very fully developed in the utter absence of God and his cause is a sure mark of spiriall that is essential to true religion.

tual prosperity: Psalm cxxii. 6. The temporal miseries of the heathen may What, then, is the measure and character constrain a man to encourage missions, who of our zeal ? Can we be satisfied with that yet feels no concern for the glory of to which we have attained ? How does it God.

affect us in our secret approaches to God? A desire to propagaie our own practices and A fervent prayer is a surer indication of zeal opinions. In proportion to the prevalence of than a splendid contribution. these, some homage is rendered to the supe. What are the claims of this Society? It riority of our own information and intellect. is the cause of God, let it be identified with

The vanity of being esteemed benevolent. If our warmest feelings. Our indifference will any mode of philanthropy be popular in the not prevent the advance of the Redeemer's circle in which we move, it becomes neces- cause, but will entail on us the curse of sary to support it, in order to secure our Meroz. By all the motives that tell most share of public esteem. Zeal arising from powerfully on a Christian heart, let us seek this motive will always be displayed in pro the prosperity of this cause. Money, indeed, portion to the publicity of the occasion. it wants, but it is the last and least of its

(2.) The degree of excitement thus pro wants. Men are wanted to go forth to the duced may be, as to degree, indefinitely heathen---wisdom is needed by the Directors great.

--support and success by the missionaries(3.) But such excitement, in point of du and a more abundant effusion of the Holy ration, will ever be limited and evanescent. Spirit by all. Its coincidence with some selfish interest will Concluding Prayer-Rev. Mr. Lucy. prove the date of its vigour, and all the appeals of the most powerful eloquence will

FRIDAY, May 11. not prevent its decay.

Il. The indications of a zeal permanently influential.

CHURCH OF THE UNITED PARISHES OF ST. (1.) Such zeal must arise from the saving ANDREW BY THE WARDROBE, AND ST. ANN, application of the truth to the heart-inducing BLACKFRIARS. conviction of the soul's value and state - The prayers were read by the Rev. Isaac scriptural views of the excellence of God- Saunders, A.M., Rector of the parish ; after cordial dependence on Christ for salvation which the Rev. William Bolland, A.M., and a consciousness of the sufficiency of the Vicar of Swineshead and Frampton, LinSpirit's power to bring others from darkness colnshire, &c. &c., preached from Matt. xi. to light. Apart from such a state of mind, 27-All things are delivered unto me of my we do not see how a person can feel correctly Father. with regard to the moral and spiritual state When the Lord Jesus undertook the work of the world at all.

of man's redemption, it was necessary, not (2.) The prevailing motives will neces. only that he should bleed and die, but also, sarily correspond with this experience of the after his death, should, in his mediatorial truth--such as a supreme regard for the character, be invested with full power and glory of God, now dishonoured throughout authority to accomplish this glorious work. the heathen world--a concern for the salva- For this purpose, * all power was given to tion of souls, now perishing for lack of him both in heaven and in earth.” The knowledge-a desire io see the Redeemer Faiher loveth the Son, and hath delivered all honoured as the universal king--a desire things into his hands, that he may dispose of springing from grateful love, and to which all the affairs of the kingdom of Providence, no sacrifice would be too great.

in such a way as to promote the establish(3.) Universality and permanence of zeal ment of his kingdom of grace. would thus be secured-à zeal acting from I. Consider the imp vrtant declaration here an abiding principle--sustained by confident made. expectation resting on the promises and oath II. The grounds up in which it is made. of the Almighty, and marked by earnest, III. Make a practical application of it to patient, persevering, and abundant wrest the subject before us. Iing with God.

I. Consider the important declaration here (4.) Illustrations of zeal springing from made.---All things. the power of religion are given in the ex- 1. All nations of the earth. This proved ample of Christ : John iv. 31-34, and ii. by various prophecies-i. e., “the heathen” 17;—the labours of the apostles—the vigor were promised as the inheritance," &c. ous efforts of the early Christians : 1 Thess. “He shall have dominion from sea to sea," i. 6--8 ;--and the rapid success of the gos- &c. “ The whole earth shall be filled with pel in the first three centuries.

his glory.” “ The Isles shall wait for his (5.). Hence it may be inferred that the law." "" There shall be given to him dointensity of our zeal will depend on that of minion and glory," &c. : Daniel vii. 14. our religion, and that to be truly zealous for Messiah's kingdom compared to a stone cut

out of the mountain : Daniel ii. 35–45. to active exertion in the reward that Christ This illustrated by a reference to history, has promised to every effort that is made, especially that of the great empires, in which from love to him, to promote his glory. See it was proved that all changes, and revolu Daniel xii. 3 ; 2 Corinthians ix. 6 ; Proverbs tions, and dynasties, were overruled for the xix. 17; Haggai ii. 18, 19; Matthew xxv. 40; purpose of promoting the interests of the Matthew x. 42; 1 Thessalonians ii. 19, 20. Redeemer's kingdom. The world itself continues to stand for this purpose. This thought SACRAMENTAL SERVICES. is very cheering and encouraging to those who are engaged in missionary enterprises,

SION CHAPEL. because there is no possibility of failure.

The Rev. George Collison presided. The Persia and Hindostan are already his. China

following ministers and others also engaged is delivered to him. The Burmese Empire is

in the services : Rev. Messrs. Mannering, his, by grant. So are Turkey, South America,

Williams, Hodson, Hillyard, Reed, Emblin, Spain, and Italy.

Boddington, Saunders, Muscutt, Kirkness, The silver and the gold are his.

Mulley, Moore, Redford, Mays, Pitt, Quigley, All hearts are his; and he can, therefore,

Jones, Evans, Vautin ; Hicks, Wastell, Seaeasily incline his servants to come forward

born, and Haywood, Students. and offer themselves to the missionary work, and others to support them in it.

ORANGE-STREET CHAPEL. The gifts and graces of the Spirit are his ; and he can, therefore, fit and qualify them

The Rev. Dr. Winter presided. The fol.

lowing other ministers also engaged in the for the work. The elements are at his disposal—winds

services; Rev. Messrs. H. B. Jeula, Dr. and waves—and every particle of matter in

Steinkopff, Robinson, Vaughan, Dr. Morithe whole creation.

son, Dunn, Legge, Washbourn, Dean, WilThe hearts of the heathen are his. He

son, Castleden, Meadows, Blood, West, Day, can, therefore, dispose them to sanction and

and Poland. encourage their labours; and can prepare their hearts to receive their message.

SILVER-STREET CHAPEL. All enemies, and difficulties, and oppo The Rev. Dr. Bennett presided. The folsition are under his control. He will, there lowing other ministers also took part in the fore, be sure to carry on his work. Hence services :- Rev. Messrs. Hunt, Adey, Hall, he has always had agents for this work. He Carter, Rose, Jones (of Madagascar), Moase, sent Augustine to Britain, Xavier to Japan, Wood, Palmer, and Garthwaite. Elliot to America, and Swartz to Tranquebar. II. The ground upon which it is made.

KENNINGTON CHAPEL. This grant has an express reference to the

The Rev. George Clayton presided. The covenant transactions between the Father

following other ministers also engaged in the and the Son, as expressed in Isaiah liji.

services :-Rev. Messrs. Hunt, Browne, Cecil, 10, 11, 12; Psalm xxii. 6–28; Philippians

Richards, Alexander, Jackson, Dr. Shoveller, , 6–11. “ This was the joy that was set before him when he endured the cross,” &c.

Adam, Temple, Arundel, Caston, Newth,

&c. &c.* III. Make a practical application of it to the subject before us.

CLAREMONT CHAPEL. Objection supposed. “If all things are delivered to Christ, and all nations will cer.

Rev. J. A. James presided. The followtainly be brought into subjection to him, then

ing other ministers also engaged in the serwhat need of missionary efforts ?-why not

vices, viz. :--Rev. Messrs. T. P. Bull, leave God to do his own work ?” Answer

Slatterie, Redford, Ellis, T. James, Wool1. “ The command of God is binding upon

dridge, Goulty, J. Bull, Ashton, Harry, every one who professes to know his name :"

Spencer, Vint, jun., Fletcher, Tyler, Varty, Matthew xxviii. 19.

Gilbert, Yockney, Tidman, Blackburn, and 2. God works in, and by, the use of means.

Fairbrother. 3. A principle of gratitude and love to the Saviour will constrain the real Christian to ST. THOMAS’S-SQUARE, HACKNEY. engage, and that heartily, in this glorious The Rev. Dr. Fletcher presided, opened work. Also gratitude for gospel privileges. the meeting by prayer, and gave an intro

4. He is likewise influenced by a deep and ductory address. The following other ministender compassion to the souls of his fellow ters also engaged in the services :--Rev. creatures.

Messrs. Robertson, Jefferson, Morren, Camp5. A dreadful curse is denounced against bell, Townley, and Dr. Burder. those who refuse to lend a helping hand to the cause of God. See Judges v. 23; * The names of some of the ministers who Haggai i. 4, 6, 9; Proverbs xxiv. 11, 12. engaged in the services at kennington Chapel

6. The Christian finds a powerful motive we have not been able to obtain.


FOR THE YEAR 1831-32.


£ s. d. To Balance from Last Year ............

52 10 5 Amount of Contributions, Legacies, and Dividends...................................... 34508 3 8 Contributions for the Education of Native Females in India ....

59 39 - towards the Support of Native Schools in India ..

86 911 - on behalf of the Widows and Orphans' Fund.

274 13 6 - Anglo-Chinese College ...........

96 16 0 Amount Received on Account of the Paris Missionary Society ....................

360 00 Sale of £3700 Exchequer Bills ...

3763 10 1 Balance against the Society .....

852 8 1

140113 15 5


By Payments for the Service of the Year ........

....... 39240 10 7 Purchase of £292 135. Od. Three per Cents Reduced, in application of Contributions received on behalf of the Widows and Orphans' Fund ...

242 13 2 £543 6s. 4d. On South Sea Annoities ............

442 16 1 Payments on Account of the Paris Missionary Society.....

52 95 Balance on Sundry Accounts ..............

135 6 2

£40113 15 5


Poultry Chapel ...........

....... 15 15 6 Sarrey Chapel ...

... 238 19 2 Tabernacle ......

74 14 10 Exeler Hall.........

377 14 4 Toitenham Court Chapel.

72 4 6 St. Andrew by the Wardrobe, and St. Ann's Church, Blackfriar 30 1 6 Sion Chapel........

38 16 Orange Sireet Chapel ...

38 40 Silver Street Chapel....

20 0 0 Kennington Chapel .....

53 13 0 Claremont Chapel.

71 0 8 St. Thomas's Square Chapel ....

30 0 0

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