, be transferred without consideration to the administrative jurisdiction of the Secretary for use by him in carrying out the provisions of this Act. In exercising his authority to acquire property in accordance


with the provisions of this subsection, the Secretary may enter into contracts requiring the expenditure, when appropriated, of funds authorized by this Act, but the liability of the United States under any such contract shall be contingent on the appropriaton of funds sufficient to fulfill the obligations thereby incurred.

(b) When the Secretary determines that lands and waters or interests therein have been acquired by the United States in sufficient quantity to provide an administrative unit, he shall declare the establishment of the Fire Island National Seashore by publication of notice in the Federal Register.

(c) The Secretary shall pay not more than the fair market value, as determined by him, for any land or interest therein acquired by purchase.

(d) When acquiring land by exchange the Secretary may accept title to any nonfederally owned land located within the boundaries of the national seashore and convey to the grantor any federally owned land under the jurisdiction of the Secretary. The lands so exchanged shall be approximately equal in fair market value, but the Secretary may accept cash from or pay cash to the grantor in order to equalize the values of the lands exchanged.

(e) With one exception the Secretary shall not acquire any privately owned improved property or interests therein within the boundaries of the seashore or any property or interests therein within the communities delineated on the boundary map mentioned in section 1, except beach or waters and adjoining land within such communities which the Secretary determines are needed for public access to the beach, without the consent of the owners so long as the appropriate local zoning agency shall have in force and applicable to such property a duly adopted, valid zoning ordinance that is satisfactory to the Secretary. The sole exception to this limitation on the power of the Secretary to condemn improved property where appropriate zoning ordinances exist shall be in the approximately eight-mile area from the easterly boundary of the Brookhaven town park at Davis Park. in the town of Brookhaven, to the westerly boundary of the Smith Point County Park. In this area only, when the Secretary deems it advisable for carrying out the purposes of this Act or to improve the contiguity of the park land and ease its administration, the Secretary may acquire any land or improvements therein by condemnation. In every case in which the Secretary exercises this right of condemnation of improved property the beneficial owner or owners (not being a corporation) of any improved property so condemned, provided he, she, or they held the same or a greater estate in the property on July 1, 1963, may elect as a condition of such acquisi

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