“ The scene was amazingly own solitary and defenceless affecting and solemn. Imagi- state, probably filled and agitanation may conceive, but words ted his mind. When the day utterly fail to describe it. The was spent, and his weary limbs room was full of people--a num- demanded repose, pensive and ber attempted to sing. Tears sad, with the canopy of heaven constantly streamed from every for his covering, a stone for his eye-the music was frequently pillow and the earth for his bed, interrupted by sobs—and not he composed himself to rest. a person in the room, but our When sleep had closed his eyes, dying friend, that was not deep-he dreamed, and, behold, a ladder ly agitated. She appeared set upon the earth, and the top of peaceful, serene, and devout, it reached heaven, and, behold, the joys of heaven seemed to the angels of God ascending and shine in her countenance. I descending upon it. And, be. prayed with her—she then hold, the Lord stood above it, failed very fast, till about half who addressed him in the most after six, when she closed her consoling terms, assured him earthly course, breathed out her of his gracious presence and soul to God, and we humbly protecting care in all his ways, trust, sweetly slept in the arms and of a fulfilment of the coveof Jesus.-Blessed are the dead, nant which he had made with that die in the Lord. Be ye

Abraham his father, Gen. xxviii. therefore followers of them who 11-15. This vision has ever through faith and patience in been considered as typical of herit the promises."

evangelical subjects; and is not this interpretation supported by Christ's apparent reference to it

in the assurance which he gave Explanation of Scriptwal Types.

to Nathanael, John i. 51. Here.

after ye shall see heaven open, NO. XI.

and the angels of God ascending Jacob': LADDER Typical.

and descending upon the son of

Are not the following


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1. Doth not this ladder which vidence for the relief of his peo- stood on the ground and reached ple, may we not reckon the heaven, typify the one mediator vision of Jacob's ladder? The between God and men, the man patriarch, now exiled from his Christ Jesus? In whose person, father's house, and making a natures, the divine and human, tiresome journey to Padan-aram, remote and distant as heaven is must have been peculiarly ex- high above the earth, are conercised with the trials of his pre- nected and united, who constisept condition. Reflections un tutes the great, blessed and onthe affectionate and tender pa- ly medium of intercourse and rents, friends and comforts, communication between earth which he left behind, the dan- and heaven, and in whom the gers and sufferings to which he whole family of heaven and should be exposed in the tedi- earth, is named ; being their ous journey before him, and his common centre, and the bond

of holy union and communion of adversity, his seasonable inbetween them.

terpositions for their relief, and 2. Doth not the address of the the motives of encouragement Most High to the patriarch from and comfort which he addresses above this ladder, signify, that to their minds; manifesting God makes all the revelations of himself to be their refuge and his designs to men, all the man- strength, a very present help ifestations of his mercy and in trouble ? Like as a father grace to them, and especially, pitieth his children, so the Lord all the promises of his protec- pitieth them that fear him. For tion, favor, spiritual blessing and he knoweth our frame, he reeternal life, to his people thro' membereth that we are dust. Jesus Christ? For in him are all How full of instruction and the promises of God, Yea, and comfort is this dream to the in him, Amen, to the glory of church and children of God in God. And that he is the way, all ages ? And doth it not imthe truth and the life, through plicitly reprove them for their whom only, sinful men can have disquietudes, distrust of his access to God, and in which new

care and anxiety about their and living way they may draw condition ? Why sayest thou, rear to him in the full assurance O Jacob, and speakest, O Israel, of faith.

my way is hid from the Lord, “ Is he a way? he leads to God, and my judgment is passed over The path is drawn in lines of blood ? | from my God? The Lord hath There would I walk with love and not forgotten to be gracious; zeal,

neither hath his faithfulness Till I arrive at Zion's hill."

failed for ever more.

Who is 3. Doth not the ascent and among you that feareth the descent of the angels upon this Lord, that obeyeth the voice of ladder suggest, that God effects his servant, that walketh in the designs of his providence, darkness, and hath no light? and protects his people in the Let him trust in the name of hour of danger, by their instru- the Lord, and stay upon his mentality? The angel of the God; for they that trust in the Lord encampeth round about Lord shall be as mount Zion, them that fear him, and deliver- which cannot be removed, but cth them. Their promptitude, abideth for ever. activity and fidelity in his service; and the kind and benevolent services which they are continually performing for his peo- Religious Intelligence. ple. Are they not ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for Extract from a letter from a stuthem that shall be heirs of sal

dent in divinity, of Boston, now vation ?

in London, to his friend in MasLastly, Doth not this dream

sachusetts, dated London, Senof the patriarch in his afflicted

tember 16, 1805. state, this divine impression and address, suggest to us, the ten- “I HAVE the pleasure to inder and vigilant care which God form you, my dear Sir, of an inextends to his people in the hours creasing attention to religion, on

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this side the Atlantic, particu-, ble success. Many young Jews larly in this great city. The ve steal from their rigid parents, nerable Newton still lives to de- at the hazard of their lives, to clare the wonderfulgrace of God, I hear him preach. It is astontowards miserable sinners. The ishing what persecution he and great Missionary Society is pro- his followers meet with from ducing the most happy effects; their enraged countrymen. He and the most fervent prayer-is obliged to be attended to his meetings are held throughout meeting by a guard. The anthe city. There is now in Lon-gry Jews appear to cry out with don a converted Jew, by the the spirit of their fathers, Cruci. name of Frey, whom doubtless fy him. The good people here you have heard of, who is preach-expect much from his exertions. ing the gospel to his deluded He is a man of great abilities, country men, and with considera- and of the most fervent piety,"



No. 1.

ACCOUNT of Monies contributed in the several Congregational Socia

eties in the State of Connecticut, for the support of Missions, on the first Sabbath in May 1805, pursuant to a Resolve of the General Assembly of said State, passed May 1804.

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19 64 36

66 69

12 IO

29 78
12 66



3 Hartford, Frst Society, $90 76 Simsbury, First Society, 15 43 So th,


59 West,

Wethersfield, First Society, Berlin, Kensington,


22 15
New Britain,

Stepney, 30


Windsor, First Society, 17 51 Bristol, Cambridge,

19 70

Winconbury, 14 95
West Britain,

3 87 Eat Hartford, First Society,

Total, Hartford County, 750 88
East Windsor, First Sociсty, 14 93

New-Haven COUNTY.
Second, 23 33 New-Haven, United Society, 47 30

15 96

Farmington, First,

Northington, 12 17 Branford, Northford,

2 64 Glastenbury, Firft Society,

24 67

North-Branford, 2 18

3 34

Cheshire, First Society, 55 50 Granby, Salmon Brook,


6 8
7 43
Turkey Hills,


Derby, Firet Society,
Hartland, East Society, 850

Great Hill,

17 17

3 73
8 Guilford, First Society,
Southing ton,

81 93

JO 43

6 77

4 43


17 II

I 2 40 Suffield, First Society,

II 37

II 61

I 2 43


7 I


15 84

10 39

14 62

II 73

I 50

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6 45


10 29

4 66

Hamden, Mount Carmel,

13 50

East Plains,

4 71 Windham, Firii Society, 5 50 Milford, First Society, 35 73 | Ashford, First Society,

2 13 Second,


4 75 Third or North, 13 36 Brooklyn,

4 17 North-Haven,

16 34 Canterbury, Weftminster, 5 75 Wallingford, First Society, 325 Columbia,

I % 47 Meriden, 12 37 Hampton,

21 17 Waterbury, First Society, 5 60 Killingly, Second Society, 3 18 Middlebury, 7 33

Woodbridge Firtt Society, 20 5 Lebanon, First Society, 29 47


7 25

Mansfield, Firft Society,
Total, New-Havea County, 333 21


IO 8 Plainfield,

New-LONDON COUNTY. Pomfret, First Society,

49 25

9 18 Norwich, First Society, 33 67 Thompson,

8 Chelsea,

32 41 | Woodkock, First Society, Bozrah,

3 50

Muddy Brook,
Colchester, First Society,

Welt Society,
Weft-Chester, 7

11 79

Total, Windham County, 187 64
Lisbon, Newent,

Lyme, First Society,

II 82 Litchfield, First Society
North Quarter,

3 25

South Farnis, 14
Montville, First Society,

Preston, North Society, 48 16 Barkhemsted, First Society,

5 41

Total, New-London County, 245 13 | Bethlem,

27 3 Canaan, First Society, 20 50 FAIRFIELD COUNTY.


Io go
Fairfield, First Society,

15 25 | Colebrook,
4 20 Cornwall, First,

21 14 Danbury, First Society,


5 27 Greenwich, West Society, 38 53 Goshen,

90 42 Huntington, Ripton, 8 83 Harwinton,

23 New Stratford, 8 Kent, New Fairfield, 6 2 | New-Hartford,

51 50 Newtown, 9 25 Norfolk,

60 28 New Canaan, 26 68 Plymouth,

9 40 Norwalk,




34 75 Ridgfield, First Society, 5 53 | Sharon, First Society, Ridgbury,


6 Sherman,

4 50 Southbury, First Society, 1ο 4 Stamford, First Society, 25

South Britain, 4 14
North Stamford, 6 78 Torrington, First Society,
Stan wich,
IL 50

Torringford, 37
Stratford, First Society,

4 42

2 84 Washington, First Society,

36 27 Weston, Norfield,


20 58 North Fairfield, 4 Winchester,

I2 80 Wilton, 20 Woodbury,

19 19 Total, Fairfield County, 289 58 Total, Litchfield County, 683 86

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17 62

28 55

II 16

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FUNDS of the Society arising from other sources than the Contribu

tions in May 1805.



$ 5 40

1805. Contributions of 1804 received since January 1, 18 January

North Fairfield, Society, February 27.


Afford, Weaford,


7 7 3 60


29 365 44 36

24 88

22 212 16 3





9. 20.



Contributions in the new settlements, viz.
To Rev. Seth Willifton,

Rev. Thomas Williams,
Mr. Eli Hyde,
Rev. Calvin Ingals,
Rev. Seth Willis
Rev. Asa Carpenter,

December 16.

137 85

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