bearer. I am glad the child is well; and the yolk of my heart, upon that God's favour, even in the eyes of fairest and dearest one: I am far men, be seen upon him. I hope behind with my narrow heart. O your Ladyship is thinking upon these how ebb a soul have I to take in sad and woful days wherein we now Christ's love! for let worlds be live; when our Lord, in his righteous multiplied according to angels unjudgment, is sending the kirk the derstanding, in millions, while they gate she is going, 'to Rome's brothel weary themselves; these worlds house, to seek a lover of her own, would not contain the thousandth seeing she hath given up with Christ part of his love. O if I could yoke her husband. O what sweet comfort, in amongst the thick of angels, and what rich salvation is laid up for seraphims, and now glorified saints, those, who liad rather wash and roll and could raise a new love-song of their garments in their own blood, Christ, before all the world! I am tban break out from Christ by pained with wondering at new-openapostasy ! Keep yourself in the love ed treasures in Christ: if every finger, of Christ, and stand far aback, from member, bone, and joint, were a the pollutions of the world: side torch burning in the hottest fire in not with these times, and hold from hell, I would they could all send coming nigh the signs of a conspiracy out love praises, high songs of praise with those that are now come out for evermore, to that plant of renown, against Christ; that ye may be one to that royal and high Prince, Jesus kept for Christ only. I know your my Lord: but alas ! his love swell. Ladyship thinketh upon this, and eth in me, and findeth no vent; alas ! how you may be humbled for your- what can a dumb prisoner do or say self and this backsliding land; for for him ! O for an engine to write I avouch, that wrath from the Lord a book of Christ and his love! nay, is gone out against Scotland. I think I am left of him bound, and chained ay the longer the better of my royal with his love; I cannot find a loosed and worthy Master: he is become soul to left up his praises, and give a new well beloved to me now, in them out to others. But oh my day. renewed consolations, by the presence light hath thick clouds; I cannot of the Spirit of grace and glory. shine in his praises. I am often like Christ's garments smell of the powder a ship plying about to seek the wind; of the merchant, when he cometh I sail at great leisure, and cannot be out of his ivory chambers: O his blown upon that loveliest Lord: oh perfumed face, his fair face, his lovely if I could turn my sails to Christ's and kindly kisses, have made me a right airth; and that I had my heart's poor prisoner, see, there is more to wishes of his love! But I but marr be had of Christ in this life, than I his praises; nay, I know no believed. We think all is but a parison of whai Christ is, and what litle earnest, a four hours, a small his worth is: all the angels, and all tasting, we have, or is to be had in the glorified, praise him not so much this life, (which is true, compared as in halves; who can advance him with the inheritance); but yet I know or utter all his praises; I want noit is more, it is the kingdom of God thing; unknown faces favour me; within us. Wo, wo, ils me, that I enemies must speak good of the have not ten loves for that one Lord truth; my Master's cause purchaseth Jesus; and that love faileth, and commendations. The hopes of my drieth up in loving him; and that I enlargement, from appearances, are find no way to spend my love desires cold: My faith hath no bed to sleep



upon, but omnipotency. The good not admit two equal loves in your will of the Lord, and his sweetest Ladyship's heart; he must have one, presence, be with you and that child. and that the greatest; a little one Grace and peace be yours.

to a creature may, and must suffice Your Ladyship’s in all duty in his a soul married to him. “ Your maker sweet Lord Jesus,

is your Husband.' Isa. liv. I would Aberdeen, 1637.

S. R.

wish you well, and my obligations

these many years by gone speak no LETTER IX.

less to me; but more I can neither

wish nor pray, nor desire for to To the Right Honourable and Christian Lady the

your Ladyship, than Christ singled Madam,

and wailed out from all created good GRACE, mercy and peace be to your things; or Christ, howbeit wet in Ladyship. I would not omit to his own blood, and wearing a crown write a line with the Christan bearer, of thorns. I am sure the saints, at one in Your Ladyship's own case, their best, are but strangers to the driven near to Christ, in and by her weight and worth of the incomparable affliction. I wish that my friends sweetness of Christ.

He is so new, in Galloway forget me not; however so fresh in excellency, every day of it be, Christ is so good that I will new, to those that search more and have no other tutor, suppose I could more in him, as if heaven could have wail and choice of ten thousand furnish us as many new Christs (if beside. I think now five hundred I máy speak so) as there are days heavy hearts for him too little.

I betwixt him and us, and yet he is wish Christ, now weeping, suffering, one and the same. Oh, we love an and contemned of men, were more unknown lover, when we love Cbrist! dear and desirable to many souls than Let me hear how the child is every he is: I am sure if the saints wanted way; the prayers of a prisoner of Christ's cross, 80 profitable and so Christ be upon him. Grace for sweet, they might, for the gain and evermore, even while glory perfect glory of it, wish it were lawful, either it, be with your Ladyship. to buy or borrow his cross; but

Your's in hie sweet Lord Jesus, it is a mercy that the saints have it Aberdeen, 1637.

S. R. laid to their hand for nothing; for I know no sweeter way to heaven, than through free grace, and hard


To the Noble and Christian Lady, trials together; and one of these cannot well want another. that Madam, time would post faster, and hasten NOTWITHSTANDING the great haste our looked-for communion with that of the bearer, I would bless your fairest, fairest among the sons of Ladyship on paper, desiring, that men! O that the day would favour since Christ hath ever envied that us, and come, and put Christ and the world should have your love by us in other's arms! I am sure a few him, that ye give yourself out for years will do our turn, and the Christ, and that ye may be for no soldier's hour-glass will soon run other. I know none worthy of you out. Madam, look to your lamp bút Christ. Madam, I am either and look for your Lord's coming suffering for Christ, and this is either and let your heart dwell aloof from the sure and good way, or 1: have that child. Christ's jealousy will done with heaven, and will never see


for you.

God's face (which, I bless him, can- age, wherein folks have lost tongue not be). I write my blessing to that and legs, and arms for Christ. i sweet child, that ye bave borrowed urge upon you, Madam, a nearer from God; he is no heritage to you, communion with Christ, and a growbut a loan; love him as folks do bor- ing communion. There are curtains rowed things. My heart is heavy to be drawn by, in Christ, that we

They say the kirk of Christ never saw, and new foldings of love hath neither son nor heir; and there-in him. I despair that ever I shall fore her enemies shall possess her: win to the far end of that love, there but I know she is not that ill friend - are so many plies in it. Therefore ed, her Husband is her heir, and she dig deep; and sweat, and labour, and his heritage. If my Lord would be take pains for him; and set by so pleased, I would desire some were much time in the day for him as you dealt with, for my return to Anwoth; can: he will be won with labour. I, but if that never be, I thank God, An. his exiled prisoner, sought him, and woth is not heaven, preaching is not he hath rued upon me, and hath Christ, I hope to wait on. Let me made a moan for me, as he doth for hear how the child is, and your his own, Jer. xxxi. 20. Isa xlv. 11. Ladyship’s mind and hopes of him; and I know not what to do with for it would ease my heart to know Christ, his love surroundeth and that he is well. I am in good terms surehargeth me. I am burdened with Christ; but oh my guiltiness! with it, but O how sweet and lovely yet he bringeth not pleas betwixt is that burden! I cannot keep it him and me to the streets, and be within me: I am so in love with his fore the sun. Grace, grace for ever love, that if his love were not in more be with your Ladyship.

heaven, I would be unwilling to go Your Ladyship’s, at all obedience in Christ, there. O what weighing and what

telling is in Christ's love! I fear Aberbeen, 1637.

S. R. nothing now so much as the laughing

of Christ's cross, and the love showers

that accompany it. I wonder what LETTER XI.

he meaneth to put such a slave at To the Right Honourable and Christian Lady, my the boardhead, at his own elbow, Lady VISCOUNTESS of KENMURE.

O that I should lay my black mouth, Madam,

to fuch a fair, fair, fair face as GRACE, mercy and peace to you: Christ! but dare not refuse to be I am refreshed with your letters. loved; the cause is not in me why The right hand of him, to whom be- he hath looked upon me, and loved long the issues from death, hath me: for he got neither bud nor hire been gracious to that sweet child; 1 of me, it cost me nothing, it is good cannot, I will not forget him and your cheap love. O the many pound Ladyship in my prayers. Madam, weights of his love, under which I for your own case, I love careful, am sweetly pressed! Now, Madam, and withal doing complaints of want I persuade you, the greatest part of practice; because I observe many, but play with Christianity, they put who think it holiness enough to com- it by hand easily. I thought it had plain and set themselves at nothing, as been an easy thing to be a Christian, if to say

I am sick, would cure them; and that to seek God had been at they think complaints a good charm the next door; but oh the windings, for guiltiness. I hope you are wrest- the turnings, the ups and the downs, ling and struggling on, in this dead that he hath led me through; and I

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see yet much way to the ford: he answer the heads of your letter, speaketh with my reins in the night 1st, I think not much to set down season: and in the morning, when I on paper some good things anent awake, I find his love arrows, that Christ, that sealed and holy thing; he shot at me, sticking in my heart: and to feed my soul with raw wishes who will help me to praise? who will to be one with Christ; for a wish is come lift with me, and set on high but broken and half love; but veri. his great love? and yet I find, that ly to obey this, Come and see, is a fire-flaught of challenges will come a harder matter! But oh, I have out at midsummer, and question me; rather smoke than fire, and guessings but it is only to keep a sinner in or. rather than real assurances of him; der. As for friends, I shall not I have little or nothing to say, but think the world to be the world, if that I am as one who hath found fa. that well go not dry. I trust in God, vour in his eyes; but there is some to use the world as a canny or cun- pining and mismannered hunger, ning master doth a knave-servant that maketh me miscal and nickname (at least God give me grace to do Christ as a changed Lord; but alas! 80) he giveth him no handling or it is ill Aitten. I cannot believe with. credit, only he entrusteth him with out a pledge, I cannot take God's common errands, wherein he cannot word without a caution, as if Christ play the knave. I pray God, I may had lost and sold his credit, and not give this world credit of my joys, were not in my books responsal and and comforts, and confidence: that law-biding: but this is my way; for were to put Christ out of his office : his way is, Eph. 1. 13. • After that ye nay, I counsel you, Madam, from a believed, ye were sealed with the little experience, let Christ keep the Holy Spirit of promise.' 2d, ye write great seal, and entrust him so, as to that I am filled with knowledge, and hing your vessels great and small, stand not in need of these warnings; and pin your burdens upon the nail but certainly my light is dim, when fastened in David's house, Isa. xxii it cometh to handy.grips: and how 23. Let me not be well, if ever they many have full coffers, and yet empty get the tutoring of my comforts: bellies! light, and the saving use of away, away with irresponsal tutors light, are far different. © what that would play me a slip, and then need then have I to have the ashes Christ would laugh at me, and say, blown away from my dying-out fire! Well-wared, try again e'er ye trust. I may be a bookman, and be an idiot Now wo is me, for my whorish mo- and stark fool in Christ's way! learnther, the church of Scotland; oh ing will not beguile Christ; the Bi. wbo will bewail her! Now the pre- ble beguiled the pharisees, and so sence of the great angel of the co


I be misled. Therefore, as venant be with you and that sweet night watches hold one another wakchild.

ing, by speaking to one another, so Yours in his sweet Lord Jesus, have we need to hold one another Aberdeen, March 7, 1637.

S. R.

on foot: sleep stealeth away the light of watching, even the light that re

proveth sleeping. I doubt not but LETTER XIL.

more should fetch heaven, if they To the Right Honourable and Christian Lady,

believed not heaven to be at the My Lady KENMURE. Madam,

next door : the world's negative holiUpon the offered opportunity of this ness, no adulterer, no murderer, no worthy bearer, I could not omit to thief, no cozener, maketh men believe

be to your

they are already glorified saints: but are not heard before men's courts; the 6th chapter to the Hebrews may it is at home betwixt him and us, affright us all, when we hear that that pleas are taken away. Grace men may take of the gifts and com- be with you. mon graces of the Holy Spirit, and

Tour's in his sweet Lord Jesus, a taste of the powers of the life to Aberdeen,

S. R. come, to hell with them: here is reprobate silver, which yet seemeth to have the King's image and super

LETTER XIII. scription upon it. 3d, I find you

To the Right Honourable and Christian Lady, complaining of yourself, and it be

My Lady KENMURE. cometh a sinner so to do, I am not

Madam, against that; sense of death is a sib Grace, mercy and

peace friend, and of kin and blood to life; Ladyship: God be thanked, ye are the more sense, the more life; the yet in possession of Christ and that more sense of sin, the less sin. I sweet child. I pray God the former would love my pain, and soreness, may be a sure heritage, and the latter and my wounds, howbeit these should a loan for your comfort, while you

do bereave me of my night's sleep, bet- good to his poor afflicted, withered ter than my wounds without pain. mount Sion; and who knoweth, but O how sweet a thing it is, to give our Lord hath comforts laid up in Christ his handful of broken arms, store for her and you? I am persuadand legs, and disjointed bones! 4th, ed Christ hath bought you by the Be not afraid for little grace, Christ devil, and hell, and sin, that they soweth his living seed, and he will have no claim to you; and that is a not lose his seed; if he have the rich and invaluable mercy. Long guiding of my stock and state, it shall since ye were half challenging death's not miscarry. Our spilt works, los cold kindness, in being so slow and ses, deadness, coldness, wretched- swier to come loose a tired prisoner: ness, are the ground which the good but ye staud in need of all the croshusbandman laboureth. 5th, Ye ses, losses, changes, and sad hearts write that his compassions fail not, that befel you since that time. Christ notwithstanding that your service to knoweth the body of sin unsubdued Christ miscarrietb: to the which I will take them all and more: answer, God forbid that there were know that Paul had need of the debuying and selling, and blocking for vil's service, to buffet him; and far as good again, betwixt Christ and more we. But my dear and honourus; for then free grace might go able Lady, spend your sand-glass play it, and a Saviour sing dumb, well: I am sure you have law to raise and Christ go and sleep; but we a suspension against all that devils, go to heaven with light shoulders, men, friends, worlds, losses, hell or and all the family; and the vessels sin can decree against you. It is great and small that we have, are good your crosses will but convey fastened upon the sure nail, Isa. you to heaven's gates: in can they xxii

. 24. The only danger is, that we not go, the gates shall be closed give grace more ado than God giv- upon them, when ye shall be admita eth it, that is, by turning his grace ted to the throne. Time standeth into wantonness. 6th, Ye write, few not still, eternity is hard at our door, see your guiltiness, and you cannot O what is laid up for you! Therefore be free with many, as with me: I an. harden your face against the wind: swer, blessed be God, Christ and we and the Lamb your husband is mak.



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