impious or evil absolutely either against faith or maners no law can possibly permit, that intends not to unlaw it self: but those neighbouring differences, or rather indifferences, are what I speak of, whether in some point of doctrine or of discipline, which though they may be many, yet need not interrupt the unity of Spirit, if we could but find among us the bond of peace. In the mean while if any one would write, and bring his helpfull hand to the slow-moving Refore mation which we labour under, if Truth have spok’n to him before others, or but seem'd at least to speak, who hath fo bejesuited us that we should trouble that man with alking licence to do so worthy a deed? and not consider this, that if it come to prohibiting, there is not ought more likely to be prohibited then truth it felf; whose first appearance to our eyes blear'd' and dimin’d with prejudice and custom, is more unfightly and unplausible then many errors; ev'n as the person is of many a great man flight and contemptible to see to. And what doe they tell us vainly of new opi-. nions, when this very opinion of theirs, that none must be heard, but whom they like, is the worst and newest opinion of all others; and is the chief cause why fects and schisins doe so much abound, and true knowledge is kept at distance from us; besides yet a greater danger which is in it. For when God snakes a Kingdome with strong and healthfull


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commotions to a generall reforming, 'tis not untrue that many sectaries and false teachers are then busiest in seducing; but yet more true it is, that God then raises to his own work men of rare abilities, and more then common industry not only to look back and revise what hath bin taught heretofore, but to gain furder and goe on, fome new enlightn'd steps in the discovery of truth. For such is the order of God's enlightning “his Church, to dispense and deal out by degrees his beam, so as our earthly eyes may beít sustain it. Neither is God appointed and confin'd, where and out of what place these his chosen shall be first heard to speak; for he fees not as man fees, chooses not as man chooses, left


we should devote our felves again to set places, and assemblies, and outward callings of men ; planting our faith one while in the old Convocation-house, and another while in the Chappell at Westminster; when all the faith and religion that shall be there canoniz'd, is not sufficient without plain convincement, and the charity of patient instruction to supple the least bruise of conscience, to edifie the meanest Christian, who desires to walk in the Spirit, and not in the letter of human trust, for all the number of voices that can be there made; no though Harry the 7. himself there, with all his leige tombs about him, should lend them voices from the dead, to swell their number. And if


the men be erroneous who appear to be the leading schisinaticks, what witholds us but our floth, our self-will, and diftrust in the right cause, that we doe not give them gentle meetings and gentle dismissions, that we debate not and examin the matter throughly with liberall and frequent audience; if not for their fakes, yet for our own ? seeing no man who hath tasted learning, but will confefse the many waies of profiting by those who not contented with stale receits are able to manage, and set forth new positions to the world. And were they but as the dust and cinders of our feet, so long as in that notion they may yet serve to polish and brighten the armoury of Truth, ev’n for that respect

, they

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