sibly he could. And it seems left off, to pursue it without in-' to me to have been a secret la- terruption on his arrival. tent principle of the fear and love of God that established him. in this purpose. For it looks as if he desired to have a supply of The following was an humorous scripture materials for his mind cure for unclerical practices. to work upon, choosing it should ever be employed in recollecting THE CURATE RELIEVED. and reflecting upon those records, that thereby, if possible, A violept Welch 'squire havit might be kept from blasphem- ing taken offence at a poor cuing God, like the rest of the rate, who employed his leisure spirits in the internal prison. hours in mending clocks and Buck's Anecdotes. watches, applied to the bishop of

St. Asaph, with a formal com. plaint against him for impiously

carrying on a trade contrary to FREDERIC 11.

the statute. His lordship having “ Frederic,” says M. T. “ die heard the complaint, told the vided his books into two classes, squire he might depend upon it for study or for amusement. that the strictest justice should The second class, which was in, be done in the case ; accordingfinitely the most numerous, he ly the mechanic divine was sent read only once : the first was for a few days afler, when the considerably less extensive, and bishop asked him, “How he was composed of books, which dared to disgrace his diocese he wished to study and have re- by becoming a mender_of course to from time to time clocks and watches." The during his life; these he took other, with all humility, andown, one after the other, in the swered, “ To satisfy the wants order in which they stood, ex- of a wife and ten children." cept when he wanted to verify, " That won't do with me,” recite, or imitate, some passage. joined the prelate, “I'll inflict He had five libraries, all exactly such a punishment upon you as alike, and containing the same shall make you leave off your books, ranged in the same or- pitiful trade, I promise you," der ; one at Potsdam, a second and immediately calling in his at Sans Souci, a third at Berlin, secretary, ordered him to make a fourth at Charlottenburg, and out a presentation for the astona fifth at Breslaw. On remoy- ished curate to a living of at least ing to either of these places, he one hundred and fifty pounds had only to make a note of the per annum part of his subject at which be

Buck's Anecdotes.

[blocks in formation]

Review of Dew Publications.

dwell on

The Triumph of the Gospel. A lapse of time, a singular movernent

sermon delivered before the New Would commence, not in a solitary York Missionary, Society, as chuches; that the gospel, in its pu.

corner, but in the very midst of the their annual mceting, April 3, pity would be sent to the most dis1804. By John H, Livixos- tant lands, and success crown the Tox, D. D. S. T'P. 7'o which Berievolent work. The ordinary es?

ércise of the ministry....was not the are added, an apprendir, the an, object of this vision. It was somenual report of the directors, and thing beyond the common standard..z other papers relating to Ameri, It was such preaching and such propcan Missions, New York, T. agzation of the gospel, as John never & J. Swords. pp.97.

before contemplated. There was a magnitude in the plan, a concurrence

of sentiment, a speed in the exccuRev. xiv, 6,7.

And I

saw tion, a zeal in the efforts, and a prosanother, angel fly in the midst of perity in the enterprise, which disheaven, having the everlasting tinguished this from all former pe

Tlie erent here described gospel to preach unto them that comprehends a series of causes and

the earth, and to every effects, a succession of means and nation, and kindred, and longue, enas, not to be completed in a day, and people, saying, with a loud or finished by a single exertion. It voice, fear God, and give glory 10

is represented as a permanent and him ; for the hour of his judg. small beginnings in the midst of the

growing work It commentes from ment is comes and worship him churches, but it proceeds, and will that made heaven, and earth, and increase in going. There are no the sea, and the founļains of limits to the progress of the angel


From the time he begins to fly and waters,

preach, he will continue to fly and The design of the sermon is preach, until he has brought the er: first, 10 ascertain the object of this erlasting gospel to all nations, and prophecy; secondly, to investi- tongues, and kindred, and people in gate the period of its accomplish the earth. Hail, happy period ! hail, ment.

cheering prospect! When will that

blessed hour arrive? When will the With a view to the object of angel commence his flight ?”. the prophecy, or the event pre; This introduces the second dicted, the authcr gives this ex. bead, under which the author planation of the text. " That John foresaw a period, when advances sentiments bighly in

discovers great ingenuity, and a zealous ministry would arise in the midst of the churches, with a new and teresting to the Christian world. extraordinary : spirit; a ministry

“ Prophecy,” he observes, “ is fur. singular in its views and exertions, nished, like history, with a chronoand remarkable for its plans and

logical calendar; and the predictions, cess; a ministry which would arrest with respect to the time of their acthe public attention, and be a prelude complishment, may be referred to to momentous changes in the church

three distinct classes. Some es. and in the world.”

pressly specify the period when the He gives the meaning of the thing foretold shall take place.....

Other predictions do not specify any prophecy still more particularly series of years from which a compuin the following paragraph ; tation can proceed, but connect the

“ John saw in vision, that after a event with something preceding or

subsequent. In such the key of ex- have elapsed since the Reformation, planation must be found in the order and nothing corresponding to the vis. of events. To the third class belong ion has yet been seen.....Great things those prophecies, in which no time is were achieved at the Reformation. mentioned, and no order established, But this is another angel,...this forebut other events are predicted, and tels another preachingvastly more declared to be co-existent:"

enlarged and interesting in its conse." Agreeably to this arrange

quences, than any thing, which hapment, the author concludes, that

pened then, or at any period since.

It delineates an event, which, when the prediction now under con

estimated in all its concurring cir.' sideration belongs to the second cumstances, cannot fail of establishclass.

ing the conviction, that it is not yet * To the order of the event;" he

fulfilled.....We are compelled, therea observes, " we must be principally fore, to look forward for the accomindebted for information. The vision plishment i and are now reduced to before us is the second recorded in

the short remaining space of two this chapter. Consistently with an

hundred years.....At some period of established rule.....the time when the

tíme from, and including the present angel will commence his preaching day, and before the close of two hun. must be after what is intended by the

dred years, the angel must begin to first vision, and before the third. At

fly in the midst of the churches, and some period between these two ex.

preach the everlasting gospel to all tremes this prophecy will be accom

nations, and tongues, and kindred, plished."

and people in the earth. The object of the first vision

“ Thus far the prophecy, taken in is determined to be the great

its connexion and order, has assisted

us in our calculation. We shall, event, which is commonly called perhaps, approach nearer, if we atthe REFORMATION, which hap- tend to momentous events, pened in the beginning of the

which we know are to happen" pre. sixteenth century:

viously to the millennium, and, conse.

quently, within two hundred years, By great Babylon in the third

If these be such, aș will necessarily vision

require considerable time, and if the "Is indisputably intended the seat event in question be inseparably conand dominion of that powerful adver- nected with them, and stand foresary, who for many ages has en- most in the series, we may be enacroached upon the prerogatives of bled to form a rational conclusion of Jesus Christ, and persecuted his the probable season when this will faithful followers. The duration of commence.

is limited to twelve hun. “ The events to whiclı we allude dred and sixty prophetic year's..... are, the punishment of the nations, The latest date, which has been, or, who aided antichrist in murdering indeed, can be fixed for his risc, es- the servants of God, the conversion tends his continuance to the year of the Jews, the bringing in of the 1999 : conscquently his fall must, at fulness of the Gentiles, and the fall farthest, be immediately before the of mystical Babylon." year 2000, when the millennium will The author mentions these be fully introduced. "Here then we have found two

events distinctly, and makes ob

servations in order to assist us extremes, between which the predic. tion in question will be fulfilled. It in forming a just estimate of the must be after the" Reformation, and time required for their accom: before the fall of antichrist

. The an- plishment. gel must begin his fight after the

I. The punishment of the nations, year 1500, and before the year 2000.

who aided antichrist in murdering the This brings our inquiry within the

servants of God....But, what contlicts, space of five hundred years. These boundaries will be abriçlged, when

wbat revolutions, what risings of nawe reflect that three hundred years

tions, who are to be the mutual exe:


this enemy

cutioners of this terrible sentence, the missionary spirit, which has sud. are here implied !

denly pervaded the churches, and es. “2. The Jews are to be converted.... timate the efforts lately made, and The Jews will assuredly be convert. still making, for sending the gospel to ed, and with raptures of faith and those, who know not the precious love, hail the adorable Jesus, as the name of Jesus ; we not discover true Messiah..... To their own land a striking resemblance of what the they will again return, and flourish vision describes ? May we not ex. there under a government adapted to claim, behold the angel! his flight is their new and exalted condition. There begun !" they will constitute the centre, the most distinguished and dignified thor's view, is comprised also

This prediction, in our aupoint, to which the whole Christian church will stand related. But to ef. under the third class of prophefect all this....what instruction, what cies, and receives additional light arrangements, what assistance from from the rules of explication reother nations,

what journeyings, what specting co-existing events. The concurring providences must here combine!

hour of God's judgment he con“3. The fulness of the Gentiles is to siders, as the very hour when be brought into the church....But the angel begins to fly. God's what means and ends, what causes judgment against the nations, and effects, what a train of events who are chargeable with the the world to the obedience of Christ! murder of the saints, appears alWhat prejudices must be conquer d, ready begun. " What are the what old foundations razed, what singular, what the desolating Dew structures erected !........Should Pentecostseason be frequently repeat are still enlarging in prospect ?

scenes, which have opened, and ed, and the work be cut short, still a number of years must necessarily elapse Why are convulsed nations ris. in accomplishing this blessed pur. ing in a new and terrific form to pose.

exterminate each other?" By “4. The destruction of antichrist..... His destruction began at the Refor.

such questions the author exmation, and will increase in the same presses his apprehension, that degree in which the gespei is preach- God is now coming out of his ed with success....Every thing that place to judge the earth, and acmilitates against revealed religion, cordingly, that the angel is about and the worship of God the Redeem

to begin, if he has not already er, throughout the whole earth, shall be overthrown.

begun his flight. Here the in. “What changes in the moral vestigation ends in the following world, what revolutions in the civil,

manner. are impending! Attend to each of “Let this suffice. You have at. the enumerated articles ; estimate tended to the prophecy, and estimated their magnitude ;....and then deter.

the period of its accomplishment. mine whether two hundred years are You have compared existing facts not a short space for the consumma. with the prediction, and drawn a tion of such events! And if the ex- conclusion. Do you now call, Watchtensive propagation of the gospel is man, what of the night? Watchman, to precede the conversion of the

what of the night? The watchman Jews, the bringing in of the finess

saith, the morning cometh, and also the of the Gentiles, and the destruction of night. Clouds and darkness still re. antichrist, say, whether we may not main, and the gloom may even thick. indulge the expectation, that it will en at its close ; but the rising dawn soon commence, if it be not already will soon dispel the shades, and shine begun ?

more and more unto the perfect day. • With this conclusion, if, now, we THE MORNING COMETH compare existing facts , if we view

From the numerous reflections

suggested by this subject, the grovelling Africans! or tame the author selects the following.

savages of America ! How can these "1. How mysterious are the ways of things be? Not by human power or God.... The time which elapsed before might, we reply. We know, more the birth of the Messiah; the narrow

than infidels can inform us, of the boundaries within which the church

stupendous heights and horrid abysses was circumscribed during the dis

over which the promise has to pass ; pensation of the Old Testament; the

but none of these things move us....I sufferings which overwhelmed her is the work of God. This answers all immediately after the primitive ages questions ; this silences every cavil

. of Christianity, and the small pro. that doch according to his will in the

Are not all thing's possible with him gress of truth and righteousness for so many centuries to the present day, are army of heaven and among the inhabi. all to us, mysterious and inexplica tants of the earth ?...." ble. What difficulties hold us in sus.

The 3d reflection is on the petise ! How many inquiries arise ! If certain accomplishment of the the everlasting gospel is to be preach- great event under consideration. ed to the whole world, why are the nations permitted to remain so long in

After mentioning the present ignorance and wickedness? If the exertions in the churches, as the heathen be given to the Lord Jesus, first strirrings for accomplishing Why doth be delay to take possession that great end, the author breaks of them? Why a discrimination forth in the following animated, Why .....But, o man, who art thou that repliest against God 3...."

impressive manner: ** 2. The magnitude of this event

"Eventful period! a time replete next arrests our attention. Vast in with occurrences of the highest impor. its nature and consequences, it in.

tance to the world! Long lives for volves renovations in the moral world many generations have

passed in uni. more extensive and stupendous, than form succession, and men have grown any hitherto experienced; it impli- deviation from the ordinary course of

old without witnessing any remarkable cates radical changes in the manners and customs of mankind, and even....

Providence. But now a new era is revolutions in the principles and ad- commencingThe close of the last, ministration of civil government,

and the opening of the present centu. which surpass the power of anticipa

ry exhibit strange and astonishing tion....When all nations receive the things. Principles and achievements, gospel; when men of every rank, from

revolutions and designs, events un. the least to the greatest, shall know

common and portentous, in rapid succession,

attention. the Lord.......then all will be happy; Each year, each day is pregnant with be happy, and peace, joy, and holiness something great, and

all human cal

culations are set at defiance. The prevail throughout the whole world.... Alarmed at the prospect, infidels raise infidel, with his impious philosophy, objections, and ridicule the hope of stands aghast, and destitute of rebelievers. All things, say they, como

sources, with trembling forebodings, tinue as they were from the beginning of scene will end; while the Christian,

wonders how and where the perplexed" the creation ; and all things will for instructed by the word and spirit of duce the mighty change you Chris. lis Saviour, calmly viens the turning contemplate. You cherish fic

of the dreadful wheels, and knows tions, chimeras, and dreams..... What!

which way they proceed. Strengthen convince the ferocious followers of ed in the mighty commotion, and looks

ed by divine grace, he stands undaunt. Mahomet, that their prophet was an impostor, their Alcoran a rhapsody! up, rejoicing that his prayers are persuade the Chinese to abandon

heard, and that his redemption draw. their ancient habits ! induce the myri.

eth nigi." ads in India to demolish their pagod.

In the remaining part of the as, and erect temples to Jesus Christ!

discourse, the

author urges warb the roving Tartars! elevate the Christians, and especially mis




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